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Musical modes

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1 History
2 Church modes
2.1 Use of the modes
2.2 Interpretation of the modes
3 Modern modes
3.1 The major and minor modes
3.1.1 Major modes
3.1.2 Minor modes
3.2 Mode characteristics
3.3 Learning the modes
4 Other possible uses
5 References
6 Further reading

How To Make Money With Your Blog Site

How To Make Money With Your Blog Site - Robin Good' Sharewood Tidings

Thanks to Roch Smith Jr. for the link. My friend, Tom Priest was asking me this just today. Here is a place to start.

Q. Who was Degory Priest?

The Rebirth of Discourse: New blogger discovers..."Bloggers are Good People"

from The Philoblogger

" is great to witness the rebirth of discourse."

MIT for Everyone
"Think, Wait, and Fast,"... Not in America
Thus Spake Siddhartha
and more...

Triangle Blogwall

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Updated February 24, 2005
Starring some of the following: ae Lex Alexander John Joseph Bachir Clifton Barnes David K. Beckwith BigWig Jean Bolduc Leslie Boyle Badi E. Bradley Michael Bradley W Jeff Brown Terri Buckner Steve Burnett Craig Caskie Hugh Cayless Janet Chui Ken Coar/Rodent of Unusual Size Rafe Colburn Dan Coleman Roger Coleman Gore Ed Cone Henry Copeland Phebe Cornell Jon Cornetto Jay Cuthrell Debra Martin Davidsson Bret Dougherty Patrick Eakes Ryan Early George Entenman Lyle Estill John Ettorre Herb Everett Susan Eversole David Feld Fred Fenimore Jackson Fox Stephen Fraser Regi Frei Adam Geller (media) Jeff Giddens Dan Gillmor Bernard Glassman Mike Graves Sally Greene Mathew Gross Terry Grunwald Eric Guess Judy Hallman Susan Hardy Colin Hicks Andy Hill David Hoggard John Hood B. Adam Howell Henry Hutton Ben Hwang Virginia Ingram Ryan Irelan Brad Jasper Dave Johnson Jeannette Johnson Paul Jones Tara Kachgal Keith King Tim King Derek Lane Robert Littlejohn Bruce Loebrich Andrew Lomax Robert Lomax Maximilian Longley Jason Erik Lundberg Ben MacNeill Karen A. Mann Dee Marley David Matusiak Phil Melton Jerry McClough Lance McCord Will Mitchell David Moffat Susie Moffat Fiona Morgan Jason Morningstar Eric Muller Mary Nations Uzoma Nwosu Jen O’Bryan Michael O’Connell Jayson Ovittore Scott Parkerson Tony Patterson Jane Peppler Anthony Perry H.L. Person Alvin Phillips Stewart Pittman Sue Polinsky Jeffrey Pomerantz Jim Posner Robert Reddick Corey Reece Cathy Resmer James E. Robinson, III John Robinson Lance Robinson Tim Ross Sam Ruby Brian Russell Jack Saunders Mark Schreiner Willi Schulz Laura Seel Steve Segedy Ruby Sinreich Roch Smith, Jr. Steve Smith Terry Smith Pam Spaulding Kristina Spurgin Josh Staiger Christian Stalberg Fred Stutzman Chip Sudderth TheShu Mark Tosczak jw Ken Waight Nathan Walls David Warlick Justin Watt Mark Welker Todd Wilkens Alex Wilson Dave Winer Andy Wismar Dan Wurzelmann Rob Zelt Evan Zimmerman Tom Zito Bora Zivkovic AND/OR Anton Zuiker.

Jack Saunders' Amazing MorphoBlog

What's a driver to do?

Please welcome Jack (my "driver") to the Internets and the blogosphere, as he can be as shy as the day is medium-sized.
Jack (or Le Petit Jacques, as his butler calls him) will be covering Lord Only Knows What, and I'm sure he will do a splendid job of it, or I will have to throw rocks at him.

