Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Season of Nonviolence - Richmond youth joins path for peace

Richmond youth joins path for peace - - Home:

"The Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith delivered the keynote address on "A Season of Nonviolence." Both Roots Kelso and Topaz described the speech as "inspiring."

"He spoke of how every little step towards nonviolent solutions is backed by multitudes, all of those who have come before and worked for peace. Consider the lineage of Gandhi and King, and we never need to feel alone, Roots Kelso said.

The address was followed by a Gandhi-King multimedia tribute, "Bombay to Birmingham," and a World Peace Flag Ceremony, with youths displaying flags to represent the national community. "

Elizabeth Edwards - The Next Jackie O.?

Elizabeth Edwards

Will the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Edwards be our next first lady?
We can only hope...

AP Wire | 02/14/2004 | Edwards gets backing from Madison mayor, newspaper

AP Wire | 02/14/2004 | Edwards gets backing from Madison mayor, newspaper: "Edwards gets backing from Madison mayor, newspaper"

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, who leads the state's second-largest city, was courted by all leading candidates, but said he decided to back Edwards largely because of his focus on economic issues, especially the concerns of low-income Americans and the needs of cities.

"John Edwards is the only candidate who has talked consistently and before every audience about the issue of poverty in America," Cieslewicz said.

Free Trade is Bigger than Jesus!

The Japan Times Online

Pom-pom boys in bidness suits around the world are cheering on Free Trade in it's struggle to surpass Jesus as the guiding principle of life. And now they have won! And Mr. Bush is already dusting off his cheerleader uniform.

Back to you, Dan.

More big blackouts likely under Bush's pisspoor "guidance"

More big blackouts likely, experts agree

The Eye of God: Proof God is an Aryan. Just kidding!!

This amazing photograph taken by the Hubble telescope captures the very eye of God...and has sent shudders through the Bush Administration who ironically thought THEY were God. To shut down this discovery, the Bush Administration is planning on de-funding the Hubble project.

Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

BW Online | February 23, 2004 | Commentary: Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

The lying liars are at it again...

Anyone who paid attention could see the manipulations going on in the markets toward the end of Clinton's administration. Greenspan kept throwing the brakes on, time after time after time. Folks at CNBC would boo while Gore was speaking, and talk about how Internet stocks were at cross-purposes with Pharmaceutical stocks. If Internet is up, Pharms are down, and vice-versa. And the closeness of the election made investors yes, there was a decline, just had there been rises and falls throughout. Only thing is...the wrong guy won...and so it kept going down and down and down. Had Gore carried on the torch set by Clinton, as was perfectly natural given that it wasn't broken...the markets would have recovered quite quickly indeed.

Silly investors!


[from our Humorous Headlines Series]

BACKWATER, TX--Jedidiah Drudge has been sentenced to life imprisonment for wiping his bum on a bush. Or at least that's the way he tells it. Others say he was plainly having sex with the bush, and sex with plants is illegal in Texas.


In unrelated news, Matt Drudge is reported by an intern to have had an affair with Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.
Thanks to Internet sleuth, Tom Burka, for digging up this gem.

John Edwards Wins Over Jay Leno, All Lifeforms

John Edwards Wins Over Jay Leno

The man Bush fears most made a big splash on Leno last night, and had the guests and audience cheering. Mr. Edwards is the best-looking and most wholesome candidate to have ever run for the presidency, and when standing next to Mr. Bush in a debate, would make Mr. Bush look even more hideous and crooked than he already is.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Dennis wins Big with Jennifer Tilly on Dating Game

Guess who?

LOS ANGELES--Democratic contender, Rep. Dennis Kucinich won big on Jay Leno's late night show, when he chose Jennifer Tilly to be his date in a takeoff of Dating Game. Miss Tilly beat out the formidable and beautiful Cybil Shepard and some rightwing blonde radio bimbo who apparently felt she could accrue class points by being on the same stage as Mr. Kucinich and the talented and accomplished actresses.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Telegraph | News | Kerry faces big test in internet storm about mystery woman

Telegraph | News | Kerry faces big test in internet storm about mystery woman: "Kerry faces big test in internet storm about mystery woman"



Does Kerry have a Monica? Do we really need this?

This is from shitsifter, Matt Drudge who also brought down Bill Clinton with his Monica fixation.

