Saturday, April 22, 2006

Charlotte Observer Blogs: From Preamble to Amble

The Pulitzer Prize winning Charlotte Observer now has several bloggers on their staff. But it was not always the case. In some ways, they had to be drawn into the blogosphere kicking and screaming. Well, sort of...

PREAMBLE - Anti-Blog Rant from Charlotte Observer Columnist and the Aftermath
Meanwhile, speaking of Carolina and blogging and the related conference, let’s not pick just on those who see blogging as a panacea. A blog-based economy can’t replace textile jobs. But really, is blogging as nefarious as a semi-coherent Charlotte Observer column would have you believe? Observer staffer John McBride wrote a beaut headined Will blogs liberate us or just bog us down? (password required). Just what qualifies McBride to knock blogging? It’s more of a social thing than a technical thing. Who cares if his column identifies him as an applications analyst with Microsoft training? Maybe he also holds a Ph.D. in sociology, but from afar, this guy strikes me as totally clueless about the possibilities of the Net’s many-to-many mode. Read a rebuttal from Anonymoses, aka David Beckwith, spotted via Ed Cone’s blog.

Related: Anonymous finally got his wish, from David Hoggard, as well as coverage of the blogger’s conference in Chapel Hill from the Barber Shop Blog, Science and Politics and others. You can also hear Dave Winer–the blog-based economy guy–via an MP3 from a Greenboro blogging conference recorded by Actually I think he did a pretty good Phil Donahue routine in drawing the audience out.

AMBLE - Charlotte Observer Bloggers
BLOG You Write The Caption - Kevin Siers
BLOG This Old State - Jack Betts
BLOG The Naked City - Mary Newsom
BLOG Tom Talks - Tom Sorenson
BLOG Tommy's Table - Tommy Tomlinson
BLOG From the Hip - Crystal Dempsey
BLOG Paid to Party - Tonya Jameson
BLOG Idol Thoughts - Jen Aronoff
BLOG Girl About Town - Emily A. Benton
BLOG Games N Gadgets - Langston Wertz Jr.
BLOG Out of the Red - Amy Baldwin
BLOG On the S.C.ene - Various bloggers
BLOG Inside the Panthers - Pat Yasinskas
BLOG Inside the NBA - Rick Bonnell
BLOG Life in the Turn Lane - David Poole
BLOG Stork-Raving Mad - Tracy Curtis

17 blogs! Not too shabby! But why am I not on there??
(My email is baruchthescribe at yahoo dot com . Give me an offer I can't refuse.)

It should be noted that John McBride now hosts the excellent "Under the Water Tower" blog.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Proof the President has no Class

Rule #1: When you meet the leader of the oldest continuous civilization in the world who basically owns not tug at his sleeve. Do not pinch him. Do not grab him in any way, even if you are losing balance.

(hat tip to bildungblog)

33% of US trusts Bush. 5% of US trusts those who trust Bush.

Maureen (Mo) Gilmer

Mo Gilmer

Thursday, April 20, 2006

From the Library of Phat Robertson

Ten Years Behind

"I'd love to nuke the world"
Dubya Bush & Ten Years Behind

Everywhere is freakin' Larries
Dykes and fairies, tell me where is Hannity...
Faxed the rich, peed the poor
Blame it all on Michael Moore.

I'd love to nuke the world
But I don't know what I do
So I'll leave it all to you...

Population keeps on bleeding,
Nation building still more needing economy...
Wife is funny, lies are money,
Beaches sunny, Hume leads media monopoly.

I'd love to nuke the world
But I don't know what I do
So I'll leave it all to you....

World pollution, still no solution
Sinstitution, electio-cution...
Just black and white, rich and poor
Them and us, start the war!

Rush Limbaugh boasts: "9/11 was NOT a Tragedy!"

and mocks Senator Kennedy for calling it a tragedy

At around 1:50PM today, the megaphone of the reich, boasted that "9/11 was NOT a tragedy", after Senator Edward Kennedy said that it was a tragedy.

Rush is living proof that you can't buy class.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Katharine McPhee is the American Idol to beat

Anonymoses' American Idol Assessment, April 18, 2006

Simon was spot on tonight, as were all of the judges, pretty much, tonight.
Kelly was the one to mess up, and she and everyone knew it, and Kat soared to heights beyond even that of the others, who were, in the main, very good tonight.

California Katherine takes the night. But Chris Daughtry also does well, since he has been splitting the North Carolina vote with Kellie. One even wonders if Kellie intentionally messed up so that Chris, and maybe even Katharine, might fare better. She may actually prefer that someone else wins.

Taylor Hicks was, as Simon said, "pure magic" but only at the end of the song...where he proved why should be up there. What started lame, wound up powerful and moving.

Paris Bennett did a beautiful job but, as Simon alluded, her off-song presence is lacking. Perhaps a product of her youth and inexperience.

Elliot and Ace did fine jobs, but neither have attained the heights of Kellie, Kat, Chris or Paris.

If Kellie is not punished for her slip up this week, I suspect Eliot or Ace will walk.

Chris, Kat and Taylor move up this week, and Kellie is newly vulnerable.

Great job all!

Blog Forward: Tools, Toys & Gifts for Bloggers

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Logo by Anonymoses


lyrics by Badly Drawn Boy

Faith pours from your walls, drowning your calls
I've tried to hear, you're not near.
Remembering when I saw your face
Shining my way, pure timing...
Now I've fallen in deep, slow silent sleep.
It's killing me, I'm dying...
to put a little bit of sunshine in your life.

Soleil all over you,
Warm sun pours over me,
Soleil all over you,
Warm sun...

Now this slick fallen rift came like a gift,
Your body moves ever nearer...
and you will dry this tear, now that we're here,
And grieve for me, not history...
But now I'm dry of thoughts, wait for the rain,
Then it's replaced, sun's setting...

and suddenly you're in love with everything...

Soleil all over you,
Warm sun pours over me,
Soleil all over you,
Warm sun...