Saturday, January 21, 2006

The old home place

Old Sleningford Hall, Ripon

Silksworth House

Thurcroft Hall

Featherstone Castle

Here's to downward mobility.

LONDON: Prince of Whales OR Trojan Whale?

British team attempts London whale rescue
...but will they find the whale filled with Iraqis, Iranis or Irishis?

These things and more...

John Murtha and the Murthanaries

Murtha smear recalls attacks on Sen. Kerry
By Jim Rassmann

Watching the assault on Kerry's military record by partisan operatives armed with falsehoods was a shock. Perhaps I was naive. Watching those same tactics used against another decorated Vietnam veteran, Rep. Jack Murtha, who, like Senator Kerry, dared to speak his mind, has been a reminder of not just why I felt compelled to get involved, but why I must remain involved.

As a veteran of Vietnam, I can't in good conscience remain silent in the face of the "Swift Boating" of Jack Murtha.

READ more about John Murtha and the Murthanaries who would silence him.

Remarkable Women: Nnenna Freelon

"The camera loves this woman. "

1 - 2

Thanks to PBS for bringing this amazing talent to my attention.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Is captured journalist, Jill Carroll, a descendant of Mohammed?

Christian Science reporter, Jill Carroll

A year or so ago, I was reading about descendants of Muhammed, and noted how some descendants were among the Spanish nobility, who had intermarried with French and English nobles, and that some of their offspring were among the founding families in Virginia and Maryland, if not other states.

Carroll is an old Maryland family -- one of the founding families. There is a county in Maryland named Carroll County. I'm not sure, but I seem to remember that name being in the Mohammed descendancy, along with Corbin, Sanchez, Navarre and others. Granted, it has been a while, and I may be jumbling names in the wind. If so, I apologize.

I would think that Miss Carroll's captors would think twice about putting a descendant or relative of their spiritual leader, Mohammed, to death.

If there are any knowledgeable genealogists here, who happen to know more about Mohammed's genealogy, I would appreciate your input.

Today is the day Miss Carroll is supposed to either be released or killed. The thought of her dying is too painful to entertain. Maybe by showing how connected we all are, minds and hearts might be changed, and Jill Carroll will be spared and released.

This is my prayer.

- anonyMoses

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good clean Christian yogurt found to fight HIV

United Press International - NewsTrack - Yogurt bacteria may soon fight HIV

PurpleStars: What Happen to MainStream Radio?

PurpleStars: daily adventures of a techy girl - What Happen to MainStream Radio?

I was readng PurpleStars' disconsolation with mainstream radio, and responded, only to find comments were disabled. Here is my response:

I share your lamentation.

I tend to default to NPR, which is, bar none, the highest quality station on the radio. No one else even comes close, except, perhaps Air America Radio. But when it comes to music...a different matter.

Charlotte has 95.7 "The Ride", which played somewhat obscure works now and again, and will play the long versions of songs. In the mountains, there is a decent station coming out of the Isothermal Community College, strangely. Chapel Hill has some good stations, but are hard to get outside the area.

The mainstream is polluted.

The best thing to do is this:
Shut off noise and listen to your inner voice. It will make you unique, since everyone else if filling their heads with other people's thoughts. Even music competes with your thoughts. Think of driving as a time to reflect and enjoy the gift of your own mnd.

All the best,

Now...go fix your blog. Don't show a comment link if you really can't comment, as it wastes people's time.
My hope is that you enable comments, rather than remove them. Without them blogging is mere dictation.

Looking for a unique, free online Valentine?

Valentine's Day is approaching, and soon you will be looking for that unique Valentine to send to your loved ones. Well look no further! My dear and talented friend, Tom Priest, has created the only card you'll need this Valentines. It is fun, sweet, and a subtle way.

Hope you enjoy it! And if you do...pop Tom a note and tell him so. He is soon to hit the big time, so you can say you knew him when...

Here is the link. (Have your sound up!)

How Fascistic are YOU?

How many of these errors do you make?

14 characteristics of fascism:
-Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
-Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
-Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
-Supremacy of the Military
-Rampant Sexism
-Controlled Mass Media
-Obsession with National Security
-Religion and Government are Intertwined
-Corporate Power is Protected
-Labor Power is Suppressed
-Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
-Obsession with Crime and Punishment
-Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
-Fraudulent Elections

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Wuss Awards

Nominations for the Wuss Awards' coveted "W" are being accepted.

Who do you think was the biggest wuss of 2005?

We at Anonymoses have pondered this issue, and are in the process of narrowing down. So far, it seems Rush Limbaugh is leading the pack.

For those of you who do not know Mr. Limbaugh, let me just say that he is an entirely biased college dropout from the backwater of Missouri who is paid massive sums of money to say whatever is necessary to keep the ignorant from the truth, and to basically keep them angry. And although he claims to have a talk show, most of the talking is done by Rush himself, although he occasionally takes a caller, who invariably must wait and wait and wait for him to shut his nervous trap and allow someone else to speak.

Most of those who do get through are what are called "dittoheads" or "dittoholes" or "the uneducated". All they are there to do is to high-five Rush, and further pump up his already full-blown adolescent ego.

Should a dissenting voice make their way through the gatekeeper, Rush hyperventilates, yawps, and talks over them...then hangs up on them. Then he goes on and on about how the previous caller was a liberal this or that, and then goes on to argue with someone who is no longer even able to respond.

Like many. if not most, conservative bloggers, dictation is the rule. Comments are disabled. And their wussiness is complete.

But unlike their fearful leader, Rush and the Reichblog, do not actually kill and maim others...while sitting comfortably behind a desk or a Rove. This is perhaps the height of wussiness.

The Media deserve their own category of wussiness though, since they helped shoehorn the Wuss-in-Chief into office, and have shilled for his corporations ever since.

So many wussies, so little time...

Poll at Daily Kos

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Doctor King

I Have Seen the Promised Land...

Southern Places: Branch House, Richmond, Va

Branch House, Monument Avenue, Richmond, Va.

Jealous Socialists Hate Wal-Mart: A Discussion

Join in the discussion over at Ogre's place...

Carolina History Talks blog is born

For all you history buffs out there, let me share with you a new blog which I'm sure will become an essential source in the study of the history of North and South Carolina. It is run by a gentleman who has one foot in South, and one in North, Carolina...and his mind in both, simultaneously. (Well, South Carolina runs a little behind.) Darryl Parker has long published on matters of history and genealogy, and brings a great store of skill, knowledge and pedigree with him as he comes to this endeavor.

Please help me welcome Carolina History Talks.