Saturday, January 29, 2005

Rockridge Institute - Conceptual Levels: Bringing It Home to Values

Rockridge Institute - by Jason Patent, George Lakoff

Rethinking Progressive politics...

An introduction to framing and its uses in politics.

Brother Blue - Where do we go from here?

Brother Blue - Where do we go from here?

What a delight to run across Brother Blue at the Where do we go from here? site...which I highly recomment, and which has recruited Joe Wilson, Larry Fahn of Sierra Club, John Passacantando, of Greenpeace, John Stauber of the Center for Media & Democracy, Andrew Boyd of Billionaires for Bush among others as contributors. Check it out!

Brother Blue was a fixture in Harvard Square back in the '80s, where he would delight crowd upon crowd with his delightful stories and antics. Imagine Sammy Davis Jr. dressed entirely in blue, and you've pretty much got Brother Blue.

Some of his work is here.

Conservatives vs Progressives

Over at the Principles Project, there is a discussion on the difference between Progressives and Conservatives.

Here were my general observations:

1. Lakoff is spot on when he locates one major difference between the two POVs in each's image of God, and their imitation thereof.Conservatives tend to think of a Strict Father, Liberals and Progressives tend to think of a Nurturing Parent -- certainly less sexist right from the start. And their umbrella metaphor covers nearly aspect of each's worldview.
2. A second distinction cuts across the egoism/ego-transcendence spectrum, or egoism/altrusm. It has been my experience that people who are involved in, or who have transcended the Ego...tend toward the Progressive side of the dial. Same with altruists.
3. Creative vs Reactive. Bob Fritz wrote eloquently about these competing worldviews. Artists and other creative types tend to be progressives, while those who react against their creations are the Conservatives.
4. Conscious vs Mechanical. As DH Lawrence says, "Death is not evil, Evil is mechanical." Well so is War and so much else. As Gurdjieff says, humans are asleep. Mechanical automatons in the main. Consciousness is the way out. Progressives are not afraid of being conscious, living life authentically, not mechanically nodding the head to every bloviation that comes their way.
5. Fear vs Love. Conservatives are moved and motivated by fear, Progressives by love, its antonym.
6. Visionary vs Rote. Progressives dare to dream big, GOOD dreams. Not PNAC-grade malevolence. We know that vision is a reality, so to speak, and that visionaries, not just echatologistic armageddonists are to be valued and heard.
7. The world is our oyster. Progressives can draw from the wisdom of the ancients and the east, or wherever it is to be found. Conservatives tend to shun universities, professors, yogis, gurus, sages, seers...if they don't fit into their little box of acceptable reading. We can read Darwin AND the Bible...AND the Bhagavad-Gita, AND the Tao te Ching...
8. When money is no longer the summom bonum, and human capital, wisdom, intellect, creativity, goodness make their overdue rise...tides will turn, tipping points will be reached, and bright outcomes can once again be anticipated.
9. Racism. At least down here in the South, there is the racial component which cannot be underestimated. Some folks are Conservatives just to be among white folk, and many Progressives are so in order to stand in solidarity with non-whites, knowing among other things, that there is still gross inequities and injustices that need addressing.
10. Deference vs Autonomy. Conservatives tend to toe the party line, and defer to those they perceive as more powerful. Progressives are less likely to do this, especially when facing untruths or bad behavior.
11. Competition vs Cooperation. Consider the relationship between sports and competition, sports and war, war and competition. They are interrelated. Libs and Progressives tend more toward diplomacy, cooperation. And speaking of which...every Progressive should read "The Evolution of Cooperation", as it will will help build a better organization, society and citizenry.
Not comprehensive, but a start...

So...which is the most important distinction? Take the poll!

voting on progressive principles begins

from Daily Kos Diarist "Juls"

the 2020 Democrats have spearheaded a wonderful and important project: using a highly interactive website to aid discussion and drafting of a set of progressive principles. this is a four week project, now into its second week. people have been logging in to discuss and propose various changes to the first draft. today and tomorrow everyone has an opportunity to vote on the proposed changes.

