Saturday, March 27, 2004

Bleeding-Head Conservatives: What do they want? Why do they smell?

Bleeding-Head Conservatives: What do they want? Why do they smell?

For years, bleeding heart liberals have dominated the scene, safe in their towers at the heart of America's headland. But now bleeding-head conservatives are gathering in America's heartland to demand that the headland step up their already considerable support for the heartland. But the headland is running out of money. Rather the Bush Gang ran off with it. So just as the headland has suffered, so too shall it's underachieving dependent, the heartland.

But this is all metaphor, mind, and has little to do with life on the ground.
Or does it??

To be continued...

(Well, maybe.)

Friday, March 26, 2004

Is Bush a Midget?

Bush: "I thought you said broad-banned!"

Bill Crystal has Bush's Ear. And eyes, nose, mouth, expressions...

Bush possessed by soul of Bill Crystal

Look at pictures of George W. Bush.
At times he looks like Paul Wolfowitz, at other times he looks like Karen Hughes, at times Phat Robertson, and now I have come to see that he can also absorb Bill Crystal. This is useful. If you want to know who has been instructing him...just look at him. Who does he look like?

You can pick your friends...

Ananova - Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it

Is the cure to AIDS just a booger away?

The next question then becomes...
Can you patent boogers?

Ralph Nader on Charlotte Talks - WFAE 90.7 FM

Ralph Nader on Charlotte Talks - WFAE 90.7 FM
Join Mike Collins as he interviews Ralp playing.

WFAE 90.7 FM Your NPR News Source


Yours truly, the great and risible Anonymoses, made his way into the mind of the great Ralph Nader...thanks to the good folks at WFAE, Charlotte, who brings us not only Mike Collins, but also Fiona Ritchie and Thistle & Shamrock, as well as other great programming. I suppose I also entered into the mind of Mr. Collins as well, now that I think on it.

At any rate, I appear as Dave, email questioner, and basically ascertained that Nader is still Nader, and that Democrats needn't worry. He will, I feel sure, serve to not only forward ideas (which only Democrats have), and serve as a second front against Bush. I can't remember a harsh word about Kerry, but there were many harsh words about Bush. He will, in other words, serve the same purpose as Dean did, when he showed that Democrats had to be true to their consciences, and not merely pose, or worse, actually be...Bush Lite.

Nader too will help expose the foolishness so long propped up, largely by the Media.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Richard Clark on NPR today at Noon

Richard Clark is to appear on NPR today on the Terry Gross show, "Fresh Air".
Should be quite interesting...

Monday, March 22, 2004

Israel not safe under Sharon OR Bush

United Press International: Third Intifada launched in Gaza

I feel sorrow for the people of Israel who have to keep sacrificing their lives and well-being largely because of the policies (or lack thereof) of Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush. They are veritable terrorist incubators, rather than true peacemakers.

Peace is a treasure too subtle and rare to be appreciated by Mr. Sharon or Mr. Bush, and it should be more than obvious.

I'm reminded of a tale from childhood that goes:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

...and one cannot help but wonder if Sharon's wall is not really just another Humpty Dumpty wall. He sadly is even beginning to resemble the good Mr. Dumpty.

But this is too flip for such a serious time as this.
The simplest answer is just to vote them out of office.

As Dag Hammerskjold once said: "Forgiveness breaks the chain of causality." Something like that. It is no longer acceptable that the rich and powerful can want to fight, but the poor and powerless are the one who, in every way, pay.

Can Palestinians keep their rage under control, and actually forgive?
Can Israelis?

Some problems are solved. Some are resolved. But some are simply dissolved.