Time to bring an end to Bush's Long Honeymoon...

And what you know, Mr. Bush, is this: You’ve ordered this testing to hunt down, identify and target for destruction the hopes of millions of children

In These Times | Education Eugenics: "And what you know, Mr. Bush, is this: You’ve ordered this testing to hunt down, identify and target for destruction the hopes of millions of children you find too expensive, too heavy a burden, to educate."

Oil President only Profits Self & Cronies Home US

Bush's Long Honeymoon. Is it finally over? 'Bout damn time!

The Honeymoon is Over, Mr. Bush

Michael Moore's letter to Goofball Bush

Michael : Mike's Message : Messages

Intel Says Chip Speed Breakthrough Will Alter Cyberworld

Intel Says Chip Speed Breakthrough Will Alter Cyberworld

Now maybe the Net can go ahead and render broadcast obsolete. It has long been obsolescent, and no one likes it. Maybe it will just go away and leave us alone...

AlterNet: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003

AlterNet: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003

Some corporations are pretty bad, such as Enron. But these 10 really suck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Calpundit: On Bush's "Military" Record

Calpundit: ARF!

Clark sadly bows out...

My Way News

Too bad. He was the best choice in a time of war...

If even post production isn't enough to make somebody sound intelligent and lucid, then we have a serious problem, from the top on down

Dubya's vomitous appearance on Meet the Press

Knife of Simpson's hilarious take on George's Tragedy Hour
"I almost called in sick today...I'm still ill from Dubya's HORRIBLE vomitous appearance on Meet the Press Sunday morning. CAUTION--do not take internally!
God, it was so awful...and keep in mind, this was not a live interview either! It was pre-recorded on Saturday. If even post production isn't enough to make somebody sound intelligent and lucid, then we have a serious problem, from the top on down."

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Military Service Found to Not Matter!

Scientists at Anonymoses have discovered that it is not true that military service matters, when it comes to being President of the United States, even during wartime. If it did, General Clark would have become president.

So the next time a Republican tries to say that it does matter...remind them of this discovery.

John Kerry wins VA & TN

Kerry wins the day...

Sparks fly between Sunnites and Shiites

Insurgents Attempting to Ferment 'Civil War' in Iraq Sought Al Qaeda Help (
Terrorists spark fear of civil war in Iraq as 50 die in car bomb

See Gurdjieff quote on psychic hatred and organic hatred...

"These two schools of the Mohammedan religion are called there the "Sunnite" and the "Shiite".
It is very interesting to note that the psychic hatred of each other formed in the psyche of the beings who belong to these two independent schools of one and the same religion has, on account of their frequent clashes, now been transformed completely into an organic hate.
Beings of certain European communities have during recent centuries greatly contributed to their incitement to the rise of this particular transformation on that strange being-function.
And they have employed and continue to employ this incitement in order that the animosity between the beings who follow these two independent schools of one and the same religion, should increase and that they should never unite, since if that were to happen, there might soon be an end there for those European communities.
And hence it is that accidentally arisen "newly baked" communities always rub their hands and rejoice when sparks fly between these Sunnites and Shiites, because they then count on a long and secure existence for themselves."

-G. Gurdjieff, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" circa 1950

'Untorn' Document Scandal Exposes Need for a Special Prosecutor

'Untorn' Document Scandal Exposes Need for a Special Prosecutor: "AWOL-Gate
'Untorn' Document Scandal Exposes
Need for a Special Prosecutor"

Pundit O'Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush

Yahoo! News - Pundit O'Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Conservative television news anchor Bill O'Reilly said on Tuesday he was now skeptical about the Bush administration and apologized to viewers for supporting prewar claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The anchor of his own show on Fox News said he was sorry he gave the U.S. government the benefit of the doubt that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's weapons program poised an imminent threat, the main reason cited for going to war.
'I was wrong. I am not pleased about it at all and I think all Americans should be concerned about this,' O'Reilly said "

More on Bush Does Russert

CLAIM vs. FACT: The President on Meet the Press

10 Questions Russert Didn't Ask

How George W. Bush Lied to Tim Russert
About His Missing Military Records

Boston Writer on the AWOL Story That First Broke in 2000

Where's the Justice? | Cheney faces impropriety claims

BBC NEWS | Americas | Cheney faces impropriety claims: "Fresh revelations about a shooting trip taken by US Vice-President Dick Cheney and a Supreme Court judge are fuelling renewed allegations of impropriety. " Books: American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush Books: American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

Feel Duped by the Meat Industry?- Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese

Yahoo! News - Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese

Monday, February 09, 2004

Paying your dues.