And please, oh Lord, may Jack learn how to put comments on his page by going into the setup mode, and Sitemeter, and XML/RSS, and all the lovely things the good earth hath provided, as they maketh blogging into a holier experience than might have been had without the inclusion of said accessories. And teach Jack that he may change the color of that bar at the the top of his blog to, say, silver, in order that it may blend more with the rest of his blog, and that he may affect such change by going into the template section of blogger, as he is editing, for this will be as manna to the massive throngs awaiting his blogospheric ascent into bloggerativille.

And may it be known to his fellow neoblogger, ThePhiloblogger, that other than being interested in time travel, he is also famously fond of Hermann Hesse, and that he would like to hear ThePhilobloggers ideas concerning Siddhartha and its relationship to Wittgenstein, Heidegger and Aristotle, as it has leaked out that these were points brought out during a recent discussion of said Sid with your beloved narrator.

Davide and Goliatech

Pushers and the Media who defend them: More on Chris Pittman from The Charlotte Capitalist

We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!

Please make as many copies of this leaflet as you can and distribute them.

When the Nazis had seized control of the media, and masked their evil underbelly, there were a few brave men and women who defied the kkkoolade and blogged by way of pamphlets which were distributed surresptitiously among the people of Germany. It became known as the White Rose Society. In the spirit of the original, a new White Rose Society org has been created, upon which is a link to the original White Rose Society website. (Not their website, but one dedicated to it, with links, history, pics, etc.)

It is interesting to note that among the people quoted on the first leaflets is Taoism's award-winning Lao Tse, a world's most subtle man winner. I can hardly think of a better antonym to Hitler than Lao Tse, and I have long felt that if only the world would read and study his works, we, as inhabitants of the same earth, might actually learn how to get along with each other and the earth upon which we depend.

Will we ever hear Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or George W. Bush mention Lao Tse? Don't hold your breath.

Other than these websites, there is also a very good film called "The White Rose", which portrays quite well, I think, the story.

Some classic Lao Tse:

He who would assist a lord of men in harmony with the Tao will not assert his mastery in the kingdom by force of arms. Such a course is sure to meet with its proper return.

Wherever a host is stationed, briars and thorns spring up. In the sequence of great armies there are sure to be bad years.

A skilful (commander) strikes a decisive blow, and stops. He does not dare (by continuing his operations) to assert and complete his mastery. He will strike the blow, but will be on his guard against being vain or boastful or arrogant in consequence of it. He strikes it as a matter of necessity; he strikes it, but not from a wish for mastery.

One Year Ago Today on anonyMoses

Thursday, February 19, 2004

links for that day include:

Republicans getting wise to Bush
My Way - News

Broadcast Giant, Bill Moyers, to leave PBS
My Way News

The Public Eye : Website of Political Research Associates
Fill your coffers with political knowledge...

Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet--Listed by Subject

What has happened to the Project for the New American Century?
Right Web Organizations Project for the New American Century

Drudge: Liar of Last Resort (Daily Brew)
The Daily Brew:"I won’t bother with Matt Drudge’s foray into John Kerry’s sex life, except to say that that by now it should be obvious that Drudge’s true function in the GOP media ecosystem is as the liar of last resort. "

Did Bush pay for the abortion, or did he skip out without paying?
BartCop's most recent rants

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003
Project Censored
Including these classics...#1: The Neoconservative Plan for Global Dominance #2: Homeland Security Threatens Civil Liberty #3: US Illegally Removes Pages from Iraq U.N. Report #4: Rumsfeld's Plan to Provoke Terrorists #5: The Effort to Make Unions Disappear #6: Closing Access to Information Technology #7: Treaty Busting by the United States #8: US/British Forces Continue Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons Despite Massive Evidence of Negative Health Effects #11: U.S. Implicated in Taliban Massacre #12: Bush Administration Behind Failed Military Coup in Venezuela #15: U.S. Military's War on the Earth #17: Clear Channel Monopoly Draws Criticism #18: Charter Forest Proposal Threatens Access to Public Lands #19: U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro: Another Reason for the Invasion of Iraq #20: Pentagon Increases Private Military Contracts #24: Aid to Israel Fuels Repressive Occupation in Palestine #25: Convicted Corporations Receive Perks Instead of Punishment