Can you trust a man with bangs?

The Michael Jackson of the Blogosphere

Who is this strange-looking man, who wears his hair in bangs long after his age dictates that he do otherwise, and goggles that would scarely improve Al Yankovic? Why it is none other than the famous Instapundit himself. Glenn Reynolds. The man who had he named his blog "Glenn Reynolds" would have wound up licking crumbs from the basement of the blogosphere.

Read more about Mister Reynolds the Instapundit as anonyMoses explores his latest struggle with superficiality at Daily Kos.

Greensboro News & Record vs Charlotte Observer : 43-0

Go to the Charlotte Observer and do a search for "blog".
When I did it today, I came up with a big ZERO.
Search the Greensboro News & Record and what do you get?

Someone should tell the folks at the Observer that they are atavistic, behind the times, missing the boat. And someone whould applaude the Greensboro News & Record for besting the Observer by being frankly more relevant.

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Wayback Machine: A decade of old stuff, archived alas!

I had heard for years that such a thing existed, and one day hoped to look up some old websites. Well, that day is today, thanks to Roch Smith Jr. from Greensboro101 who brought to my attention The Wayback Machine. In many cases the art didn't survive, and many of the links are defunct, but the basics are still there, simplistic though they certainly are.

The following are links to Wayback's archival copies of the original web pages:


My first webpage, composed in 1995, was called Virtual Bohemia: The Left Bank of Cyberspace, and had links to other creations such as:
IBMW : Internet Business Marketing World
Master List
Charlotte Internet Society
Virtual Charlotte
Seers Catalog
Advanced Tones of Voice
David the Letterman
Snail World
Genius Search
Rapid Ear Movement
Society of Future Trillionaires (SOFT)
Life After Money
Nicotine Addicts Anonymous (NAA) "Just say NAA !"
RH Positive

Explaining each would take too much time. Most have long outlived their usefulness. These are compiled here. The name Microjesus was picked up in 1995 after I had dropped my AOL account under the name of Megajesus, which was my first screen name online.

Eventually I moved to Sprynet, where I had what I call a fortified mirror site. The previous work was housed on my computer in Massachusetts, and my Sprynet work was on my Charlotte computer, and is sadly unarchived. Later, I moved to charlotteinternet which is compiled here. You may note that it changes considerably over the months and years.
For example, see this different months:
Oct 01, 1999
Mar 01, 2001
Sep 25, 2001
Dec 02, 2001
Aug 06, 2002
Feb 13, 2003

Some of the links that were archived are:
Genius Search
Dave Beckwith Art Gallery
Dave Beckwith Sculpture Gallery


Then I decided to get into comedy, so I created a website called Birdfinger, which was not entirely unlike The Onion, although lacking the humorous element.

Birdfinger is archived here.
June 2000 July 2000 Aug 16, 2000
Special Amerigeddon Issue
Jan 24, 2001 Mar 02, 2001 Jul 23, 2001
Jan 21, 2002 Jul 22, 2002 Sep 26, 2002
Jan 30, 2003

It being the '90s, I was holder of dozens of domains, most with great names, and one I stupidly turned down half a mil for in the late 90s. Maybe Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt will make me a reasonable offer...
I included many of the domains within and under the umbrella of, which is archived here. Unfortunately the projects link doesn't work. Haven't checked the others. Never did much with it anyway. Better as a blog. Oh, but I did find the list of domains listed here.
They include:
HighTextiles ShadeWear PeaceGoods FutureGoods
UnitedStatesofEarth PeaceFutures Sharevenue EarMusic
TheFirstTrillionaire BrainchildPress iBMW WorldsSexiest
YouthInternational SeersCatalog Birdfinger GrowLife
TheHomeLoaner MajorAdvances SexyJets FloodMoney
UpperClassifieds GreenModerate LilithAge WritersCafe
TradeStreetJournal HDcableTV OutreLimits
CharlotteInternet PeoplesEmpire VirtualBohemia GeniusSearch
IdeaManagement eBizIncubator GiftEconomy GreenWitchVillage
TofuChicken FreeSouth 4-MD LoanLow
RVking GoToDo INeedSpeed Enviropress
InfoMinutes CharityBrokers a1Eats BandwidthRX

And now I own but three... Ah the ups and downs!

