Friday, September 09, 2005

KANYE WEST: Bush, Football fans don't care about black people

When rapper, Kanye West, beamed into football stadium in the hinterlands south of Boston, the wan plebeians gave him their best racist non-welcome, proving, scientifically, that football fans don't care for blacks either.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Yorkers Remember 9-11 by Lobbying for Peace

On Friday, September 9, 2005, from 1-2pm on the steps of City Hall, a group of New Yorkers will gather to speak about the Department of Peace (DoP) legislation being reintroduced to the 109th Congress on Wednesday, September 14, 2005; and to thank the 9 New York and 2 New Jersey Congress members who are among the bill’s 53 co-sponsors. Each local co-sponsor has been invited to attend the press conference, along with NYC Council member Bill Perkins, who helped sponsor the press conference and supports the creation of a Department of Peace.

Four years have passed since the worst terrorist attack to happen in New
York City occurred, and many steps have been taken to ensure it does not
happen again. Every necessary precaution to protect this great city should
be enacted, and many New Yorkers are getting behind a proactive solution:
the creation of a United States Department of Peace.

The Department of Peace would work collaboratively with other federal agencies to research, facilitate, and articulate nonviolent solutions to conflict at home and abroad. The DoP New York chapter is sending a delegation to Washington, DC over the anniversary weekend of September 11th, to attend the National Department of Peace Conference where Walter Cronkite is a scheduled guest speaker. Then they will march, but not in the streets of our Nation’s Capitol. Instead they will march through the halls of Congress meeting with lawmakers to win support for this bill.

They have also organized a one-day phone-a-thon, complete with pledge packets that are available on their website ( There is a twist however, the “pledges” aren’t asking for money, they ask for a promise to call Congress on September 14, to support the bill.

Please join us on Friday, September 9, 2005 from 1-2pm on the steps of City Hall to learn more about this historic legislation and the elected officials working for its passage.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Many Sides of Labor

...slowly she turned: tarheel tavern #28 - labor day edition

On Labor Day, what better thing to contemplate than...Labor!
Laurie, at "...slowly she turned" takes on Labor for this week's Tarheel Tavern, and lays out her treasure before you. Enjoy!

Hope, haven found in Charlotte

Charlotte Observer | 09/05/2005

Hurricane Katrina survivors find a warm welcome and comfort in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On the Coming Recession: Poverty matters. More to Come...

Ancient Chinese oracle, "I Ching", says recession is in the cards.

I'm not sure why but the Sage is very good to me. So when I asked about Hurricane Katrina, it said, among other things:

"When the eighth month comes, there will be misfortune. Recession is not slow in coming."

Katrina hit during the eighth month. I suspect recession will come in its wake.

Best to be prepared. Foreknowledge is a good thing.

That said...what to do to prepare? Idears?

Other things it said were:

The transition from disorder to order is not yet completed.

The conditions are difficult. The task is great and full of responsibility. It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order. But it is a task that promises success, because there is a goal that can unite the forces now tending in different directions.

The hexagram BEFORE COMPLETION represents a transition from chaos to order. It points to the fact that every end contains a new beginning. Thus it gives hope to men. The Book of Changes is a book of the future.


Iddybud is the guest blogger of John Edwards' One America Committee Blog this week

Jude Camwell's excellent blogging on Iddybud has earned her the honor to be guest blogger on the One America Committee blog this week.
Go and give her a shoutout!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

OVERKILL: Military to take on American "Insurgents"

“This place is going to look like Little Somalia”

Somalia? That's in Africa, right?

Something doesn't smell right. This could well be the nightmare scenario. American troups killing Americans on American soil. And for what? Trying to stay alive?

“We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.

What is wrong with humanitarian relief? Why torture the soldiers like this? Indeed, why torture fellow Americans like this?

Why do I think this will be just another bad mistake?

Is the Bush mantra:
"When you find yourself in a hole...stay the course!"?
Or worse... "dig faster!"?

Just when you think things are about as bad as they can get, the current misadministration finds new lows in their incessant digging of holes to Hell.

They complain that people are shooting at them...but then they were the ones who talked the citizens into arming themselves in the first place.

In a decade of living in Boston, I never once heard a gunshot. Here in the gunbelt, I hear them on an almost daily basis.

Freaked out that citizens are well-armed? Well... who is to blame for that? Go complain to the NRA!

And Mr. Bush... you might do well to remember how public opinion shifted during the 70s, when people saw their fellow citizens attacked by uniformed police and military.

We are not at war with the people of New Orleans. We are trying to help them. Right?

“This is making a lot of us think about not reenlisting.” Ferguson [Spc. Cliff Ferguson of the 527th Engineer Battalion] said. “You have to think about whether it is worth risking your neck for someone who will turn around and shoot at you. We didn’t come here to fight a war. We came here to help.”

Rehnquist is dead

Now God or the Devil can explain to him why Bush v Gore was an opprobrious decision.

Remember that scenario that Al Gore talked about before the selection?
You wake up. The coffee is brewing, nice music on the radio, sunny outside...and the paper reads: "Gore Wins!"
OR You wake up. Sleet and freezing rain. Miserable weather. The newspaper is soaked.
Through the smears you can see "Bush Wins".

Well it has been Bushweather ever since. And has peaked with Katrina.
It rained on his inauguration. It rains wherever he has gone. The man against nature is finding that nature is also against him. And sadly, us.

Rehnquist was part of the coup that put Mr. Foulfeather into office.
I don't know him, so I won't miss him. Old people die. People with cancer die.
I feel sorry for his family.

He did, however, have some cool robes. And William is a pretty popular name.
But with all the suffering that America and the World has had to go through because of his poor decision-making, don't expect any great outpouring of sympathy. One man has died.
But thousands of others have died needlessly because of him.

I mourn for the thousands.

Mister Bush must be happy to know that Rehnquist's death knocked Katrina coverage off the Sunday talk shows.

Watch for the hairy Justice Scalia to take his place. And for weather to get even worse.