Saturday, October 09, 2004

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Is Bush Wired?

Manchurian Resident, George W. Bush, needs help.


Forget the hanging chads and butterfly ballots. The Presidential election drama of 2000 is still a mystery to most Americans. COUNTING ON DEMOCRACY investigates charges of disenfranchisement and 180,000 uncounted Florida votes cast largely by the working poor and people of color, uncovering racial exclusion, voting rights violations and the subverting of a recount in the most contested and controversial election in U.S. history. Running Time: 74 min.

Friday, October 08, 2004

POLL: Why did Kerry win this debate?

Take this poll.

Kerry wins every exchange & debate

Play back each exchange. Pause at the end. Score it.

Kerry won every time.

He is the clear winner. Period.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

BLOGGERS: Documenting the Media Coup of 2004

Teaching Newspeople the value of impartiality.
Holding them accountable for their crimes...captured in millions of recording homes.

"The rank of a disinterested (impartial) mind is so high that what it sees is true, what it desires comes to pass, what it commands must be done." - Avicenna

"A mind unmoved by any contigent affection or sorrow, or honor, or slander, or vice, is really disinterested -- like a broad mountain that is not shaken by a gentle wind. Unmovable disinterest brings man into his closest resemblance to God (Truth). His purity is derived from it..." - Meister Eckhart

Disinterest does not mean uninterested, but rather having no special interest in the outcome (among other things)...or, in other words impartial; unbiased.

Who should be the paragons of disinterested impartiality if not those whose job's Hippocratic Oath, if you will, is to do just that -- namely, those who claim to provide the News. But most of those who are in such roles are mere posers, media whores, Mammon's puppets.
And these puppets are about to perpetrate a coup on the American people. They are going to do everything they can to shoehorn Bush and Cheney back into the White House...where they never belonged in the first place. And they are going to turn their backs on the Truth, and by doing so, reap their Faustian rewards, and forever lose the trust of humanity, and even God...who, as Eckhart says: "gives himself to the disinterested heart."

It is our job, as bloggers, to document this descent, and this attempted coup. can we make these folks understand our need for them to be impartial?

And what does it say about us that we want unbiased Truth?

Here's the deal, folks: The Truth always finds it way back to the light. And it exposes those forces of darkness that tried to suppress it.

Taoists keenly know this. And Taoists know that this current administration has, at every occasion, taken the path that is agaist the Tao. Against Nature. Against the Spirit. Or said differently...against Heaven AND Earth.

A pity really...for "what is against the Tao doesn't last long." A pity for those ignorant relative few who drank their poison koodade, and other pollutions.

And now they are polluting the Truth, and by doing so, polluting our minds and hearts.

Time to Flush Bush: Champion of Partiality and Division.

But as for us is, again, our job to document all the lies and distortions and diversions they hurl at us. For these things will come back to indict them.

Maybe then they will simply stick to the truth. And practice practice practice at becoming disinterested...even at the peril of their jobs.

Have they not squirreled away ANY F.U. money?

Surely they have, all.

Journalists of the world, awake!

Join the bloggers in being the clear eyes of the world, watching.

Strive to be impartial, at all costs. You've spiritual rewards to gain.

Do not let America and the World down.

-Anonymoses Hyperlincoln

Take the poll at Daily Kos:
Which Newsperson or team is Impartial?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Anonymoses meets Elizabeth Edwards in Charlotte

From the Anonymoses NAMECALLING Series

CHARLOTTE--Fresh from a successful debate in Cleveland, Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of Senator John Edwards, brought her energy home to North Carolina and shared it with eager and exuberant Charlotteans. Among the eager and exuberant supporters was the blogger, Anonymoses Hyperlincoln, or he whom some call "Dave". More on that later.

Looking around Google News, you'd think Mrs. Edwards only said one thing, as they all seemed to pick up on that one thing and share it amongst themselves. She did not say just one thing. She said everything. And were I her counselor, I might tell her to save her breath, since the media are apparently too lazy or cheap to expend more ink on the future First Lady. Prescience is not one of their strong suits. But, then again, she was talking to the people, the Charlottean and veterans...not the soundbite hunters and gatherers...good people, all.

Most of the reporters I saw there must have been committing it to memory, since I only saw them pull out their pads once or twice, and then only briefly. And they get paid for this. Drink more coffee, gents!

But then again, I had a pad, and didn't use it. I suspect I was just as mesmerized by Mrs. Edwards and her guests as anyone else.

Her guests, whose names I sadly do not have, were two women whose lives have been direly impacted by Bush's poor judgement and decisions.

