Saturday, May 06, 2006

BushCo rolls out new product: World War III

The president of BushCo proudly bragged about their latest product, which is ironically called the high-sounding name: "World War III".

I don't buy it. I think this Bush is a used-car salesman who only knows how to sell bad products, and will lie all day, every day, if it helps make a sale for his creditors.

World War III, Shworld War III. What we've got here is a failure to excommunicate.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mining the Internet Archives/Wayback Machine

GoCarolinas Messageboard with Mike Collins
GoCarolinas shared political messageboard (pretty funny, with Anonymoses and Iddybud.)
Broken Link
Dec 14, 2001
Feb 01, 2002
Jul 10, 2002 *Aug 02, 2002 *Oct 17, 2002 *Dec 03, 2002* Feb 10, 2003 *Sep 21, 2003*

Birdfinger, August 2000
Birdfinger, March 2001
Birdfinger, Special Amerigeddon Issue (pre 9/11)
Birdfinger, January 2002
Birdfinger, 2002
Birdfinger 2003

8.0 Massive Earthquake hits Tonga; Tsunami Warning Issued!

May 3, 2006 — LONDON (Reuters) - An earthquake measuring eight hit the Tonga islands, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web site said on Wednesday and a tsunami warning was issued for Fiji and New Zealand.

The earthquake was at 1526 GMT, said the Web site monitored in London. It was not immediately clear what damage it caused but a report on Sky Television said it was felt in several islands.

The earthquake struck 95 miles south of Tonga's Neiafu island and 1340 miles north east of Auckland, New Zealand, USGS said.

An earthquake in December 2004 off Indonesia caused a tsunami across the Indian Ocean that killed more than 200,000 people in several countries.
- Thanks to ABC News

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anonymoses' famous American Idol Assessment

Kat conjures Kellie, Elliott ready to go, Paris does sexy, Chris channels Bocelli and Taylor sings Something.

On the first round, Chris Daughtry is winning. His voice and presence filled the room like no other.
Almost too boring to comment upon.
It's so...Kellieless.

Highlights: Paris toys with sexy. Kat screws up and knows it.
Taylor dances and rocks out. Elliot shows his soft side, successfully, I think.
He grows on you.

Kat does Kellie

Paris should pull out the stops with the sexy. Speaking of which, Kat does a Kellie, and wins unanimous approval. Much sexier than her first song. She did the entire song on her knees and sitting on the floor. Very cool.

Chris's voice gave out on the second song. Taylor does the Beatles and confesses his love for them. Should be a good omen.

The funniest moment was Elliott Yamin, who sang a song about "let me go home" after which he ran across the stage to whathisname the host...bypassing the judges. I honestly think he is ready to go. Just when I am getting used to him.

When asked how the night was, afterwards, they were not all that enthusiastic. I think they miss Kellie Pickler, who really did bring a lot to the table.

Regis & Kellie (Pickler)

Kellie fans will be glad to know that she will be making a return appearance on Regis and Kelly at 9am.
Maybe Regis will offer Kellie Kelly's job...

Wait and see!

As for who goes home...I think I might penalize Taylor for not choosing a song from the current top 40.
Cheating (or carelessness) is not exemplary behavior. The poetic ending would be Elliott.

Monday, May 01, 2006

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Cosmic John Edwards : First Blogger President

OxyContin: Rush's Monica

Rush's Monica

No one believes Rush Limbaugh anymore.
The drug-induced crazy talk deemed bad for families.

American families are wising up to why so many young people are addicted to drugs. And the culprit seems to be none other than America's most famous drug addict, Rush Limbaugh. "He has the worst family values of anyone I know or can imagine. For years he has been lying to us, and who wants their kids to grow up to be liars and drug addicts? But not only that, he represents the way the rich are treated differently. He, like the Bush Administration, has lost all credibility."