Current Censored News
Project Censored
Current topics:- Washington Buys Friends by Giving Out Weapons to Rogue Nations- The U.S Government’s Tests of Warfare Agents on Servicemen and Civilians- International Movement Takes on Water Industry- US Rejected Peace Offerings from Iraq and Afghanistan- Public Relations and the Pharmaceutical Industry- How Bush and his coal industry cronies are covering up one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.- Doping Kids- Indian Rice Feeds Cattle and not Starving Indians- Sex Discrimination in Florida - Corporations Privatize Freedom of Speech - Pharmaceutical Companies Spend More on PR than on Disease - Do Childhood Vaccines Cause More Harm than Good?

LiP Magazine Home Page
A not-for-profit electronic (and soon to be print) media project, Lip is dedicated to building a sustainable society that values diversity. "We question public and private policy that confuses consumption with freedom and ignores the human costs of rote and mind-numbing work and pursues the destruction of the natural environment." Lip is the proud porovider of "Media Dissidence & Uncivil Discourse Since 1996."

Global Issues That Affect Everyone
This web site looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related.Over 5000 links to external articles, web sites reports and analysis are used to provide credence to the arguments made on this web site. The issue categories range from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics and the environment.

Can Liberal Talk Radio Last? (News) Erica Wetter
Currently, conservative talk averages at 310 hours of airtime a week, compared to a mere 5 hours for liberal talk, according to a report cited in an article from The New Republic Online.

What did the Vice-President do for Halliburton?
What did the Vice-President do for Halliburton? UPDATE 2-Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling surrenders to FBI

George Lakoff on the Metaphorical Structure of "Marriage" - Whose Family Values?
George Lakoff, the author of the seminal work on metaphor and it's rule over our lives, "Metaphors We Live By", takes on marriage, gay marriage, and its relation to politics for Further proof of the quality of Tom Paine...

Life as a Liberal - Life as a Conservative: The Board Games
Stumbled upon this while listening to the Keith Larson Show...

Who's Electable Now?:
"Who's Electable Now? When the history of the 2004 presidential race comes to be written, will the Democratic primary in Wisconsin be seen as a watershed -- the moment when, even in victory, John Kerry started to lose, and John Edwards, in defeat, started his slow, steady rise to the nomination and the White House? "

Americans killing Americans in Iraq: The Suicide Option
American soldiers in Iraq have found a way to protest what they detest: Suicide.

Bruce's Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005 link page

I am going to assume Bruce has a high-speed connection...

Meta-Carnivals the emerging importance of blog carnivals

Science And Politics: Meta-Carnival #1

The blogfuture just gets brighter all the time.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Fast with the Truth

BuzzFlash > Editorial > Wanted: An Investigative Reporter to Break Open the Explosive Story of a Mainstream Press that Betrays America

Politically Incorrect Guide to that Asshole, George W. Bush

a conundrum for ye conservatrons

Why is it that it is good to be politically incorrect regarding the Clintons, but it is strictly verboten when it comes to the buffoon at the top? Why does he deserve a permanent honeymoon? If Political Incorrectness is a good thing. Apply it with equanimity. It's the right thing to do.

If Political Incorrectness is a good thing, should not those in power be among those most deserving of Politically Incorrect "scrutiny"? When someone like Thomas Woods says piningly: "if only FDR were Harding..." (paraphrasing) -- one has to question.

Jesusina plagued with meganippolitis

Don't eat the crackers.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

NIGHTLINE: Fear Monger Extraordinaire

What are they trying to prove?

Facets Multi-Media

Where to go for rare film, video, DVDs, & multimedia

Freedom Envy

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan

via Dave Winer

Caption Search

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Want to be a blogger like the cool people? Now you can!

Register for the Blogging Teach-in and get thee to Greensboro on March 19th.