Taxes are not necessarily taxing. They are dues. Ask George Lakoff. Or read,
"Moral Politics: How Liberals aand Conservatives Think". (Heard on NPR)

Bush Does Russert: I am a war president

MSNBC - Transcript for Feb. 8th
"I'm a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind.

I have got a vision for what I want to do for the country. See, I know exactly where I want to lead. I want to lead us I want to lead this world toward more peace and freedom. I want to lead this great country to work with others to change the world in positive ways, particularly as we fight the war on terror, and we got changing times here in America, too.

Asscrack clamps down on Peace Activists

Daily Kos || Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.: "More on peace activist subpoenas"

An Interview with Noam Chomsky

A Leftist Journal By and For American Youth

Gore Says Bush Betrayed the U.S. by Using 9/11 as a Reason for War in Iraq

Gore Says Bush Betrayed the U.S. by Using 9/11 as a Reason for War in Iraq: "'He betrayed this country!' Mr. Gore shouted into the microphone at a rally of Tennessee Democrats here in a stuffy hotel ballroom. 'He played on our fears. He took America on an ill-conceived foreign adventure dangerous to our troops, an adventure preordained and planned before 9/11 ever took place.'"

General Clark followed Mr. Gore with a notably tamer speech. But he honored Mr. Gore, saying, "The 2000 election was stolen from the Democratic Party," and that Mr. Gore "would have been and should have been a great president."



Arthur Kleinman

Arthur Kleinman: "Arthur Kleinman's eight questions
for eliciting the patient's explanatory model (EM) of his/her illness
What do you call the problem?
What do you think has caused the problem?
Why do you think it started when it did?
What do you think the sickness does? How does it work?
How severe is the sickness? Will it have
a short or long course?
What kind of treatment do you think the
patient should receive? What are the most important results you hope he/she
receives from this treatment?
What are the chief problems the sickness
has caused?
What do you fear most about the sickness?"

Chris Chalfant, Composer

Chris Chalfant, Composer

Anthony di Bonaventura

Anthony di Bonaventura

Morton Subotnick

Morton Subotnick

John Fowler - Luciano Berio Portrait and Biography

John Fowler - Luciano Berio Portrait and Biography

p s y c h o . s e r i o u s

p s y c h o . s e r i o u s

David Moss - vocalist/percussionist

David Moss - vocalist/percussionist

The Steve Reich Website

The Steve Reich Website

Elephant Talk: The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Web Site

Elephant Talk: The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Web Site

Jon Anderson Online

Jon Anderson Online

Welcome to the Chautauqua Institution |

Welcome to the Chautauqua Institution |

Black Mountain College Museum&Arts Center

Black Mountain College Museum&Arts Center: "The Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center was established in 1993 to commemorate and publicize Black Mountain College’s unique legacy of educational and artistic innovation. To achieve this mission for the public study and enjoyment, the Museum has collected papers, photographs, art works, and other objects produced by College’s teachers and students, and sponsored exhibitions, public forums, publications, and interdisciplinary programs.
In the fall of 2003 the Museum acquired space at 56 Broadway in downtown Asheville with office space and a gallery to exhibit art works, photographs, papers, and other materials which have been donated to the Museum. "

Black Mountain College Project / Home Page

Black Mountain College Project / Home Page

American Masters . Black Mountain College | PBS

American Masters . Black Mountain College | PBS

Cambridge Weblogs

Cambridge Weblogs

Outline for UNC blogs and journalism forum

Outline for UNC blogs and journalism forum

Dartmouth blogs

Dartblogs: about

Harvard Weblogs: Weblogs at the Harvard Law School

Harvard Weblogs: Weblogs at the Harvard Law School

Blogging at Wellesley

Blogging at Wellesley

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Turns of PhraseIndex

Turns of PhraseIndex "TURNS OF PHRASE SECTION INDEX -- This section features words that are relatively new and which often have not yet reached the dictionaries. At least, this was true at the time they were written -- remember this is an archive of pieces written over the past seven years!"


