Saturday, April 10, 2004

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust

Do your part to help teenagers struggling with cancer.

Kerry beating the murderous buffoon, Bush 50-43% in latest poll Top Worldwide

How and Why Bush Carried out 911

After paying back California for not voting for him, even after all the time and money...Bush went on to punish New York and Massachusetts, both of which were the most impacted, and most terrorized, by 911. Excepting, of course, Washington, which also needed a facelift, and militarization.

Bush's hate affair with New York was palpable before 911. New York would not be so easily duped by the slowhand, slowhead, cowboy rhetoric. And Bush wanted full control. Now the megalomaniac wants to rule the world.

Well he can't have it. He sucks as a steward. And is surely the worst POTUS on record. His historical sense is about an inch deep, and Harvard ought to revoke their diploma, lest it suffer present and future humiliation.

Anyway...check out the article by David Ray Griffin. And see if you can think the unthinkable...

From the "Where's my pencil?" file...

Sir William Walton: "Crown Imperial March"

I had heard this many times and never knew what it was. Now I know. Aptly titled.
I'm reminded though of some of the music Monty Python used in "The Meaning of Life". I guess what could be called "The Hospital Administrator Theme", or "The Machine that goes Ping!", although it's probably called, "The Miracle of Birth, Part One".

Oh...there's the pencil!

Normalizing Syndicated Feed Content

So you want to write a program to read RSS and Atom syndicated feeds...

Friday, April 09, 2004

Bush's Mass Graves: How We traded Saddam's Mass Graves for Bush's Mass Graves

(and threw some Americans in as well!)

Coming soon to a blog near you!

What Scalia Said

The Scalia Transcript

Although the tape was destroyed, there were people transcribing his words.

Scalia: "If you don't support Bush, the Mafia will come and whack you. They will put your horsey's head into bed with you. And they will make whoopie to your mother. And helicopters will hover over your house and play Ricky Skaggs...and crank it up to eleven! Then you will be drafted, and ripped from the fabric of your family and community, and indoctrinated to the will of The Company."

there is a pause, and then.

"Oh yeah. One nation under god."

[Editor's note: This is entirely fiction, but no more so than much of the fictions manufactured daily by those who pose as serious expositors, nay supositors, of the news. ]

See also:
Bush's Mass Graves
How We traded Saddam's Mass Graves for Bush's Mass Graves
(and threw some Americans in as well!)

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Who will be the Washington Post of Bush's Watergate? Who the Woodward? Who the Bernstein?

Who will be the Washington Post of Bush's Watergate? Who the Woodward? Who the Bernstein?/ Worse Than Watergate: Former Nixon Counsel John Dean Says Bush Should Be Impeached

The obsolescent Bush Administration can just hand over the reigns to more conscientious hands, or they can wait around for the trials to begin. And it's not going to be pretty. There may be a dozen John Deans who realize they can redeem themselves, and make a fair amount of money in the process...of doing right by doing good.

There is already sufficient evidence to bring on the charges, the reckoning, the justice. Why no newspaper has stepped forward and seized the day is beyond me. The death of Impartiality I suppose.

A true growth industry is at hand...


From Iddybud today...

Chaos In Iraq

President Bush: Show some humility! If you truly love our troops, go to the U.N. now. If you can't do it, then bring our troops home!

*please note, in this article, that it is the Republican senators making public political mud for the U.N. at a time when our troops need the good-faith support of the world. This partisan mudslinging for the cult of the Bush foreign policy is not American, not patriotic, and not in good faith for our most precious commodity...our troops. Wake the hell up, Senator Lugar!*"

From "The Collected Posts of Anonymoses"

The Collected Posts of Anonymoses

Reading your post, I am reminded of a scene in the Sam Shepard play, "True West"...where Lee (played most famously by John Malkovich) says to Austin (Gary Sinese), after listening to all the "advice" his younger brother is giving him:

"I'll just turn myself inside-out. I'll be just like you then!"

America is Austin. The younger brother, who thinks he can simply tell all that he dislikes to change and become him or like him. But Mesopotamia is old, ancient, and has intrinsic worth...just as they are. They do not need an overlay of Jerry Springer and Oprah to make them as good as us. They already are. We, however, could learn a thing or two from ancient cultures that our shallow Media fails at addressing. Granted, it would be easier to vacation there if they turned into Las Vegas. But our dollars are hollow and blood-soaked. What we are doing is not altrustic, except as a bi-product of our own greed and expansionism. So what that thousands are killed in order to make way for the new highway! Many will be living in high cotton!

