Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Did Bush Know about 9-11?

At the press conference on 9/15/03, a reporter asks about Dean's comments that Bush had 9-11 foreknowledge...

Anyone who saw the press conference must surely have thought Bush's response...strange. See the video yourself here.

And read and see much more on the "mysteries" of 9-11 here.

No Americans were killed by Saddamites under Clinton

Saddam was a tyrant. It is a good thing he is no longer in power.
How many more tyrants are there that we can remove? 10? 20? 100?
Hell, all we have to lose are a few hundred billion dollars, a few thousand poor Americans, and a few hundred thousand foreigners. A real bargain! At least for Bush's 1%ers...who not only refrain from actually fighting the wars, and who also refrain from paying for it...they are actually PAID for it! Big time!

So look out poor people! He'll trade you in for cash any day.

Watch the Lips: They hold back lies

The lips betray the lies held back. Look at pics of other RepCons!

A few decades ago I was talking to the photographer, Richard Avedon, who said the darnedest thing. He said that you can tell a Conservative (or maybe he said Republican) because he will have thin, pursed lips. After years of pondering and noticing this phenomenon, I have come to the realization that they have thin lips because they are trying to hold back...something. Usually lies. I know...I remember doing it myself.

Pay attention to the images you see of these politicos, and ask yourself: What are they holding back.

I think it goes deeper though. I think they are sending signals to their co-conspirators to keep their mouths shut. Not unlike that image of the gun pointing face-on with the words, "Whistle Blower" above prevalent in the early months of the Bushreich.

Yesterday, I was reading a post on the Freeper site, One of the wingnuts had the moniker, "DenyDenyDeny".

How sad to have to live a lie, much less a whole host of them.

Long live luscious-lipped liberals! Sunlight of the world!

Bad Weather Follows Bush to Wright Brothers Centennial

Mr. Bush travelled to the Outer Banks today in order to participate in the Centennial of the first flight by the Wright Brothers...and it was rained out.
Sound familiar? His inaugural was rained out, as were a host of other events associated with Bush. Weather has basically sucked since Bush was Selected. But Gore warned us of Bush's effect on weather:

Al Gore also made two predictions for Wednesday's mood and weather. He then asked which of the two the people at the rally preferred. "You wake up early on Wednesday morning with a headache. Look out the window outside your window and there is a cold, driving rain with sleet and hail tapping on your window. The clouds have blackened out the dawn. You get out of bed slowly and walk toward the door and you stub your toe along the way. You push the door open and the newspaper is soaked through and through and is stuck to the front stoop. You peel the newspaper off and hold it up to the light in the gloomy darkness and through that light you barley make out a headline that says Bush wins."

The crowd booed and then Gore offered his second alternative.

"Now, imagine that on Wednesday morning, just before you awaken, a golden shaft of sunlight flickers on your eyelids," he continued. "You awaken refreshed and feeling wonderful. The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee wafts in from the kitchen. There are fresh cut flowers by your bedside table. Kathy Mattea is singing on the radio. You leap out of bed and dance your way to the front door. You hear birds chirping on the front porch. The sunlight is now making your face feel warm. You reach down and pick up the newspaper and it says Gore, Lieberman win."

The crowd cheered and then began to chant "We want Gore."

Well...his prediction was true...and it has remained true. The weather, the environment, it seems, is like 7-Up. You like it, It likes you.

And Bush has no respect for the environment. And it doesn't much care for him either.

Let's not make the same mistake twice!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Who wants to live like a Republican? Gephardt and Lieberman!

Both Dick and Joe have said: "If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat".
Well, thanks but no thanks. I live, and want to live, like a Democrat. I am comfortable in my own skin. I do not envy Republicans. Envy is their albatross. But if you guys want all means...join Breaux. Go to Zell. I mean, Joe! You're a nice guy, but Chris Parnell you're simply not. And a damn shame. He's one of the few lights left on TV.

General Clark had a choice. And he is wealthy enough to live any way he wants. But what did he choose? He chose to live like a Democrat, and, in fact, to BE one. And he was proud of his decision. Lieberman seems embarrassed...and way too beholdened to Daddy Warbucks to be of much use to the guardians of the grail; the common well. Gephardt is a better Democrat, but he is too wooden and mechanical to represent conscious Democrats -- whose very illumination keeps America from sinking into darkness and corruption.

Short-sighted Lieberman sits there, amid boos and swindling (Oops! Freudian Slip!), I mean dwindling numbers, and spews the very ads the Republicans will launch against Dean when and if he rises to the Number 1 or Number 2 position. (I'm beginning to think a Clark/Dean ticket would be the strongest, given the zeitgeist they would be inheriting.)

Ogilvy could do no better than Lieberman and other "Democrats-in-name-only". Boys, snap to before the door snaps shut. Act your age not your shoe size.