Acoustic shock; Aerobot; Affluence test; Alcopop; Allohistory; Ambient advertising; Amperkine; Andropause; Anorakish; Apoptosis; Archaeon; Areologist; Artilect; Asian Brown Cloud; Asylo; Asymmetrical warfare; Auxetic; Beanpole family; Big Bang II; Bioinformatics; Bioinvasion; Biomimetics; Biomusicology; Biophilia; Biopiracy; Biopunk; Biosurgery; Birtism; Black-water rafting; Blairism; Blogger; Blue revolution; Bluejacking; Bluetooth; Bookcrossing; Break-out space; Bright; Business theatre; Café Scientifique; Caffeinol; Captology; Celtic Tiger; Chemtrail; Chill Can; Chronopsychology; Chronotherapy; Clinical governance; Cobot; Collaboratory; Commentariat; Community currency; Community marriage policy; Computer-assisted journalism; Consilience; Convivium; Cool Britannia; Coopetition; Cosmeceutical; Covenant marriage; Crisis memoir; Culture jamming; Cyberchondria; Cyberloafing; Cyberventing; Darwin Day; Data archaeology; Data haven; Datacasting; Deep Web; Demutualisation; Denglisch; Dental Spa; Diabesity; Digital divide; Disintermediation; Dogme 95; DOTS; Doula; Downshifter; Dress-up Thursday; Drive-by-wire; DVD; Dyspraxia; E-day; E-science; E-voting; Ebonics; Echo boomer; Eco-cement; Ecofact; Ecologism; Economy-class syndrome; Econophysics; Electroclash; Electronic cinema; Electronic paper; Electrosmog; Emo; Endocrine disrupter; Entitlement card; Euro-creep; Euroland; Europanto; Evernet; Evidence-based education; Evo-devo; Exformation; Exoplanet; Extranet; Eyerobics; Fabless; Fashionista; Feebate; Financial phobia; Flash mob; Footfall; Free-running; Freegan Gene chip; Genetic pollution; Genetic underclass; Geocaching; Geosequestration; Global dimming; Global distillation; Globesity; Glycomics; Gold-collar worker; Golden rice; Gorge-walking; Green famine; Grey goo; Grey literature; Grid; Grid computing; Grocerant; Gutkha; Heroin chic; Hidden hunger; Home zone; Hot desking; Hybrid CD; Hydrodyne process; Hydrogen economy; Hypercar; Hypernova; I-mode; Identity theft; Information fatigue syndrome; Information rich/information poor; Informavore; Infowar; Injecting room; Inplacement; Intermercial; Internet 2; Intranet; Iraqification; Iris code; Irritable male syndrome; Kibibyte; Leisure sickness; Lifestyle drug; Lightcraft; Linguistic profiling; M-commerce; Machinima; Magnetar; Mathom; MDR-TB; Mechatronics; Meldrew; MEMS; Mesh radio; Metamediary; Metrosexual; Microcredit; Microtransaction; Millennium bug; Misomusist; Miswanting; Molecular Archaeology; Molecular farming; Moletronics; Mountainboarding; Muscle dysmorphia; NaSSA; Neurobics; Neuroeconomics; Neurotheology; New Puritans; Nocebo; Nu-metal; Nutraceutical; Nutrigenomics; Obesogenic; Open source; Orexin; Orthorexia; Oscillon; Otpotss; Overclass Padania; Palermo scale; Permission-based marketing; Personal telco; Phage therapy; Pharmacogenomics; Pharming; Phen-fen; Phishing; Phytoremediation; Polyamory; Polychronic; Polypill; Portal site; Prebuttal; Presenteeism; Prion; Probiotic; Pronoia; Prosumer; Proteome; Proteomics; Push technology; PVR; Qubit; Raw foodism; Reality fighting; Regender; Retail anthropologist; RFID; Riskometer; SARS; Screenager; Set-top box; Shock and Awe; Sky-surfing; Smart gun; Social software; Solutions journalism; Sonic cruiser; Spamdexing; Spintronics; Squalamine; Sub-prime; Synthespian; T-ray; Teamspace; Techgnosis; Technorealist; Televersity; Therapeutic cloning; Thin client; Thinspiration; Third Way; Toxicogenomics; Traffic evaporation; Triple-drug therapy; Tweenager; Tweenie; UMTS; Upsizing; Upskilling; V-mail; Viatical; WAP; Warchalking; Water banking; Water war; Web ring; Webucation; Weightless economy; Xenotransplantation; Xenozoonosis; Yuhangyuan; Zoochosis; Zorbing