...this morning

Greensboro blogging teach-in, March 19, 10 AM, Nussbaum Center, register here. Site could use some details on who can come, what this is all about, etc.
Jerry Brown is blogging in his capacity of mayor of Oakland. Big moment. Jay Rosen asked at BConIII, when are Senators going to start blogging. My guess was when they see it working, and that it will prove out in local politics. Brown is a big name, he'll help push this forward.
Phil Shapiro has some interesting observations about community web networks and the Washington Post. He also says this: "A whirlwind has started in Greensboro that will spread across the nation."
San Francisco, 1967. Greensboro, 2005? Anton has some ideas for a Summer of Blogs. Groovy.
N&R NASCAR blog. This could be huge. Keys to success: regular posts, and info we can't get elsewhere.

Good stuff from the blogsmeister.

Medium Cool - And the search for the creative class

Image Hosted by
Art & Sculpture by dave k beckwith

From Creative Loafing, Charlotte we find that Charlotte is still find it's

And the search for the creative class


Much hot air has been expended recently trying to decide if Charlotte's "cool" enough to attract the hip, young professionals who are touted to be the great wealth producers of the next generation.
This "creative class" (so named by economics professor Richard Florida) comprises the young "knowledge workers" in key sectors of the economy who set the pace of change in our digitally rich world. It's easy to lampoon Charlotte's eternal hunger for recognition, but there's a serious point at the heart of this debate.

Read on...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Harvard Lampoon

The Harvard Lampoon


Welcome to ICFDA

NC: The History and Future of Blog Communities

There is a revolution afoot, and bloggers are at the forefront. It has many components, one of them being building and growing community, communities. This past weekend, we in North Carolina, got another taste of blogging community as the Triangle Bloggercon bloomed in Chapel Hill, on the beautiful campus of the University of North Carolina — the first public university, and the model for every other one. Who knows…maybe the blog community in Triangle and Triad will serve as a model for others around the country and world.

If your town or city is not already coalescing their bloggers into groups and communities, you might want to take the lead and make it happen…because it will happen eventually, and you may as well be the one giving it direction.
There are plenty of people who will offer their help, and some are blogging their ideas on how to do it. Dave Winer being one of the more recognizable communitizers.

Below the fold are links to some of the people, activities and ideas wrought during the conference, as well as pithy commentary by your host today…ammoniaNoses. Something like that.

The rest of this work-in-progress can be found today at
American Street.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Desire to Create

Image Hosted by
The Philoblogger *

...who asks:
What is it that drives a person to create? Where does the desire for originality, and beauty, arise from? Is it out of vanity or selfishness, or, is it out a deeper humanism?

*ThePhiloblogger, author of "On Paraconsistency: the Philosophical Utility Behind a Logic of Inconsistency", and "Foucault on Discourse and the Re-evaluation of Truths" was recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from UNC-Charlotte in Philosophy.

The Philoblogger was at Mardi Gras, and was unable to attend the Triangle Blogger Conference. It is my hope that he will give a brief speech on the philosophy of blogospheric octogony and its role in the paradevelopment of bicranial preferentiation (hominoidal), during the upcoming confluence of bloggerati, and gather his wily kindred for the meeting of souls, as they are of sublime substance and style, thus meshing well with what I have found in the two previous conclaves.

To create? Don't know if it's true, but it has been said that the greatest innovations of the 20th century were social innovations. Transportation systems, Internets, governments. And now, in the 21st century, we are seeing that yet another social system is fast becoming one of the major social innovations. And You Are There!

As Martin Buber correctly perceived, the relationships are more important than the nodes. The blogosphere is that ethereal web of relationship that serves as food for bloggers -- an experience lost on those with only one-way channels, such as was the earmark of the 20th century dictation. But as the journalists and bloggers in Greensboro are teaching us, there is nourishment in creating a breathing system that directly involves citizen participation. It is a plus for freedom, a plus for community, and a plus for democracy.

And this is taking place before your eyes. Social Innovation. Evolution.

A Blogging how-to for small city newspapers

Posted by Dave Winer, 2/15/05 at 5:55:35 AM.

with a heads-up to the Charlotte Observer and Creative Loafing...

