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The O’Franken Factor Stupid and Misleading Quote Contest

The O’Franken Factor Stupid and Misleading Quote Contest

Together with Al Franken and Air America Radio, is holding a contest this week to find the most stupid or most clearly false – or ideally both – comment by a Bush administration official or major right-wing figure. Submit your quote ... and you could win!

The Prize
If you win, your quote will be featured on the O’Franken Factor radio show, and you’ll be recognized by name. We’ll also send you a signed and personalized copy of Al Franken’s book, “Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them.”

Today's Youth: Bored With Bush

Today's Youth: Bored With Bush

Today's youth have spoken. Bush is booooring!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Air America Radio & The O'Franken Factor make Limbaugh look Fat

O'Franken makes Limbaugh look Fat

Liberal genius, Al Franken

Today was historic. A bone fide Liberal radio show made its debut, and while it was rocky for some internet listeners, it was certainly a far cry from the hyperventilative bloviance that has become the earmark, so to speak, of Reich Wing Radio.
Soft-spoken, genteel, aristocratic, Mr. Franken shows why he, and not Mr. Limbaugh, gets to go to Harvard.

But the difference goes beyond style. It is even more obvious in content. Rush has to say what his trainers and sugardaddies tell him to say. Mr. Franken can say anything he wants, being true to Harvard's dedication to free inquiry, free expression, free...dom.

Rush and the Reich are not so freethinking. Nor has Rush had the wondrous opportunities to learn from the greatest minds of his generation. Franken has used his mind well, and has the added benefit of also having a good heart. Rush, a druggie, is not safe for your children. Al Franken is. And he will, daily, show why he is the better role model, and more to be trusted.

Stay tuned. I will. I love to learn. Mere emotionality does not impress, no matter how loudly one proclaims it.


Just like hollywood's Bob Roberts, so too does Rush Limbaugh, the fat man's messiah, usurp badges of the young and cool, like rock music...and plays it on his show, as if he too is cool by extension. Well, Al Franken needn't usurp. He already has the great musicians and songs on his side...from CSY to Beatles to Radiohead to Talking Heads. And I think it would be great if he were to use music to help convey the message. Buffalo Springfield, Patti Smith, Peter Gabriel...and on and on and on. Take the music back! Maybe have live performances, or host benefit concerts...

And what about guests? Of course there will be comedic greats, as well as political and philosophical greats. And Mr. Franken should not hestitate to make use of the Harvard Lampoon staff and alumnae. Conan did, and look at him! Delight and instruct! Bring your education to bear, and don't shy away from your superior education and connections. For years you have serves us with great good cheer. We will repay you with ears and mouths.

Do what the Limbaughs of the world are afraid to do: Let others speak. And reach high and low. Have Nobel prize winners and laureates as well as the word from the street. Do you think Desmond Tutu would ever appear on the EIB network? Fat chance! Tutu has taste and refinement. And no reason to overstate. Rush is the Head Overstater in charge of breeding an army of overstaters.

Learn from Conan and Letterman. There is never a dull moment on either show. And both relentlessly work at making each show better than the last. And it shows. This, along with an impressive guestlist...along with your natural wit, will endear listeners to return. The alternative is obsolescent, vacuous and atavistic. A backwards-running watch.

I expect the O'Franken Show to, one day, be as good or better than Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre. You're off to a good start. Carpe Millennium!


We, or rather, I, at The Mose, would like to make a few suggestions for future guests. I'll just brainstorm a few...
former SNL members, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Walter Cronkhite, Jon Stewart, Sting, Robert Fripp, Ian Anderson, Jon Anderson, Elton John, Joan Baez, Joan Shenendoah, Norah Jones, Phillip Glass, Peter Gabriel, Gore Vidal, Alexander Theroux, Jesus, Peter Gomes, Arthur Kleinman, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Martin Sheen, Aaron Sorkin, Peter Serkin, Andy Griffith, Maya Angelou, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Tom Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Iddybud, Flipper, Lassie, Robert Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Thom Yorke, Oprah Winfrey, Steven VW Beckwith, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Robert Borosage, Joe Conason, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Cher, Barbra, Monica even... Surely most would donate their time for a good cause.


Man! He ossum!
- Hank Gurdjieff

Air America is to the EIB Network what Albert Einstein was to Albert Spier.
- Prince Albert Gore Vidal Sassoon

Beyond the proverbial beyond. Even beyond that.
- Osama ben Franklin Roosevelt Greer Garson Kanin Abel

AM once again brings sunlight.
- Surreal McCoy

What do Frankenstein and Frankenchrist have in common?
- Nickle-Eye Rimsky-Corncob

Ya botha me.
- Debussy Fields


Air America is new view in radio
Yale Daily News

Air America
NPR (audio), United States

Local Air America deal fails
Raleigh News, NC

Franken's Air America debuts
- Atlanta Journal Constitution

Air Apparent: New Radio Network Sees Profit in Liberal Views
Media Channel, United States

Which NY Times Columnist are You?

Paul Krugman
You are Paul Krugman! You're a brilliant economist
with a knack for both making sense of the
current economic situation and exposing the
Bush administration's lies about it. You
somehow came out as the best anti-war writer on
the Op-Ed staff. Other economists hate your
guts for selling out to the liberals. To hell
with 'em.

Which New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Air America Radio: Some debut! I couldn't even get it!

Air America Radio

Fix the goddam station! Get Al Gore to hook the station seamlessly to the internet, so people like me don't get bounced out.

Guess I'll go listen to Rush laugh at the weak attempt...

Graphic Images of Bush Policies in Reality

Yahoo! News Search results for Fallujah

Welcomed as liberators?

Monday, March 29, 2004

The O'Franken Factor

iddybud: "March 31st: The O'Franken Factor

Time: 12-3pm.
Current stations: WLIB (NYC, AM 1190am), WNTD (Chicago, AM 950), KBLA (LA, AM 1580). Will also be streamed online at

The O? Franken Factor: 12:00-3:00pm"

Rove: "Get off my property."

Demonstrators Swarm Around Rove's Home ( "'Get off my property.' "

Ralph Nader: A Second Front against Bush

My Way News

Sunday, March 28, 2004

From the Top: Join Christopher O'Riley for the best in new musicians

From the Top

As Virginia, Chris's delightful sister notes, it is "O'Riley", NOT "O'Reilly".
Mr. O'Riley is also the composer of piano music adaptations of the music of Radiohead, as well as being the host of "From the Top". and all.

pseudodictionary - the dictionary for words that wouldn't make it into dictionaries

pseudodictionary - the dictionary for words that wouldn't make it into dictionaries :: v2.0: "hello, and welcome to pseudodictionary, the place where words you've made up can become part of an actual online dictionary! slang, webspeak, name it, if you know a word that should be in the dictionary but isn't, submit it and we'll post it on this site (with credit given to you of course)."

Thanks to Blagh for the link.