One thing we bloggers know is that there are people who just cannot act like a gentleman, and try to win honestly and honorably, without resorting to self-destructive behaviors as viewed from the Party and the People.

Take a hint. Clay Aiken was voted best-behaved person of the year. Forget that he came in second. He wins nevertheless. Was not that first competition just a preliminary? An Iowa Caucus? Has he not been at least as much a winner has Rubin? And why? Because he was gracious and kind.

Be gracious and kind to one another. Treat each other like Clay. You may be amazed at the response. And win or still win.

A president doesn't just solve math problems (thank God especially now!). He or she has to be a shining example of what is best in America, because it is his or her face that means far more than a mere flag to our friends and neighbors abroad.

We need to truly restore honor and integrity, and a host of other virtues to America and the White House. Be the example. Be the Miracle.

You all have been given great gifts.

Pay it forward...

Yet another Bush lie: "I inherited a recession"

...and when Bush said that to Diane Sawyer, what did she do?
She moved on to another question.

Good job, Diane! A real journalist!

According to economists, the recession began in March 2001...under Bush's watch.

Why do so many people hate Barbara Walters?

And she thought people hated Martha Stewart!

Barbara Walters used to have such class. What happened?? Now she is reduced to generating hateful buzz against Martha Stewart and collecting bucks by sitting on "The View".

Personally I think she is jealous that Letterman may like Martha better...


David Horowitz Exposes Grover Norquist as a Possible Terrorist Aid

Sure Grover Norquist looks evil, but who would have thought that he actually was? Here is a damning article by David Horowitz on Grover's shady buddies and their shenanigans:

A few questions arise:

- Is this just an ego battle?
- Is Horowitz just "thinking with his blood"?
- Is Norquist really a facilitator to Islamic extremists?

And perhaps more importantly...

- Is Norquist just a fall guy to keep the heat off the White House?

For more on this, see Iddybud, who summarizes the article quite well.

mudshark has a point there!

I couldn't help but be amused by this post from the ever-amusing Mudshark:

Atrios and his regular commenters have been busy thinking up variations on Old Fashioned Patriot's "miserable failure" project of a couple months ago...this time the search terms are unelectable and vast right wing conspiracy.

Now, no offense to these fine people -- because, hey, I love the idea myself, as I've posted before -- but after giving this a bit of thought, I'm thinking there just might be an even better way to do it. The conclusion the ol' Mudshark has come to is: if ya wanna spread what some folks call memes (yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't use that word) about Shrub, then ya gotta use search terms that people will actually search for -- say, when doing research for a term paper or whatever. I mean, yeah, he may well be unelectable (without the aid of Diebold, at least), and he's indisputably a miserable failure, but how many people are actually gonna type those phrases into a Google searchbox?

Here's the way you do it, y'all:









...and as one commenter states, it takes longer to Googlebomb more common words and phrases, so remember to use these (and more...use your imagination!) on comment and message boards as well as main blog pages. So whaddaya waitin' for? Let's go!

Monday, December 15, 2003

My vote for the New Weblog Showcase

From The Truth Laid Bear's New Webblog Showcase:
It's Craptastic!: What is the Point?

Congrats to Crappy who has apparently beaten Anti-Anti-War.
As an anti-anti-anti-war kinda guy, this makes me ebullient. Yay! I'm excreted!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Breaking News! 750.000 US Dollars and Top 1%er Saddam Hussein FOUND

750.000 US Dollars and Top 1%er Saddam Hussein FOUND Wallowing in Money, Karma & Humiliation inside a Filthy Hole in a Backward Country In the (snicker, snicker) Middle East

The ever-nutty Middle East kecked up their posterboy for riches today, and all the poor bastard had on him was a gun, a change of clothes, and a stack of American cash amounting to, oh, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. My guess is that hideholes in Iraq don't take Visa, otherwise he would have put it on credit, like every other sucker.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can horde riches, kill innocent people, and strut around like a cock-of-the-walk. These are not the ingredients of a virtuous life.
This is the behavior of a megalomaniac. And megalomaniacs suck.

Do Americans horde riches? Do Americans kill innocent people? Do Americans strut around like cocks-of-the-walk? Generally, no. And unfortunately those that do wind up in positions where they can get more bang for their buck...which they also get.

We are not innocent, as a nation. Our leaders have put innocence to rest. Not to the extent that Saddam did, but enough that I would suggest that we question our own little megalomanias.

Why did Saddam feel like he needed great palaces in order to be happy and whole? Indeed, why does anyone? Maybe Saddam bought into the myth of that equation. And sadly many met their death that Saddam might actualize his ambition and greed.

Is there something innately wrong with ambition and greed? Something wrong with championing the overdog?

But alas, I wax philosophic. Today is a day for celebration, or at least relief that a murderous dictator has had his comeuppance.

Here's to an end to dictators! Long live the underdogs!