Saturday, April 16, 2005

Viewfinder BLUES: A Chat with the Blogfather

Lenslinger picks the brain of Ed Cone.
Predicts the Blogosphere will NOT reverse the Earth's rotation.

James Randi visits Coturnix' "Science and Politics" blog

Science And Politics: Record of all records!

The skeptic's skeptic, James (The Incredible) Randi, paid a virtual visit to Carolina, and gave Bora a boost. Bravo!

mistersugar: We're all poor

mistersugar: We're all poor

via Anton
We're all poor
This week and next, WUNC is offering some excellent interviews, stories and discussions about poverty with its North Carolina Voices: Understanding Poverty series. Each poverty story makes me remember two times in my life, when I was temporarily poor (a distinction a number of experts have along with explaining the difference in the poor of underdeveloped nations).

Friday, April 15, 2005

BIRDFINGER: Volume 1, June 2000

From the archives

But is it a blog?

Why use

Searching the Web and Beyond...

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G O :: Podcasting

Get your marching orders and talking points here...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Daily Kos :: Blogging, Podcasting & "Social Media" on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins

Who will be the guest speakers?

Stay tuned and find out!

Feel free to send questions even before the show. The interest will increase the likelihood a more shows on similar topics.'s a great show! It is replayed at 7PM, and is available on the internets.

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