Imagine yourself suspended inside a ten-foot clear plastic sphere by nylon ropes, then rolled to the top of a steep hill and pushed off. No brakes, no steering, just you and gravity. By all accounts, it’s like being a stray sock in a spin dryer, and it’s obligatory to scream a lot. This is the newest extreme sport, invented by Andrew Akers in New Zealand about three years ago as something exciting for the tourists to do. There are reports that some find hillsides too tame, and have tried rolling off cliffs and waterfalls. The balls bounce OK; so usually do those inside. Confirming my suspicion that there is no activity so crazy that it will not be taken up by somebody somewhere, Zorbing has enthusiasts not only in the Antipodes but also in Europe (though the craze seems not to have hit the USA yet). A participant is sometimes called a Zorbonaut.

Blue Mountain Oyster Cult performs "Ghostriders on the Storm" at Grammy Boobsigning

Carpet Crawlers

Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers lyrics
"There's only one direction in the faces that I see;
It's upward to the ceiling, where the chamber's said to be.
Like the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree.
They are pulled up by the magnet, believing they're free."

The Purpose of Wrinkles

A wrinkle suddenly appears upon the brow. What to do?

If you think that a wrinkle is just something that can removed surgically, or with injections of are probably in the majority. But what if that wrinkle were there to warn you of a problem elsewhere?

Well...this is exactly the view of some, mainly Asian, medical folk. And if it is true, then merely removing the wrinkle, without heeding, or treating, the problem indicated by the wrinkle, might mean that you are missing a clue that might save your life, were you to heed the warning.

For example, when I drink (which is rare), I tend to get a verticle line, or wrinkle, between my eyebrows. I also often get a headache, which seems to center on this spot.

As it happens, that line, according to Dr. Michio Kushi, is an indicator of stomach problems.

Well, I could make the connection and realize the the drink is causing damage to my liver, or I could simply remove the wrinkle... and drink on until my stomach fails.

This is but one example of how reading one's own face can be a form of preventive medicine, in this case, saving thousands of dollars, and maybe death. There are also wrinkles and creases that indicate sexual dysfunction, digestive misfunction, and several others.

So before you run off and pay to bandaid over a the signs, and see if these wrinkles are not actually a form of hieroglyphics reflecting your actual health.

Chinese Face Reading
Other books about Body and Face Reading

Title ideas (some sadly taken)

Faux Pas Harmony
Bartok/Bar Talk
Blogsop's Fables
Bloggers Grim
Aesop's Blog
Back to the Fuchia (taken)
Dan Blogger (Dan Blocker)
Blog to the Future

Belief-O-Matic -- A personality quiz about your religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs - a quiz answering What Religion Am I --

Belief-O-Matic -- A personality quiz about your religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs - a quiz answering What Religion Am I --

Thanks to a little Bird on the Moon for referring me to this quiz. My own results are as follows:

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. Mahayana Buddhism (95%)
3. New Age (95%)
4. Unitarian Universalism (90%)
5. Liberal Quakers (86%)
6. Jainism (85%)
7. Theravada Buddhism (81%)
8. Hinduism (81%)
9. Taoism (75%)
10. Reform Judaism (73%)
11. New Thought (72%)
12. Sikhism (70%)
13. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (65%)
14. Scientology (64%)
15. Secular Humanism (59%)
16. Bahá'í Faith (58%)
17. Orthodox Quaker (56%)
18. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (53%)
19. Orthodox Judaism (42%)
20. Islam (33%)
21. Nontheist (31%)
22. Seventh Day Adventist (24%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (20%)
24. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (18%)
25. Jehovah's Witness (18%)
26. Eastern Orthodox (8%)
27. Roman Catholic (8%)

I would have personally placed Taoism a little higher up, and regret Sufism was not included...