Thursday, June 29, 2006

MADE IN THE WAR ZONE - the weirdest CD ever!

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Soundtrack for the soon-to-be-released film:
Music in the Age of George the Unready


This new CD from composer anonyMoses Dave Beckwith may well be, as some have said, "the weirdest CD ever!" Not sure. Haven't checked them all. But it is sufficiently weird, and spans a vast range of styles...from classical to industrial to rock to progressive to opera and more.

This is a one-of-a-kind CD that pays tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for the war and current occupation of Iraq.

The CD opens with a piquant prayer (Prayer 1), then is followed by an astonishing piano rendition of the tragedy of 9/11...which happened to be witnessed by the composer. The piece, called "Prelude to September 11" starts out depicting the evening and wee hours of 9/10. As the night wears on, there are glimmerings of Gershwin and the decadence that was all to change in a few horrible hours. Then, as morning arrives, the piano takes on a determined relentlessness that ends in a fiery, explosive conclusion.

After a few moments of silence, comes the banging of the drums of war. "Banging the Drums", a powerful song with the first hints of war, signals the reorientation of America toward revenge, retaliation and war.

"Ululations and Warnings" represents the cries, ululations and warnings that also rally the warring parties.

This is followed by "Iraqalypse", a musical rendition of the march on Baghdad. Bombs and gunshots are heard in the distance...and foreground. And this is followed by "Drums of War" also known as "Mission Accomplished". It is a bombastic piece with orchestra, tympani and other percussives.

"First battle" is the first battle after the mission was accomplished, and the war became an occupation. The composer makes use of the "rock" format to convey the drive and almost rote mechanicality of this first taste of battle. But things get out of hand, and before long things are "Out of Control". Better buckle your seatbelts for this one!

As the storm passes, we hear the chanting of "Jihad". As a student of Indo-European languages, the composer was able to contruct an original language to convey some of the emotional aspects of the Iraqalypse. It is songs like this which have given rise to the notion that the composer and singer is "the male Lisa Gerrard". (I guess someone had to be!) Very strange! Play it sped up and you will laugh your arse off!

"O God!" represents the inner life of the soldiers. Thoughts of home, loved ones, girls...intermingle with the sound of guns and bombs and fear.

"Weenie" is a bit of comic relief featuring a guest singer who wishes to remain anonymous.

"Take THIS out" is the first rap/hiphop song and has some great rhythms and syncopations. A great dance tune!

"Nightmare 9" is the "Revolution #9" of the CD, and represents the dreamlife of the soldiers. Very very strange indeed!

This is followed by "Heaven", "a symphonic soothing". Music is indeed the great healer.

"Desert Nights" or "Desert Knights" is a representation of a battle that shatters the dreams and the peace, fought under the blanket of night.

"Angels in the Machinery". After a brief respite, the battles continue on...

"Admonition": The drowned-out voices of admonition.

"Tolling of the Bells" is a funereal lamentation and tolling of the bells for all those who have fallen. Beginning with piano, it tranforms into harp, strings, choir then the tolling bells.

The CD ends with a reprise of the prayer.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Israel to change named to Goliathland

Nukes aren't slingshots.

Letterman Classic Latenight: Anne Hathaway, Jim Gaffigan, Dashboard Confessional

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway (actress) (born 1982), American actress
Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare) (1556-1623), wife of the playwright

Hathaway was born in Brooklyn, New York to what she has described as a "solidly upper-class family".[1] Her father, Gerard Hathaway, is a lawyer, and her mother, Kate McCauley, is an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow in her footsteps;[1] her maternal grandfather was Joe McCauley, a Philadelphia radio pioneer. Hathaway, who has Irish ancestry on her father's side, grew up in the Catholic religion with what she describes as "really strong values",[1] and wanted to be a nun during her childhood.[2] She shares her name with Anne Hathaway, the wife of playwright William Shakespeare.
Hathaway grew up in
New Jersey and graduated from Millburn High School, and also spent several semesters studying at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, before transferring to New York University.

Methinks Mr. Letterman has a crush on the young princess...