One young woman was in the Pentagon at the time of 9/11. She told us how she, and many others like her, were ushered out of the system in order to remove their own responsibility toward these unfortunates. Future unfortunates, I should say, as it was due to Bush and his policies that all she has was taken away.

The other guest had the room in tears, as she spoke of just how poorly the families of soldiers in Iraq are treated by the current misAdministration, and to a crowd largely made up of Veterans of Foreign Wars...who know this should not be happening, and feel, in their hearts, and identity with this young wife who is struggling, emotionally and financially, with the situation afforded her by George W. Bush, Man of the(rich)People.

During the visit, Mrs Edwards spoke on a broad range of topics, and showed that she has a grasp of the problems they will be facing, as well as the problems Americans are facing. But I really think people already know this about her. Most probably just want to meet her and exchange a few niceties, tips, and web addresses. So, again, I want to suggest that she relax, take it easy, have nice conversations with people...and not worry about making sure all the points are covered. There are too many to digest. This current administration has broken pottery in every way possible or imaginable. They are the anti-Tao, if you will...acting in direct antagonism to Nature and Spirit. Just seeing that you are genuine, authentic, honest, a champion of the people and truth...and yes, friendly, charming and graceful -- all of which come naturally -- is all she really need do. The rest is gravy. And I'm thankful for the gravy I sopped today. Hard to beat a good Southern gravy.

After wrapping up (which entails having operatives walk down the aisle with microphones in their hands, thus signalling Mrs Edwards that it was time for questions...and upon answering said questions...Mrs Edwards began greeting the crowd of well-wishers.

Being the gentleman that he is, Anonymoses Hyperlincoln, allowed elderly women to step in front of him, and have the first shake, all the while reminded of the saying about "the Baker serves his favorite last", and almost believing that, for some unknown reason, surely wrong, that he was, somehow, her favorite. Mrs' Edwards' reaction alerted him that this was indeed not the case, although she did spent a minute of two, and Mr. Hyperlincoln was able to congratulate her on her victory, and on her blogging. He said he wrote for Daily Kos and he was able to extend a greeting from the blogosphere. And he was able to invite her to come to his "Joycean blog, Anonymoses"...which she probably forgot just as quickly as she heard it.

A great visit. Try it.

John Edwards: Atticus wins the day...and debate

Cheney Contradicts Self During Debate
Edwards Upholds the Truth

Senator John Edwards

North Carolina Senator John Edwards not only did better than expected, he did better than any of the other contenders could have done.

Want proof?

Show us 10 places where Cheney won.
Then show us 10 where Edwards won.

Can't find ten for Cheney?

Case closed.

Edwards won again and again.

Contrast his performance with the performance of Joe Lieberman. Edwards said what needed to be said. He delivered the goods. Now learn from what you heard.

But guess what? The networks are calling it for Cheney! Even someone who should know better, like George Stephanopoulis, is spinning a Cheney victory.

Who is paying them to say such crap?

Wait for the commercial!

Oh look...a pharmaceutical ad!

Cut back less than Joe Lieberman and Jack Kemp.

Ah! The liberal media!


Edwards - 60%
Cheney - 40 %
1629277 responses

Edwards - 81%
Cheney - 17%

I looked at over a dozen online polls early this morning, and Edwards was the clear winner -- ranging from roughtly 70% to 90% -- in all but one of two polls.

Edwards lets Cheney know: HONEYMOON OVER!

Kerry/Edwards: A Code Green America

Democrats Win! World Erupts in Celebration!

Democratic Vision of the Future

Priorities: How to Beat Bush

MORE from Anonymoses

Edwards-Cheney Debate Transcripts

Read the transcripts.
Examine the evidence.

Mr. Vice President, you are still not being straight with the American people. I mean, the reality you and George Bush continue to tell people, first, that things are going well in Iraq -- the American people don't need us to explain this to them, they see it on their television every single day. We lost more troops in September than we lost in August; lost more in August than we lost in July; lost more in July than we lost in June.
The truth is, our men and women in uniform have been heroic. Our military has done everything they've been asked to do.
And it's not just me that sees the mess in Iraq. There are Republican leaders, like John McCain, like Richard Lugar, like Chuck Hagel, who have said Iraq is a mess and it's getting worse.
And when they were asked why, Richard Lugar said because of the incompetence of the administration.
What Paul Bremer said yesterday is they didn't have enough troops to secure the country. They also didn't have a plan to win the peace. They also didn't put the alliances together to make this successful.
We need a fresh start. We need a president who will speed up the training of the Iraqis, get more staff in for doing that. We need to speed up the reconstruction so the Iraqis see some tangible benefit. We need a new president who has the credibility, which John Kerry has, to bring others into this effort.