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Virtual homophone, David Beckham, dons his Pope costume for grateful pipsqueaks

and celebrates the opening of his David Beckham Football Academy.
(Don't confuse this with American Football which has nothing to do with feet.)

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Lords of the Bells

(Thanks to Scott Huffman for this link)

It begins...

Once upon a time there was a very wise ruler who heeded the counsel of his advisors. In his Kingdom there was a very powerful feudal lord, Lord AT&T, who sported a fancy coat of arms recognized around the world. Lord AT&T was so powerful that he possessed the power of communications for all the land, and this was called a monopoly.

A ruling was ordered by the Ruler's Court of Supreme Advisors that Lord AT&T must divest his holdings and share them among other feudal lords. And so, Lord Ameritech, Lord Bell South, Lord NYNEX, Lord Bell Atlantic, Lord Pacific Bell, Lord Southwestern Bell and Lord US West were bestowed with riches beyond the dreams of avarice. They came to be called the Lords of the Baby Bells.


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Steve Garfield's Video Blog

Steve Garfield's Video Blog

Cambridge and Oxford Adopt U.S. Methods to Win Alumni Donations

Blog Against Racism Day

via Science And Politics, who says:

Today is the Blog Against Racism Day. You should write something on the topic today and send a link to your post here.

Also check out Bora's essay "Femiphobia and Race".

Limbaugh celebrates capture of Christians

"I don't care if they are Christian or not...I'm telling you, folks, there's a part of me that likes this"

Why is Rush Limbaugh on the side of the terrorists? Is it because he is queer? Or is it because he is black? No, it is because he is a reprobate and a reactionary automaton without conscience, manners or a proper education.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Philosophy of Retreat

John Wayne

Face it. We are going to have to retreat from Iraq sooner or later. The question then becomes: How many more must die before we achieve this final aim? But alas, that is so cliche. I mean, America has plenty of killing machines already, maybe it would be best if we allow the killing machines we have created, using the clay of American sons and daughters, to remain outsides the gates of America as long as possible. It's not as if we have a dearth of killing machines, or have tons of jobs to keep them occupied once they do get back. Maybe their occupation was foreordained by God to be the occupation of Iraq? On this, Science is surely mute.

But let's just say that we are ready to have our soldiers reintroduced into America. What if they start talking? What if the stories they tell do not square with the wishes of the White House? Might not this be a risk too grave to take?
Over there, you can control the breadth of their utterances.

But again, let's just say. So what is the justification for retreat? Is retreat not weakness?

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, retreat is actually strength...something with which America is obsessed, being the barrel-chested and expansive Rambo of nations. Gump on a pump. Fake giant among real pygmies. Strength good. Gimme gimme.

Of course strength is neither good nor bad, only one phase in a continuum of change -- which is why bodybuilders die young -- so don't get too excited about the prospect of acquiring it via this written tome. What is even more important is that you will also gain in weakness -- an under-appreciated virtue.

In my next catechism, I will expand on what it means to retreat,
and the best way to go about it. But in the meantime, if you are looking to retreat, why not think sideways and find yourself a good vineyard or two,
like Uwharrie Vineyards, in the ancient mountains of North Carolina. There you can sip on some good wines and ponder the philosophy of retreat. Or maybe you'd rather just live it. Either way, put this vineyard in your future plans. If you don't I will be forced to kill you.

Not really.

33 Tun: Retreat

The power of the dark is ascending. The light retreats to security, so that the dark cannot encroach on it. This retreat is a matter not of man's will but of natural law. Therefore in this case withdrawal is proper; it is the correct way to behave in order not to exhaust one's forces.

Conditions are such that the hostile forces favoured by the time are advancing. In this case retreat is the right course, and it is not to be confused with flight. Flight means saving oneself under any circumstances, whereas retreat is a sign of strength. We must be careful not to miss the right moment while we are in full possession of power and position. Then we shall be able to interpret the signs of the time before it is too late and to prepare for provisional retreat instead of being drawn into a desperate life-and-death struggle. Thus we do not simple abandon the field to the opponent; we make it difficult for him to advance by showing perseverance in single acts of resistance. In this way we prepare, while retreating, for the counter- movement. Understanding the laws of a constructive retreat of this sort is not easy. The meaning that lies hidden in such a time is important.

The mountain rises up under heaven, but owing to its nature it finally comes to a stop. Heaven on the other hand retreats upward before it into the distance and remains out of reach. This symbolises the behaviour of the superior man toward a climbing inferior; he retreats into his own thoughts as the inferior man comes forward. He does not hate him, for hatred is a form of subjective involvement by which we are bound to the hated object. The superior man shows strength (heaven) in that he brings the inferior man to a standstill (mountain) by his dignified reserve.

Nine at the top means: (optimal path of change)
Cheerful retreat. Everything serves to further.
The situation is unequivocal. Inner detachment has become an established fact, and we are at liberty to depart. When one sees the way ahead thus clearly, free of all doubt, a cheerful mood sets in, and one chooses what is right without further thought. Such a clear path ahead always leads to the good.

-anonyMoses Hyperlincoln is your blogging helpmate. Trust him with your fortune.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Laura Morante: Biography

Laura Morante

Laura Morante - Biografia -

Who should the Military Trust?

This has made its rounds, but deserves repeating...