And speaking of cotton...I am also reminded of the "success" of Southern plantations. Many succeeded beyond our wildest imaginings. But succeeded for whom? And at what cost? And whose lives are sacrificed for this desire for success. As Lin Yutang says, the desire for Success is really just a euphemism for a fear of failure.
Now we're talking politics.

You chide the peaceniks. Yet were it not for us peaceniks, the world would hate us through and through. We show the world that not all Americans are swaggering Imperialists.
And we are speaking our minds and hearts. Something all people share. Like Peace, and the love thereof. Peace gives rise to more creative jobs than the manufacture of advanced forms of death. Remember the Age of Exuberance? It was just before the Age of Terror, ushered in by, well, the Supreme Court a few very long years ago.

You may be right about future history books though...especially now that most things have to get the official stamp of approval, on its way to an undisclosed location.

History needn't be so censorious. We need the entire story, and are never given it. Why should that change?

Well written post, but I detect a koolade moustache.


Is Bush an Evil Murderer? (Just asking!)

Witnesses: U.S. Rockets Hit Fallujah Mosque Complex, Killing About 40 People - from

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

"Vigilant Resolve": Another dangerous Bush mistake?

"Vigilant Resolve": Another dangerous Bush mistake?

Imagine a positive outcome to this fiasco.
You can't? Well what does that tell you...

Breathe deep the gathering gloom...

Rush Limbaugh: Man O' Truth or Godless Egoman?

Hurry up! Rush is jonesing!

Rush Limbaugh: Man O' Truth

Rush Limbaugh says "substance will always trump spin".
Rush Limbaugh calls shows that are not his "the partisan media".

When you are on drugs, you can just lie, lie, lie! Blame it on the drugs.

Is not Rush Limbaugh the very antithesis of impartiality? Has Rush ever said anything favorable to liberals?

Rush locks himself away from God who loves to enter an impartial mind. Or so says Balthasar. He knows everything.

In any case, there is a ring in Hell reserved for the fat opportunistic liar whose lies and opportunism have caused young dittoheads to die needlessly. Rush and Bush have blood on their hands. Their words do not heal. They kill.

Mothers hate these child killers. It is their children who get foisted into the flames, set for the financial benefit of scum like George and Rush.

Word Wizard asks: What is "Post-Modern"?

Word Wizard asks: What is "Post-Modern"?

Stall! Stall! or John Dean sez "Bush Should Be Impeached"

Stall! Stall! or John Dean sez "Bush Should Be Impeached"

You write that the administration has tried to block, frustrate or control any investigation into 9/11 using, quote, 'well-proven tactics not unlike those used by the Nixon White House during Watergate.' What tactics?
Stall. Stall.
We knew that at the Nixon White House. Some of these are time-tested tactics. When the Congress put together a joint inquiry itself was self-defeating because it's much more difficult for a joint inquiry with its size -- the lack of attention its staff can give to a group that large. It gets diffuse. And Cheney-- "

Monday, April 05, 2004

Bill O'Reilly is Salvagable

Bill O'Reilly is Salvagable

Some people are paid to bullshit, and they will do just that as long as the checks keep coming in. But for some dumb reason, I think Bill O'Reilly may well become one of the first to jump ship, and start speaking the truth.

Don't ask me why I think this. It may be the medication. But I do think that Al Franken's tough love will have an effect on him, and he will begin to understand that it is indeed better for a bad person to become good than for a good person to simply remain good.

Just as members of Bush's own administration are beginning to jump ship before they wind up in a Watergate-like courtroom on the wrong side, so too are members of the punditocracy beginning to heed to words of John Dean, who, once again, is standing up to Goliath and warning us...this time in advance.

We all know this new millennium would have turned out more bright and peaceful under Gore. Bush kept up saddled to 20th century hatreds and warring and secrecies. This is not sunshine. This is Bushweather. BushWorld. And it is substandard. Probably criminal.

The Titanic is sinking, and thank heavens. We need to get back on a positive track, where we are friends of the world and earth. Not it's rapist.

Get out while you can. Help create the new sunshine. The bright new day. The world will love you for it. As will more than half of America.

Carpe millennium! (And do it right this time!)

The O'Franken Factor

The O'Franken Factor
Thanks to iddy for bringing this new development to my attention!