I had a couple of Blog-city blogs go defunct on me, and the Wayback Machine picked them up too. Here is Nuculus. Now if I can just remember the names of the others...

Once there was a time when the sidebar on this site was on the left, and not the right, side. Even the blogroll was different than it is now, considerably. But I had to be a smarty pants and change templates, thus wiping out my former work. Well I found the first Anonymoses as well.
Wonders never cease!

Having only just begun this walk down memory lane, I am reminded of a concept that has long trotted through my mind, and that being autoarchaeology, or autopsychoarchaeology...although that might be an unnecessary iteration. Many of you who have a history that you may have thought was lost, for good or ill, may well find riches, or otherwise, within these archives.


You can, say, find the front page of the New York Times on 9/11. Things like that...

Happy mining! And thanks, Roch!

For ye Word Joneses: Urban Dictionary

Nick Lewis:
"Urban Dictionary is my favorite new site. It allows users to make their own definitions for words, and other users can either give their definition a thumbs up or thumbs down. The highest rated definition always appears on top."

I personally can't wait to give it a whirl. Meet ya there...

Kos Does Koppel :: What you did NOT see on thursday's ABC Nightline!!!

More than meets the eye...(via Matt Gross)

Hooda thunk?

You're Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

ResumeWiki - Community Edited Resumes

...for those who think they are going to get a job.
(via Lux et Umbra)

Measure Lakoff's Effect

from Science And Politics

Links to the recent work of this seminal thinker, visionary and linguist.

The Glasses Go Dim : The Death of Philip Johnson

My favorite Johnson
Philip Johnson obituary (via Rafe Coburn)

Whilst traipsing through the Wayback Machine, I discovered, or recovered, some old "art" with the AT&T building taking center stage, and showing it's relationship to Central Park.

Silflay Hraka: Sixty Years After

Silflay Hraka: Sixty Years After

Photos of the arrogance of power. May we evolve, dear God, from this type of inhumanity.



Bill Clinton at Davos

At Davos Forum, Every Topic Is Fair Game for Bill Clinton

Watch as Big Dog shows the world what being a leader is all about. It has nothing to do with killing.

fashion tips: the ass

fashion dictates that we show more...

blog tips

B.L. Ochman's weblog - Internet strategy, marketing, public relations, politics with news and commentary: How to Write Killer Blog Posts and More Compelling Comments

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Eliot Weinberger : What I Heard about Iraq

London Review of Books (via Mathew Gross)

In 1992, a year after the first Gulf War, I heard Dick Cheney, then secretary of defense, say that the US had been wise not to invade Baghdad and get ‘bogged down in the problems of trying to take over and govern Iraq’. I heard him say: ‘The question in my mind is how many additional American casualties is Saddam worth? And the answer is: not that damned many.’

Not that many? Bring out the parsers!

"Art serves to rinse out the eyes". - Karl Kraus


We'll be greeted as liberators...

Bush: On Freedom

BushWorld: Reward Incompetence


Congress gets tough with Condi

The Real Cost of the War

Is Bush A.D.D.?

"Take us to your leader!"

How Bush is like JFK

Republicans reach across the aisle...

...and, of course, the great collections at ZenComix.

(Thanks to Jonathan McVity for the wonderful translation of Karl Kraus' marvelous words in his Dicta and Contradicta. If you see this, old boy, do pay a visit!)

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

from Democracy Now!

Take Action: Protect Women and Children in Emergencies!

Already given money for Tsunami relief? Here's where you can help even more.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Johnny Carson Dies at 79

The torch passes...

No one's death comes to pass without making some impression, and those close to the deceased inherit part of the liberated soul and become richer in their humanness.
-Hermann Broch