Monday, September 15, 2003

Nobel Prize Winner Assassinated

Not a good headline

A friendly reminder to policy-makers that actions have consequences, and that some don't make for very warm and fuzzy headlines. When will the world learn to only kill with kindness?

King Clinton Offers Sage Advice

Bill Clinton looking like Dali's apparition of a bust of Voltaire

King Clinton Offers Sage Advice to Democrats

Reassures World that America is not beyond Hope

Find a copy of this speech. I heard it over the telephone...and thought it was the most lucid blueprint to emerge this season. In fact, no one tells it better than Clinton and Gore...but, as Clinton said, this is the best set of candidates in many decades. Maybe ever. No need to overstate. Any one of them is superior to the current occupier. And we know, he will not show his face...unless it is a closed clique paying huge sums. And even there Bush looks like he has swallowed a jar of Contac. Nothing authentic. Nothing genuine. Simulacrum at best.

Not so the Democrats. None of them. All eminently qualified, and all worthy of our love, respect...and yes, funding.

As President Clinton himself said: We don't have to beat up on the Republicans. Just tell the truth and they will think it's Hell.