Friday, January 19, 2007

Colbert wins Culture War with Bill O'Reilly


The chivalric Steven Colbert slices and dices...using only his tongue and wit. Meanwhile the arrogant, self-obsessed bully still hasn't learned to speak in moderated tones, but instead keeps trying to start a civil war here at home.

Each appeared on the other's show. Colbert brought uncontrollable laughter to O'Reilly's otherwise moribund show. And he took their microwave. (You'll find out.)

On Colbert's show, Steven prepared us all with a description of the outcome of the thinking of people like himself. A world turned to Hell.

The first thing O'Reilly had to do was to point out that Colbert was a French name, because the demographic of "people who hate" is among his largest. After wasting time on ridiculous misanthropic generalizations, he tried to paint his as a backwoods imposter. Just one petty attempt after another to besmirch his name.

Apparently he hasn't heard of Claudia Colbert.

In the end it turned out to be a rather friendly exchange. People left of center
prefer love and peace over hate and war, truth and caritas to spin and deceit.

Colbert, last night, showed the path.
Now is no time to be in war mode. In no way can we afford it.
Time to heal, mate!

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