Thursday, November 04, 2004

CNN, Networks do their dirty work after midnight

Why Did CNN Change Their Exit Poll Data for Ohio After 1:00 AM?

They feel less guilty telling lies to less people...being moral and all.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Anonymoses found to be reincarnation of Mohandas K. Gandhi

You were Gandhi!

You led a life of non-violent and
highly effective protest. People were in awe
of your example and followed it. Because of
your actions, the nation of India won its
independence from the mighty British Empire
without ever firing a single shot.
Unfortunately, your life came to a sudden and
violent end when an assassin shot you in 1948.
The nation, indeed the world, mourned your

Which Leader Were You in a Past Life?
brought to you by Quizilla

Interesting that he has that K in the middle of his name, as I too have that in mine own. Who else? Howard K. Smith comes to mind. But what do it mean? Hmm...

Using the K is conundral though, since my first name is an 11 and my last name a 22. Very symetrical, numerologically, and also considered special in some way. I forget exactly. But the point is that the K would throw off the symmetry, but not using it puts me in a pool with more than a few others who also share my agnomen and cognomen. Or is agnomen a middle name? Sheesh, wherefore art mine cellbranes?

But yes, I do identify with Gandhi, and love his book, "All Men are Brothers", whose point I also share. As do you probably. And "all women our lovers and sisters", as Mister Whitman reminds us.

Of the possible choices, I could have also been Kung Fu Tse (Confucius), but not really the others. Certainly not Hitler or Napoleon. Floyd the Barber maybe.

Who knows? Indeed, who cares?

Here it is, Halloween night, and I'm worn to the gills, yet psyching for to write me a goldern novel thang, beginning at minuit, topnoir, twelfths. I just threw in twelfths because it is fun yet challenging to pronounce correctly. And topnoir, I made up to represent midnight...assuming, my dear reader, that you have the linguistic wherewithal to decipher such an easy neologism. Not that more challenging ones would tax you, headwise.

So yes, sitting here. Halloweeee...

What the...!

Did you hear that?