Over the last week I've been visiting three towns in the Carolinas, Greensboro, Chapel Hill and now Spartanburg. In all three cities, the subject of blogging and local newspapers has been a major topic. Since I'm now giving the same advice over and over, I thought it would be a good idea to put it in writing, because it may be useful to other organizations and communities. Continue.
Image Hosted by

Make your own error message. Blog Together - Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005 Blog Together - Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005

I copious list of bloglinks about the Triangle Bloggercon by Bruce Loebrich.

Pharmaceutical Company 1 - Human Being 0

"A 15-year-old boy who claimed the antidepressant Zoloft drove him to kill his grandparents was found guilty of murder Tuesday."

Ever though there have been many cases where so-called anti-depressant drugs have been flowing through the veins of out-of-control youth, with numerous cases and several different drugs...the corporations, who are among the most wealthy and powerful in the land, walk away smelling like a rose-like product.

It's a damn shame these drugs weren't studied a little better for released into society. Not only did the parents and grandparents have to suffer, the boy has to keep suffering, thus widening the ring of suffering in that family. Good call judge! Hope you enjoy the added richness to your life!

I smell more suffering.

Blog Together/Conference Links

Anton Zuiker putting it together for NC bloggers

Links from people who blogged the conference.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Music: Sticks in your Head

The President's Analyst

'...the changes that keep going down
And they always will
I can get my fill
If I go along with the changes
That go round and round
It's all there to see
As they come to me
If I go along with the changes...'

Weird, the songs that get stuck in your head. Today, it has been a song that occurs in the beautifully strange '60s movie, "The President's Analyst", with the late James Coburn. Surely, Buck Henry had something to do with the writing. He may even appear in it. Long time no see. I seem to remember the music better than the visuals. But alas that also happened with the film, Siddhartha, which I saw at the Coolidge Corner Cinema in Brookline, Mass. back in the early mid-'80s, and which had this one scene, where the raftsman took Sid across the waters, in the fog, on the Ganges (I believe) ...but the music playing during this scene...sublime. It was played again at the end, with total darkness on the screen.

This song still goes through my mind quite often, and since I have never been able to find a copy of it, I have just kept cycling through every so often, pick it out on the keys every now and again, and keep it alive any way I can. It's what I do. Nickle per millennium!

Am I weird, and/or does this happen to other hominids?

Both flicks are well worth the eyeballs, and earballs.

Ruby on Americablog on "Gannon": Just the facts, Gannon!

Ruby's Rants & Randomness: February 2005

Andy at Weblogworld on the Charlotte Observer, blogging et moi

...not to be confused with a blogging armoire, which is quite a different matter, and one for another day, and and another,shorter, sentence.

Kudos to the Charlotte Observer

A useful article for those who would blog...
Charlotte Observer | 02/14/2005 | Lifting the fog from blogs

Credit where credit is due! Perhaps I jumped to conclusions.

From the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists and the REAL Paul Jones

Valentines from Thera...
Unapproachable Edens (via Sally Greene.)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Charlotte to host Bloggercon

Anton Zuiker is threatening to force me out of my chair long enough to help host a Bloggercon in the Charlotte area.

Strangely, I was just talking about doing just with Robert Littlejohn, ThePhiloblogger, author of "On Paraconsistency: the Philosophical Utility Behind a Logic of Inconsistency", and "Foucault on Discourse and the Re-evaluation of Truths", and who was recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from UNC-Charlotte in Philosophy......who says he is going to start transferring his precocious wisdom onto his recently neglected blog.

Please welcome my friend and nephew to the world of bloggery. He will make good and wise contributions. Or I'll tell my sister. :)

Dave Winer has posted some valuable info on how to do a Bloggercon, which will be studied and put to practice. Any help from Greensboro, Chapel Hill, or indeed, Asheville (or anywhere else! Cambridge, Berkeley, New York?) would be forever appreciated.

But now watch! The Observer will come out in a big way, and try to usurp the energy! Get your own! Seriously though...they may wind up being a big help.

The excitement continues!