Jim Gaffigan

Gaffigan Quotes:

"I watch a lot of TV, I drink a lot of coffee, but you know what's really addictive? Heroin."
"You ever read a book that changed your life? Me neither."
"My wife's gotten really lazy, or as she calls it, 'pregnant.'"
"It's good to be back in New York. I have lived here ten years. I'm originally from Indiana. I know what most of you are thinking: Indiana: Mafia. But the fact of the matter is where I grew up there was something very similar to the Mafia: 4-H."
"There's a different kind of pride where I'm from. It's not like, 'We're from New York; we're tough,' or, 'We're from Texas; we like things big.' It's more like, 'We're from Indiana and... we're gonna move!'"
"I love how New York is so multicultural. I wish I was ethnic, I'm nothing. Because if you're Hispanic and you get angry, people are like, 'He's got a Latin temper!' If you're a white guy and you get angry, people are like, 'That guy's a jerk.'"
"Actually, the reason I look like this is because my father was from Sweden, and my mother was Elton John. He was a very good mommy!"
"Isn't it strange, when you're single, all you see is couples, and when you're in a couple, all you see is hookers?"
"I was looking at a box of hot pockets and they have a warning on the side. It's like 'Warning! You just bought Hot Pockets! Hope you're drunk or heading home to a trailer! You hillbilly, enjoy the next NASCAR event!'"
"I only dated one Asian girl, but she was very Asian. She was a panda."
"It would have been hard to get Jesus presents back then. 'Cause whatever you got him he'd be like'Oh, pair of socks , thanks. You know I'm dying for your sins right? Yeah, but thanks for the SOCKS. They'll go great with my sandals, what am I , German?'"
"Lean Pockets, I don't even wanna know what's in those. I wonder what the directions are on a box of Lean Pockets: 'Remove from box, place directly in toilet.' Flush Pocket!"
"I'm not a strict vegetarian. I do eat beef and pork. And chicken. But not fish 'cause that's disgusting! How do you know when fish goes bad? It smells like fish either way! 'Hey this smells like a dumpster, lets eat it!'"
"There is the vegetarian Hot Pocket for those of us who don't want to eat meat, but would still like diarrhea."
"What was the idea behind Hot Pockets? Was there a marketing meeting somewhere, 'Hey I got an idea: How about we take a Pop-Tart and fill it with really nasty meat? You could cook it in a sleeve thing, and you could dunk it in the toilet.'"
"My wife always wants me to go to confession - don't get me wrong, it's not as if I don't enjoy lying to a holy man."
"How'd we come up with the robe? Was some guy just like, 'Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't we make a coat out of a towel? You can have a little belt that goes around. You could dunk the belt in the toilet! Have a toilet belt.'"
"Ever eat so much you feel sick? Isn't that the best?"
"I'm blind, bald, and pale. I'm like a gigantic recessive gene."
"Ever go to IHOP? I don't know why they call it IHOP. When I leave there I don't ever feel like hopping. They should call it, 'I barely move.' 'I need a wheelchair.'"
"I have trouble even remembering the prayers...Our Father, Who Art in Heaven without the approved written consent of Major League Baseball."

Bush is Over...(if you want it!)

Huffington Post has a new and useful service.

With one click, you can print out a nice poster based on the words of John Lennon and the deeds of George W.

(Thanks to Rabatuban for the alert.)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pigboy hates queers


Manly Man for Jaezus, the knucklehead Hagee, is one of the busiest politicians in Jesusland. I frankly think God hates his guts for lying so goddam much.

And who is Pigboy spouting hate about now? The Supreme Court, Democrats and Homosexuals.

I'm sorry but this politician's brain died many years ago, and all he can do is replay the same old tapes.

Why do Christians lie so much? Hell, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and the other major religious types rarely ever lie. But Christians like on cue, and for the goofiest of reasons.
And do it day in and day out, or at least every Sunday.
I suspect Christians are just as ashamed of me as I am of them. Fact is, the Presbyterian Church I attend is not eaten up with the Mammonism, politics and bigotry...thank God. If you suspect you are being handed a plate of politics disguised as religion, you may want to take a Sabattical and think with your own head for a while. There is a lot of BS out there, mostly on TV and radio. Don't settle for this. Your mind is your own.

When will Christians demand more truth and integrity, and less spouting of the Republican talking points? Granted, when you are getting all that "faith-based initiatives" moolah to spout the points, it must be hard to turn down...that is if you really do serve Mammon...which they do.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Tarheel Tavern 70 is up at My Blue Puzzle Piece

...and it is most excellent indeed! Check her out!

People who think flag-burning is an important issue have low IQs

There is no greater proof of a lack of ideas and vision than bringing up the tired and worn-out antiquated non-idea of banning flag-burning.

Ask these low IQs what they think of map-burning, and you will see their vacuousness race to the surface.

Shun these buffoons.

Net Neutrality discussion this morning

9:00 AM
Net Neutrality discussion.
WFAE - 90.7 FM
Mike Collins Show
Guest: Scott Huffman, President/CEO WebKorner Internet Services

Listen HERE.

You may email your questions to: