Friday, March 12, 2004

Behold the Draft Kerry-Edwards website!

In Poll, Edwards Leads the Pack for VPs

The Bright and the Dull. It's your choice, Jackson! Be the Change.

A new man is in town...

...and he will help save us from further embarrassment.

When John Edwards stepped down from his campaign, a few days ago, a vacuum descended upon the Democratic Party. But not only Democrats, but also many Independents and free-thinking Republicans...who could appreciate his radiance and confident optimism. It was palpable. People began quoting many of his words and themes. As in a swoon, the loss washed over many who represent the best, and often most simple and honest, folks who represent that which is most treasured about America. Most people are not merely about self aggrandizement, personal gain and domination. America still lives because Americans care for those most in need of caring...not providing yet more money for those who least need it.

The reason I lament so, is that I only today discovered that there is now a "Draft Kerry-Edwards" website. Could it be that...Edwards lives?!

Here is the link:

Now...draft Clark as Secretary of State or Defence...and you've got an even better dream ticket!

Quran Search

Quran Search

The quran searchable by word, topic, or verse reference...such as:

3:11 (Their plight will be) no better than that of the people of Pharaoh, and their predecessors: They denied our Signs, and Allah called them to account for their sins. For Allah is strict in punishment.

Thanks to Daily Kos and Iddybud.

News from BushWorld

News from BushWorld

99 Reasons to Vote Bush Out
A Report on Bush's Concentration Camps
Bloviations from the Fat's Man's Messiah, Rush Limbaugh
Welcome to Bushworld
Chinless GOP
Ecce Mahablog
Ecce Iddybud
Texas Film Festival

Thursday, March 11, 2004

BushWorld Too Unstable for Market Strength

Yahoo! News - Stocks Slump on Security Fears

Bill Clinton was a good man. Still is. And frankly, so is George W. Bush. He darned well better be. He has a wondrous soul who has trusted him with her charms. He darned well better be a good man. And I'd suggest that if he isn't...maybe he should ask her what it's all about.

One thing it's not about is posturing. It is about standing up to those whose morals are questionable at best, but who, nevertheless, persist in saddling you with basically self-serving demands and requests, which you, and every other decent person know could be much better served elsewhere.

Yes, Bill Clinton was a good man, and still is. And the world, at least, knew or sensed this. And the world became more peaceful, and ironically, secure, because of the understanding that he would likelier help you than want to bomb you.

Some people will try to pretend that the economy is all fine and good under Bush's, er, gaze. But I ask you. For whom?

Sure, a handful of investors, military contractors, bomb manufacturers, flu vaccine, antidote, sex enhancing drug manufacturers and such have done quite well, thank you. But ask the average American. Moreover, ask everyone else in the world.

To fix the economy, we need to send a signal to the world, and to average Americans, that help is on the way. Real help this time. Not help in the form of a moribund economy. Not in the form of Shock and Awe and other environmental hazards. Not in the form of a secret Business Government whose goal is "Big Cookie", but whose means is raiding the cookie jar.

Democrats have proven that they can better be trusted with the common well, and the common wealth.

America can be a generator of healing. Healing ourselves and the world on many levels, none of which entail surgical strikes or Shock and Awe.

Help is on the way. If Bush were a good man, he would step out of the way.

Please. You cried when you left Crawford.

Be happy. Go home.

Merger For Rival RSS/ATOM Formats?

Merger For Rival RSS/ATOM Formats?

Which content syndication camp are you in? RSS (define) or Atom?

Actually, if a new proposal by the co-author of the popular RSS (define) format catches on, it won't matter; both would merge into one protocol under a new proposal, a move that could nip the argument over the competing formats in the bud.

Dave Winer's proposal

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"What would Dubya Do?" : The new game that proves George ain't Jesus

"What would Dubya Do?" : The new game that proves George ain't Jesus

We, at Anonymoses Humor o' Seriousness Corporation, have come up with yet another mind-blogglingly groovy new game to add to the cesspool of Human Achievement.

This one is almost too easy to play. Even feti can do it.

Alls ya do is ask a question that might have been asked Jesus. Or imagine you have a chance to ask Jesus a question.

Then imagine what George W. Bush would, in all earnest, say.

For example:

Q. Dear Jesus. What should we do? Our country is running out of oil, but there are more than few weak countries whose asses we could kick and steal their oil. Should we?
A. Been there. Done that... Who?