The Photographs that Define our Times

No, it's not Mister Monica...

The Photographs that define our time. The protean mind of Nick Lewis, blogger extraordinaire. My words.

Henry Copeland: "'News paper' bites 'blog'"

Blogads weblog
"'News paper' bites 'blog'

Here's an excerpt from the wit himself concerning what professionals call "web logs".:

"Great blogger meeting yesterday at UNC. Organizers expected 20 or 30 and 120 showed up. Moderators did a superlative job of keeping the Socratic focus on the participants rather than themselves.

The issue of credibility kept coming up. Are newspapers more credible than bloggers. I find it remarkable that anyone thinks any soulless, artificial, born-and-bred-for-profit corporate fiction is more credible than... a human being. "

He makes a good point. Why do supposedly knowledgeable sources not know that the term is "blog". One reason is that they are afraid of being fired for having one. From the outside, one might conclude that squash was not a fun sport, judging by the looks on their faces.

You don't see the folks at GreenNR being so ignorant or misdirective.

Winer: "unbundle and disintermediate"

on Advertising, the Internet and why Journalists are not objective.

Scrutiny Hooligans: Chomsky Speaks on Iraq

Put it this way: He ain't happy about it.

Ed Cone on the Constitution and other Liberal mush

A must-read article on revolutionary ideas, and the freaks that hold them.

"Let's amble through the Preamble..."

Here's one to get your blood boiling: a document written by self-styled "revolutionaries" that presumes to tell Americans how to run our country. This is Blue State stuff all the way -- plenty of Politically Correct jargon about our supposed obligations to some collective ideal but not one word about God. And it's already in wide distribution at schools supported with taxpayer dollars and throughout the halls of power.
I found a copy on the Internet, at a site easily accessible to children. The authors call it the "Preamble" -- a fancy word with French roots that means "introduction" -- and expect it to be read as an explanatory foreword to the Constitution itself.
Check out this liberal mush: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


The rest of the Constitution is really not much better than that shocking opening paragraph. It's maddeningly secular, crammed with quaint notions about responsibility, voting and other things we just don't have time for any more, along with enumerated freedoms that may not conform with the Patriot Act. But we can't fix everything at once. Let's amble through the Preamble, then move on from there.

More of Ed's column here.

I'm reminded though of what Tim Robbins once said years after "Bob Roberts" came out. Paraphrasing, he said that dumb people don't get irony. I guess a lot of people saw Bob Roberts as a heroic figure. Lord knows...he made it to Congress! Many times over!

I hope Ed's redolent call doesn't meet such a fate.

More on Triangle Bloggers and Easongate by NY blogger, Iddybud

iddybud excerpt:
While not particularly emotional one way or the other about Jordan's actual decision, I will say that this clearly was a case of blog-thuggery and unfair tarnishing, the kind of which I had spoken earlier in the week, and for which I was soundly whipped by Jim Geraghty of the National Review.The 'Right-wing mouth machine' would like us all to think that Eason Jordan was "bad" and "unAmerican" for saying what he said. CNN has been complicit by their reticence to talk about tough issues. They wound up to be the biggest loser. They lost Eason Jordan. Eason was guilty before being proven innocent by no other process except one: the blog-trial. The right-wing blogs seem to be the Supreme Court of the blogging community at large. Read on...

PressThink: Jay Rosen on Eason Jordan's Resignation and Blogthuggery

PressThink: Eason Jordan Resigns

Professor Rosen quotes Iddybud (Jude Nagurney-Camwell) who writes for American Street:

"This was clearly was a case of blog-thuggery." Jude Nagurney Camwell at the American Street:

The ‘Right-wing mouth machine’ would like us all to think that Eason Jordan was “bad” and “unAmerican” for saying what he said. CNN has been complicit by their reticence to talk about tough issues. They wound up to be the biggest loser. They lost Eason Jordan. Eason was guilty before being proven innocent by no other process except one: the blog-trial. The right-wing blogs seem to be the Supreme Court of the blogging community at large. Why should this be so?

Newspaper 2.0: The Blog Revolution

Newspaper 2.0: The Blog Revolution
Newspaper 2.0: The Blog Revolution PART II:
Taking better advantage of blog-directed traffic is all well and good, but newspapers are looking to jump into the blogging game themselves, too.
By Jesse Oxfeld

Thanks to Sally Greene for the link.

Cathy Resmer, from Vermont, came to Chapel Hill. Here is where she will report.

via her blog, Amaryllis

mistersugar Anton Zuiker's take on yesterday

mistersugar - it's all in the pen: Bloggercon (takes) off

Damn. What a day.

What a day, indeed! Thanks again, Anton, for the fine and successful event.

I promised the crowd I’d coordinate a regular bloggers meeting. No sense waiting, so I’ll put out the plan now: starting next Wednesday, let’s gather each Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Cafe Driade on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. An open meeting. Come talk about whatever’s on your mind and in your blog.

arse poetica: Liveblogging the Triangle Bloggers Conference, Analog Style!

arse poetica
(via Anthony Perry, who recently joined Henry Copeland at Blogads. Congratulations go out to Anthony and Henry.) AE of Arse Poetica also writes for the wondrous Dissent Channel.

blogdex - The following sites are the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community.


29. Anonymoses : blogs as food
» track this site | 2 links

Contageous? Sheesh! Take a bromide!


A message from John Cleese to all Americans
(via Progressive Blog Alliance)



By John Cleese

To the citizens of the United States of America,

In the light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today.

Anti-blog rant from Charlotte Observer columnist--and the aftermath

from TeleRead


Meanwhile, speaking of Carolina and blogging and the related conference, let's not pick just on those who see blogging as a panacea. A blog-based economy can't replace textile jobs. But really, is blogging as nefarious as a semi-coherent Charlotte Observer column would have you believe? Observer staffer John McBride wrote a beaut headined Will blogs liberate us or just bog us down? (password required). Just what qualifies McBride to knock blogging? It's more of a social thing than a technical thing. Who cares if his column identifies him as an applications analyst with Microsoft training? Maybe he also holds a Ph.D. in sociology, but from afar, this guy strikes me as totally clueless about the possibilities of the Net's many-to-many mode. Read a rebuttal from Anonymoses, aka David Beckwith, spotted via Ed Cone's blog.

Charlotte Observer | 02/13/2005 | Bloggers who complain about jobs often lose them

Slave to your employer? Too chicken to blog? Tell me! I will blog for you!

The bold and visionary Charlotte Observer ran another item about blogging.

Here are some excerpts:

People write blogs to talk about their day, family outings, dates gone awry and, of course, work. But what might feel like a personal entry about a dismal workday can mean something quite different to a boss who needs only a search engine to read it.

So bloggers blog about:
- their day
- family outings (gay?)
- dates gone awry
- work

Well blow me down. I've never blogged about these things. Thanks for the tips! How exciting! But what's this? If I blog about work...I will googled by the bossman and threatened or fired? Oooooo. Scary! Lose the job!

"We all complain about work and our bosses. And the ethos of the blogosphere is to be chatty and sometimes catty and crude," said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew project. "Even in an era of casual Fridays, that is not what companies want to be portrayed by the world."

Chatty, catty and crude. Sounds like David Brock's description of Anita Hill, back when he was a lying liar. But if companies don't want to be portrayed by their emplyees badly...fix the company! As Harry Beckwith says, if you can't write a good ad...fix the product, then write it. Fix the broken company. Wheels are squeaking.

And then comes this standalone sentence of warning to those who would blog:

Usually the blogger has little protection.

How Bush-like to use fear as a tool!

It continues to threaten:

"In most states," said Gregg Lemley, a St. Louis labor lawyer, "if an employer doesn't like what you're talking about, they can simply terminate you."

Conversely, in all states, if you don't like what you employer is doing, you can simply quit...and then blog your heart out.

The article rambles on then runs out of gas, never really offering an upside. But this is the Washington Post, carried by the Charlotte Observer. It is not the Greensboro News & Record. Viva la difference!