* Richard Gephardt: Air National Guard, 1965-71.
* David Bonior: Staff Sgt., Air Force 1968-72.
* Tom Daschle: 1st Lt., Air Force SAC 1969-72.
* Al Gore: enlisted Aug. 1969; sent to Vietnam Jan. 1971 as an army
journalist in 20th Engineer Brigade.
* Bob Kerrey: Lt. j.g. Navy 1966-69; Medal of Honor, Vietnam.
* Daniel Inouye: Army 1943-47; Medal of Honor, WWII. He lost an arm.
* John Kerry: Lt., Navy 1966-70; Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V,
Purple Hearts.
* Charles Rangel: Staff Sgt., Army 1948-52; Bronze Star, Korea.
* Max Cleland: Captain, Army 1965-68; Silver Star & Bronze Star,
* Ted Kennedy: Army, 1951-53.
* Tom Harkin: Lt., Navy, 1962-67; Naval Reserve, 1968-74.
* Jack Reed: Army Ranger, 1971-1979; Captain, Army Reserve 1979-91.
* Fritz Hollings: Army officer in WWII; Bronze Star and seven
campaign ribbons.
* Leonard Boswell: Lt. Col., Army 1956-76; Vietnam, DFCs, Bronze
Stars, and Soldier's Medal.
* Pete Peterson: Air Force Captain, POW. Purple Heart, Silver Star
and Legion of Merit.
* Mike Thompson: Staff sergeant, 173rd Airborne, Purple Heart.
* Bill McBride: Candidate for Fla. Governor. Marine in Vietnam; Bronze
with Combat V.
* Gray Davis: Army Captain in Vietnam, Bronze Star.
* Pete Stark: Air Force 1955-57
* Chuck Robb: Vietnam
* Howell Heflin: Silver Star
* George McGovern: Silver Star & DFC during WWII.
* Bill Clinton: Did not serve. Student deferments. Entered draft but
received #311.
* Jimmy Carter: Seven years in the Navy.
* Walter Mondale: Army 1951-1953
* John Glenn: WWII and Korea; six DFCs and Air Medal with 18
* Tom Lantos: Served in Hungarian underground in WWII. Saved by Raoul

* Dick Cheney: did not serve. Several deferments, the last by marriage. Seven deferments. Seven.

* Dennis Hastert: did not serve.
* Tom Delay: did not serve.
* Roy Blunt: did not serve.
* Bill Frist: did not serve.
* Mitch McConnell: did not serve.
* Rick Santorum: did not serve. Probably took time out of his homophobia.
* Trent Lott: did not serve. Hey, he needed the time to practice his racism.
* John Ashcroft: did not serve. Seven deferments to teach business.
* Jeb Bush: did not serve.
* Karl Rove: did not serve. Probably spent it studying Machiavelli.
* Saxby Chambliss: did not serve. "Bad knee." The man who attacked
Max Cleland's patriotism.
* Paul Wolfowitz: did not serve.
* Vin Weber: did not serve.
* Richard Perle: did not serve.
* Douglas Feith: did not serve.
* Eliot Abrams: did not serve.
* Richard Shelby: did not serve.
* Jon! Kyl: did not serve.
* Tim Hutchison: did not serve.
* Christopher Cox: did not serve.
* Newt Gingrich: did not serve.
* Don Rumsfeld: served in Navy (1954-57) as flight instructor.
* George W. Bush: failed to complete his six-year National Guard; got
assigned to Alabama so he could campaign for family friend running
for U.S. Senate; failed to show up for required medical exam,
disappeared from duty.
* Ronald Reagan: due to poor eyesight, served in a non-combat role
making movies. *And then confused the movies with real life.
* B-1 Bob Dornan: Consciously enlisted after fighting was over in Korea.
* Phil Gramm: did not serve.
* John McCain: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart
and Distinguished Flying Cross.
* Dana Rohrabacher: did not serve.
* John M. McHugh: did not serve.
* JC Watts: did not serve.
* Jack Kemp: did not serve. "Knee problem," although continued
in NFL for 8 years.
* Dan Quayle: Journalism unit of the Indiana National Guard.
* Rudy Giuliani: did not serve.
* George Pataki: did not serve.
* Spencer Abraham: did not serve.
* John Engler: did not serve.
* Lindsey Graham: National Guard lawyer.
* Arnold Schwarzenegger: AWOL from Austrian army base.

Pundits & Preachers
* Sean Hannity: did not serve.
* Rush Limbaugh: did not serve (4-F with a 'pilonidal cyst.')
* Bill O'Reilly: did not serve.
* Michael Savage: did not serve.
* George Will: did not serve.
* Chris Matthews: did not serve.
* Paul Gigot: did not serve.
* Bill Bennett: did not serve.
* Pat Buchanan: did not serve.

* John Wayne: did not serve.
* Bill Kristol: did not serve.
* Kenneth Starr: did not serve.
* Antonin Scalia: did not serve.
* Clarence Thomas: did not serve. Needed the time to study harassment of women.
* Ralph Reed: did not serve.
* Michael Medved: did not serve.
* Charlie Daniels: did not serve.
* Ted Nugent: did not serve. (He only shoots at things that don't shoot
back.) Don't get me started on this long-haired sexist neo wingnut.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of "Love Conquers All" by Robert Benchley

is now onlinereplete with illustrations.

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