As the game is not proprietary, at least on our part, is is perfectly fine, in fact encouraged that you, so to say, make it your own, dawg.


Newsreaders supporting Atom

newsreaders that support Atom include NewsMonster, NewzCrawler, NewsGator and BottomFeeder. You can find a growing list of newsreaders at

Blogger Developer blog

Hummus of the Duchess

Hummus of the Duchess

Forget Hummers. Hummus is what is important.
Now Charlene over at Duchess Journal has shared her famous recipe.
(You'll need to go to the site to learn the procedure for proper preparation)

BEST EVER HUMMUS [Yep, this is the recipe I've been talking about in my "personal news" updates. Bon Appetit!]

2 cups Garbanzo Beans [canned Chickpeas is fine]
1/3 cup Garbanzo liquid or water
1/4 cup Sesame Tahini
1/4 cup fresh Lemon Juice of two lemons
4 cloves of garlic [crushed or whole]
1 tbsp Olive Oil

I'd like to suggest adding a touch of Cumin. Such a noble and ancient spice can hardly find a better home.

Bush's "means justifies the ends" Crusade

Bush's "means justifies the ends" Crusade

Every Christian knows, deep down, that Bush's policies are a far cry from what Jesus would do... has an enlightening take on the matter, in their article called, "Laughter of the Gods".

The more I look at the chaotic mess George W. Bush is making in every blessed corner of the world, the more I am inclined to take a closer look at the God in whose name he claims to be making it.

Just who IS this God that chats up brazen hypocrites and zealots in our midst -- whipping them into a frenzy of pharisaic attempts to strangle democracy at home and abroad? This awesome creature is on a murderous rampage in the Middle East, Africa, South America and -- as Donald Rumsfeld would say -- east, west, north and south somewhat. Armed and jackbooted, Bush's flinty-hearted Diety bears no resemblance to the compassionate and forgiving God in whom Christians have put their faith for more than two millenia.

More and more innocents are being herded onto the world's killing fields by the deliberate actions of a Christian nation -- in the name of its Christian God. What blasphemy! If Christians are unable to recognize the difference between good and evil; if they cannot see that those we crush under our heel are also God's creation -- then all those hours spent in Sunday School, church services, summer camp and "all day singing and dinner on the grounds" picnics were a sorry waste of time. The nature of a man is revealed by the company he keeps. Those who preach that maiming and killing terrified men, women and children is "God's will" -- who cover up the slaughter of their own citizens and who topple other regimes by force or farce -- are evil men who cavort with evil gods. And every single Christian in this country knows it.

Fresh News and Insight at The Rational Liberal

Fresh News and Insight at The Rational Liberal
Rising star, Jude Nagurney Camwell, leads you through the maze of American politics with felicity and great insight.

"Lincoln Bedroom Redux: Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests"

"Lincoln Bedroom Redux: Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests"

Clintons exonerated!

(Thanks to The Syndrome)

Six things John Kerry needs to do to win in November - Arianna Huffington

Six things John Kerry needs to do to win in November - Arianna Huffington

The risks of waging 'culture war' - James Carroll

The risks of waging 'culture war' - James Carroll Puncturing a Republican Tax Fable Puncturing a Republican Tax Fable: "GOP fact-twisters claim 80% of the tax relief given to the rich goes to job-creating small businesses. Don’t believe it."

Red Roverer takes leak on CIA, Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame

Red Roverer takes leak on CIA, Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame

Stay the course? Americans say Phooey!

Stay the course? Americans say Phooey!

Perhaps the worst news for Bush and the Republicans was a question in the Washington Post-ABC survey (1,202 adults, Thursday-Sunday) that asked: "Which of these two statements comes closest to your own views: A. After four years of George W. Bush, we need to elect a president who can set the nation in a new direction. B. We need to keep the country moving in the direction Bush has taken us." Same direction got 41 percent, new direction 57 percent. Two percent, bless their indecisive hearts, expressed no opinion.

That is the type of Bush-specific finding that defies malinterpretation by the wiliest of White House spinmeisters. A clear majority of Americans say (at least at the moment) that they are looking for something different. It is one growing deficit the administration will kiss off at its peril. It is a finding that does not meld well with the overarching Bush campaign themes of steadiness and staying the course. What if the course is one on which Americans do not wish to stay?

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Anonymoses Presents: People I think I'd like.

Anonymoses Presents: People I think I'd like.

This will be an exercise in free association...

Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard, John Malkovich, Gary Sinese, Beck, Jeff Beck, David Beckham, Colin Firth, Peter Gabriel, Peter Brook, Peter Pan, Patty Pan, Patter Poon, Prune Tang (no, that's a drink I'd like to see), Gary Tang, Mel Brooks, Louise Brooks, David Brooks, Clara Bow, David Bowie, David Boies, David Byrne, David Brancaccio, David Bianculli, Spalding Gray, Chadwick Gray, Wilson!, Robert Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Phillip Glass, Tim Robbins, Ton Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rep. Jim Leach, Cary Grant, Grant Tinker, Tinker Bell, Lee Grant, Robert E. Lee, Lao T'se, Gautama, Jesus, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, Socrates, King Wen, The Duke of Chou, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jon Anderson, Robert Fripp, Gurdjieff, Simone Weil, Martin Buber, Idries Shah, Jallaluddin Rumi, Coleman Barks, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Rep. Lincoln Chaffee, Senator John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, John Kerry, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Truthaddict Louis, Zhoodah, Zarah, Zarathustra, Neitzsche, Schopenhauer, Willard Quine, Sophie Freud Lowenstein, Alexander Theroux, Olivia DeHaviland, Audrey Hepburn, Juliet Binoche, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Beckwourth, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Jerry Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Roberta Flack, Joan Armatrading, Joan Shenendoah, Norah Jones, Woody Allen, Ravi Shankar, Steve Reich, Robert Reich, Jeremiah, Baruch, Tia Tephi, William Shakespeare, Taliesin, Mary Magdalene, Mary Tyler Moore, Sherri Lewis, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Orson Welles, Orson Bean, Mr. Bean, Dziga Vertov, Tristan Tsara, Salvadore Dali, Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce, Sergei Eisenstein, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Baruch Spinoza, Henri Bergson, Fyodor Dostoyevskii, Yevtushenko, Steven Biko, Desmond Tutu, Kafe Annan, Dag Hamerskold, John, John-John, Jackie Kennedy, Robert Benchley, Red Skelton, Drew Barrymore, John Barrymore, The Beatles, Diane Rehm, Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers, Daniel Schorr, Howard Rheingold, Stewart Brand, David Holtzman, Bob Dobbs, Moby K. Dick, Martha Loofa, Martha Graham, Twyla Tharp, John Cage, Bucky Fuller, Thom Yorke, Clare Short, Mayor Livingston, Tamara Beckwith, John Barth, T.C. Boyle, Pagan Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Walter Cronkhite, Edward R. Murrow

Where is Martin Luther Queen?

Where is Martin Luther Queen?

When will a powerful voice among the Gay community step forward and seize the moment and microphone...and rally those who are NOT Gay to rally to the cause of their diminishing civil liberties? What made ML King great was not that he could rally his own...which he did in great number. He was able to rally non-blacks to his cause.

Everyone knows or is related to a Gay person, if not several. And most people probably feel that they deserve to have the same rights as everybody else. What is needed is a good articulator, and one who can bring supporters out of the shadows. Just as with the blacks during King's time, there are still those who, for whatever reason, are embarrassed or ashamed to be seen in a group of Gay people...perhaps for fear that they will be considered Gay themselves.

There is a time for flambouyance, but there is also a time for the wearing of know..jeans and tee-shirts.

Where is Martin Luther Queen? It is time to come forward and state your case. This is the election that, for good or ill, has landed on your doorstep. Remember King's nobility, and approach the mike. Your time is now.

Must we wait until you have your "I've got a speech" dream?

Monday, March 08, 2004

George W. Bush: Less than Zero

George W. Bush: Less than Zero

It fascinates me to consider how stupid those who voted for Dubya must feel, after 3 years of innanely stupid moves, pussilanimous hiding, staged speeches, faltering jobs, diminishing respect, ecological abuse, financial plunder, and lie after lie of this mere puppet of a man, whom Laura is probably embarrassed to call husband. Less, indeed, than zero.

Do I sound harsh? Well, listen to the 24/7 tripe spewing from the radios, and tell me it is somehow unique. One tries to carry on a gentlemanly conversation, but there is just so much vitriol. What is one to do? Roll over and play dumb?

Is it that George can get away with anything but a sexual liasson?
What if a blue dress were to appear, with Bush's, er, excitement, upon it? Would that signal the end of Bush? An impeachment...led by freepers? Or would that too be ignored, glossed over, like Arnold's gropings?

Who are the hypocrites?

I think you know...