Sunday, December 22, 2002

The Peace Movement-Environmental Complex

President Eisenhour warned of the Military-Industrial Complex, but it seems we have failed to heed his call. The M-I Complex is now about the only ones making any money right now, and it is hand over fist, law after rewritten law.

Where once, we were bridging the world with information and democracy, we are now bombing the shit out them, and threatening even worse. Walls, not bridges.

But there is another complex. The Peace/Environment Complex. In a word...Stewardship. And to be a good steward, you need good tools, good weapons, if you will. Weapons of Peace.

"Peace will not take hold until it is made profitable.", says at least one Peace Activist. And this is most probably true, even though peace is reward enough.

One of the things that should be discussed among good stewards is just such tools. How do we develop them? Market them? Distribute them? How best to use the proceeds?

Thinking, thinking...
Jude, while Dave had had "had", had had "had had". "Had had" had had a better effect on the teacher. Political Message Board
A clip from a recent post on Afterlifers...

Our theory was correct! by ANONYMOSES

Thanks for proving a theory I was entertaining...along with Jude, with whom the discussion was enjoined.

Our theory was that:

A. Those who look forward to Heaven AFTER life are generally content to make a Hell out of this one.

B. Others, such as Jude and me, are not content to wait and see. Instead we dedicate our lives to creating Heaven on THIS side of Death. Utopias are our metiers, or calling!

There are vast implications here. Pollution, the environment, the death penalty, war...all this that "afterlifers" are unconcerned by their spoiling. But we "thislifers-and-possibly-thereafters" find this all so counterproductive to a cleaner, more utopian world we all, after all, must share.

You are what is called a "Dystopian".

Personally, I'll take Utopia.

And lastly...any historian will tell you that the fact that many utopian communities eventually no sign of its failure. Everything dies. It's how you live THIS life that matters.

It is the Sunday before Christmas...

Republicans Applaude Racism by ANONYMOSES

Who were the people who applauded at Strom Thurmond's birthday party? And how many countless other Republicans rejoiced in their hearts at hearing their high point in history remembered by so high a man as Lott. Ah! The '48 Election! Weren't THOSE the days!

Since we are being scrutinized by cameras etc at every turn...let us microanalyze the videos from that event, and show the American people just exactly who it was who applauded at Lott's segregationist remarks. Probably not the footmen and pages.

Anyone know who was there, or have a copy of the video?

It would interesting to know...

Thanks in advance.