Here's to a renaissance of conscience...that subtle organ that has been bred out of us. It may be necessary, but will certainly be a welcome addition to our jaded personalities.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Top Bush Advisor, Richard Clarke, says loyalty trumped by decency, conscience

Richard Clark looking like a bald Chris Bury

Top Bush Advisor, Richard Clarke, says loyalty trumped by decency, conscience

"Loyalty is important, but only to a point.", says former Bush advisor and counter-terrorism expert, Richard Clarke, who, among other titles, was also former Terrorism Czar in the Clinton administration, and served under both Bushs and Reagan, who originally appointed him. He went on to explain that when the president is not safeguarding the lives of Americans, he no longer deserves that loyalty.

Mr. Clark, who is probably the person who knows more about the subject than anyone else on earth, has said that Bush was inadequate for the job, and that Bush's complacency and misplaced focus on Iraq "because it had better targets" has cost actual American lives, and threatens to put even more American lives in jeopardy.

3,000 lives needn't have been spared on 9/11, soldiers needn't have lost their lives in Iraq, since Saddam was never a real threat, and the soldiers and civilians who will lose their lives in the coming days, months, years...will not have needed to have done so.

And when one considers the profiteers of war, and the fact that they are to this day, reaping huge profits while our sons and daughters are being sacrificed to the alter of their money...hardly seems right. Seems almost sinister, really.

At least it ought to make you think twice before you pull the lever for this guy who has meant death and sorrow to so many families in America and abroad.

I applaude the nobility of Mister Clark, who, after all, is trying to keep America he has done for decades. Only this time the solution may be in the form of new leadership. I know he would agree.

And no drop-out Limbaughs can take away what Mister Clark can bring to those with ears to hear and learn...though try they certainly will.

A Renaissance of Conscience?

But I think there will be a renaissance of conscience, if you will. And that those who know things will come forward, and realize that their loyalty too has been abused. And that lives are being lost needlessly, and because of incompetence, greed perhaps, and pressures which simply should not have been allowed to enter into the decision-making process, while those that should have been...were ignored.

This is not good maintenence. Not good stewardship.
This is more like plunder.

Step forward, good people. Your ego exists as a quasi-separate entity from God, whose interests are at cross-purposes. Transcend your ego, like most responsible adults above the age of 40. It is a hindrance to real progress and harmony. through some of these related articles:

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Kerry to read book critical of Bush
News 8 Austin, TX

Will Bush read it? Can he read?

NEWSWEEK: In the Months Before 9/11, Justice Department Curtailed ...
- Yahoo News

The Bush doctrine has been turned on its head
- Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Buy the book, "Against All Enemies" by Richard Clarke, at BUZZFLASH...and make a donation to keep independent voices alive.

Conservatives (the C-list) lack brilliance, merit as guest-list proves

Conservatives (the C-list) lack brilliance, merit as guest-list proves

Ever hear a nobel laureate being interviewed on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly? Of course not! Nor will you have heard any on the world's A-list of brilliance and merit. But you may well have heard any number of laureates, in any number of fields...if you were listening to NPR. Why just last week, I heard an interview with Desmond Tutu.

When you turn on your radio, you have a few choices. You could listen to music, or you could listen to talk. That's about it. There is no fart channel. Well, let me think about that a minute... Rush, though flatulating bloviance, or bloviating flatulence, is passing gas...onto the customer. He does at least give us a break by allowing all manner of gutter helmet to intercede.

There are no guests on Rush Limbaugh. All you get is pure Rush. Pure opinion. One voice. Dictation.

And one voice is not enough. Not if you value education, edification, amelioration.

I suspect there is a reason that Conservatives -- at least the most visible and outspoken ones in today's America -- are those very people who made Cs in school. They just got by. They may have also participated in that allied C-word, "cheating".
Anecdotally, the only folks I know who cheated happen to be conservatives. And strangely, they have tended to foist their cheating upon the post-educational world...cheating at work, cheating on their wives... It is as if they get a thrill from the cheating itself.

But quality rises on its own merit. It needs no shoehorn, no false promotion.
And quality recognizes quality, and also cheating. And quality avoids cheaters, and gravitates to kindred spirits. One reason you will not see laureates on Limbaugh.