Friday, September 12, 2003

Lying Liar Limbaugh Lies Again


Lying liar, Rush Limbaugh, is lying as I speak. Check it out! He must not have read Al Franken's book, or he'd know how ridiculous he sounds. But for that kind of money, I guess many weak-willed opportunists would lie all day. In fact there are many, and not just Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

Arm yourself from their garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. They are the garbage. Franken proves it. And you can learn all the sly ways these lying liars will lie to you.

Do you really want to be accused of purveying garbage? Remember...garbage in, garbage out. And they are the garbage.

That is...unless you don't mind building your house on a foundation of lies.

For example, Rush just blathered on and on about how he never, would never, try to flame someone. And then he went on to call for his listeners, in so many words, to flame

He's drunk on his "power". But the very rednecks who are his lemmings will, one day, turn ON him. Remember what your mother told you. Those who will steal or lie FOR you...with steal FROM you and lie TO you.

Maybe it would be best to just step out of the way and let them destroy each other...

The bottom 1%

Jerusalem Post says "Kill Arafat", and now the Israeli Government has authorized the removal of Arafat, while the United States, Europe and Egypt warn Israel against carrying out a threat to expel him.
Meanwhile America appears ever-closer to inheriting the winds of Hurricane Isabelle. Strangely, Isa is the Muslim word for Jesus. Hmm. Bad wording?
New namer! Maybe colors or notes would be better. Hurricane F#...not that threatening...hmm...

I say it it time to bring back exuberance. The world is going in the wrong direction.

Time for the Peacemakers to reign. 99% of the world wants peace. It's just those who profit who don't.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Is a Dean/Clark Dream Team Emerging?

Is a Dean/Clark Dream Team Emerging?

Among other things, a Dean/Clark team would usurp the Medical/Military initiative from Chimpy.

This would leave Hillary and Gore as the other Dream VPs for Edwards and Kerry to scoop up.

The clock is ticking...

Dean Asks Clark to Join His Campaign

Dean Asks Clark to Join His Campaign

Howard Dean doesn't pass Fox-style "Fair & Balanced" test on Israel

Howard Dean doesn't pass Fox-style "Fair & Balanced" test on Israel

During the most recent Democratic debate, Howard Dean had the gall to say that America needs to have the trust of both Israel and Palestine...and was bitchslapped for having done so.

Like Fox News, there are those who would have us pretend to be fair and balanced brokers, when in fact, we are not.

Yet another reason why the UN should be charge of the "Roadmap"...

Sunday, September 07, 2003

While George speaks, Sharon seals off West Bank and Gaza for Hamas "liquidation"

While George speaks, Sharon seals off West Bank and Gaza for Hamas "liquidation"

Hamas Will Go Underground To Evade Assassinations

Miserable Failure



Karl Rove or Roverer (Sung to "Crimson and Clover")

all together now...

Crimson or clover?
Karl Rove or Roverer?


The Disservice of Angry Jayson Blairs

Why Media Lies reap only short-term gains
and are destructive in the long-term.

An impartial media may well be among the best treasures of a nation...particularly if there is a two-way dialog. And why is this? It is because the best solutions to problems often come from outside the system.

But to ensure best solutions...good information has to be available. Misinformation and disinformation only make people stupider, and the future recruitment of these people who have drunk your kool-ade will require the added cost of deprogramming; cleaning their minds of the garbage they have been dealt.

This is the sad future of those who only listen to your Foxes, your Limbaughs, your Regnery Press devotees.

May the more responsible news organs learn and understand this, and strive to provide good information, and let the chips fall where they may. At least a wiser future will be assured.

Jayson Blair did a disservice, and was canned for it. What about all these angry Jayson Blairs who daily dish out lies? Are they merely insuring those that surround them become dumber and dumber...and less useful?

Sharon and Hamas VERY Mad at Each Other

JERUSALEM (AP) - Hamas leaders are ``marked for death'' and won't have a moment's rest, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned Sunday, after Israel failed in an attempt to kill the top echelon of Hamas with a 550-pound bomb dropped on a Gaza City apartment.

Hamas threatened unprecedented revenge, with spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantisi saying Israel had ``opened the gates of hell'' with the attack on Hamas founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, who escaped with a minor injury. Israel declared a high security alert and imposed a blanket closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Security officials said the Shin Bet security service tightened protection of Israeli leaders.

Sharon told the Yediot Ahronot newspaper that Israel's campaign against militants would continue.

``They are marked for death,'' Sharon was quoted as saying, referring to Hamas leaders. ``We won't give them a moment's rest. We will continue to hunt them because they have only one objective: the destruction of Israel.''

"FirstEnergy should not have a license to drive a car, let alone a license to operate a nuclear power plant or a transmission grid," Markey said.

Congressman Ed Markey, D-Mass.

"FirstEnergy should not have a license to drive a car, let alone a license to operate a nuclear power plant or a transmission grid," Markey said.

[Gray]Davis sharply criticized the Bush administration's economic policies, saying that "Republicans in power have refused to learn from their mistakes."

Sharply? I read this in the news today, right after reading Markey's rebuke...and the contrast could not be more glaring. Can someone please exorcise Gray's soul and replace it with Markey's? And why isn't he on the national stage? He has been great for years. A sort of Peter O'Toole meets Mister Smith...who already is in Washington.