Saturday, June 17, 2006

A few thoughts on gifts, the gifted, gift-economies, and the psychosociopathology of gifting

A few thoughts on gifts, the gifted, gift-economies, and the psychosociopathology of gifting

Gifts is ossum. I like 'em. Everyone likes gifts. Even the Eskimos.
Why not give them. Like head. Like Hell. La quelle.
Give me some gifts.
Make them expensive.
Maybe then I will put out.

The Light.
The Light is a gift.
No dog is a gift. Dogs are curses.
I yelled at one today.

Artists are gifted. Well some.
This poetry is hard.
Like the presidency.
Something about words.
Knowing them. Not knowing them.
Language is a virus.
The oncology of invisible touch.

It has been said:
"Give a man a gift and he will love you
two and he will like you
three and he will resent you
and four he will wish you dead
for not giving enough."

Things, things and more things.
The accumulation of things.
A multiplicity of It.

What is important is what is between.
Me and you.
I and Thou.
Not the one. Not the other.
The AND. The Gift.
The breath flowing in and out.
We are breathed.

Philosophy takes two.

There is no I without You or It.
And that I changes along with the Other.
The I-You more full than the I-It.
Relationship versus Experience.
Intimacy versus Isolation.
The I alone but Ego's delusion.
Maya, Samara, Hootenzee Schnooten...

Therefore consider outside yourself only,
and always put your neighbor's welfare
above your own

Everything we've ever learned
is wrong.
To stay the course would be disastrous.

Time to start all over.
Rejecting the humbug. Inventing afresh.

Religions are superstitions, and economies
Pyramid schemes.

The hole you are digging is your grave.
And a sucker is born every second.

I've an eight-track mind.
And philosophy takes five.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bindlestiff Cirkus comes to Charlotte, Sunday, June 25th

Fellow bloggers. Put this on your calendar!
I'll let my friend Darryl describe what is coming...

I am putting together a group to go see the Bindlestiff Cirkus
( at the Visulite Theater in
Elizabeth ( Keith Nelson, the
“father” of Bindlestiff, and I went to high school together. He has been
doing this show up in Manhattan for a number of years and is taking it on the
road this summer. I’ve never seen the show, but it has received some great
coverage ( ).

Sunday, June 25th is the date. Doors open at 8pm, show
is at 9pm. The show is rated 18+, so its adult night.

** Please talk to or email your friends and see if anyone else
is interested in attending. **

I am buying tickets for Kris and me today. Please go
ahead and purchase your tickets through Visulite if you are interested. If
you like, email us back that you have purchased your tickets and we will see if
there is any interest in coordinating some type of pre-show food &

Monday, June 12, 2006

Charlie Rose is back!

The Edward R. Murrow of Today has returned to his show tonight, and I cannot be happier. His guests include Bill Moyers, Tom Friedman and producer, Yvette Vega. Check it out! He looks great. Better than ever, actually!

Long live this fellow son of Henderson and North Carolina!

News & Views

Alberto Now Predicted To Become Hurricane

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Is Condoleeza Bush's Monica?

Rumors abound regarding a tryst between George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice, and the story has actually made its way into the traditional press, but the death of Zarqawi sucked all the oxygen out of it. Coincidence? Diversion?

The storyline goes something like this:

Laura Bush, upon finding out that George had an affair with Ms. Rice, got miffed and checked herself into the Mayflower Hotel.

Here are some of the headlines from the blogosphere:

Crazy Talk We Can’t Ignore: The Bush-Condi Rumors - Wonkette
Informed sources Inside the Beltway report that First Lady Laura Bush has established temporary residence in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington,

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name
by Schlomo
According to sources, and this is strictly a rumor, George W. Bush has been tapping Condie Rice and Laura has left the building and is staying at the Mayflower Hotel in DC OMIGOD! PAYDIRT!
Rocky shoals for Bush marriage?
by Lord Cerne Abbas
Lady Laura Bush has established temporary residence in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC as a result of a tiff with President Bush over an extramarital ... Mr. Bush's tryst is said to involve Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Devil With a Blue Dress
by urizon
WMR can report that a Mayflower Hotel staffer has confirmed that First Lady Laura Bush spent at least one night this past week at the hotel, ... As far as the affair is concerned, Rice herself offered some confirmation .
Laura Catches George With Condi - Moves To Hotel?
by Milton Mr. Bush's tryst is said to involve Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It is not known how long Mrs. Bush plans to remain at the Mayflower, however, her security detail has been present at the hotel during hours when the First Lady

Mayflower Hotel Staffer Confirms Laura Bush Stay
The Wayne Madsen Report investigates further into the alleged affair between ... Bush over his on-going affair with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. ... loyal to Bush since she signed on as his chief foreign policy adviser in 2000.

State Department Source Confirms Bush-Rice “Relationship”
by Michael Paladin Mayflower Hotel sources in Washington, DC have gone from “neither confirm nor deny” the presence of Laura Bush there last week to conceding that if she stayed there “she would have been registered under a different name.

George W. Bush and His Secretary of Office Romance?
by Newsguy In case you hadn't caught up on this story, Wayne Madsen reports online that Laura moved out of the White House for at least one night, and into the Mayflower Hotel, after confronting Dubya about his ongoing affair with Condi Rice.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The 68th Edition of the Tar Heel Tavern is up!

...and Ron did a stunning job.

Don't miss the beautiful shots of the earth, submitted by the great Ogre.