Saturday, February 07, 2004

Futureballa Phlogging

Futurballa Blog - Fairly Balanced: Some excellent Photo-Blogging or "Phlogging" by Futureballa...


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(1) document specific examples of anti-Democratic media bias

(2) take direct, immediate action to challenge anti-Democratic bias

(3) keep up the pressure to END anti-Democratic bias

There are separate Media_Watch groups for each major news organization listed below. Please click on the links to choose your PRIMARY news source, the one you know best. All Media_Watch subscribers must be approved by our moderators. After you sign up, you will be asked to introduce yourself and explain why you want to participate. Our goal is to have an immediate and significant impact. Therefore each Media_Watch group will focus on specific ACTIONS, not wide-ranging discussions.

Friday, February 06, 2004

David Corn: Questions Russert should ask Bush

Capital Games

Some of the questions:

-Did he decide to use military force against Iraq before 9/11?
-Where are the WMDs he insisted were there?
-Why is he using phony budget numbers?
-Did he engage in less-than-proper business dealings before he entered politics?
-Why he has misled the public while promoting his policies on stem cells research, global warming, and missile defense?
-Why has he opposed certain homeland security measures and not adequately funded others?
-...if the CIA did not say there was a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons in Iraq, what was your basis for asserting a stockpile existed?
-Did you know something the CIA did not? Did you overstate the intelligence?
-Was it not misleading to tell the public that "we don't know" whether Iraq had a nuclear weapon, when, in fact, we did know?
-Can you tell us what evidence you had for saying that Hussein was an "ally" of al Qaeda?
-Can you now give us names of men or women with whom you served in Alabama?
-Why did you not take a flight physical?
-Why did your campaign put out an explanation that was wrong?

Where's the Justice?

Scalia, Cheney duck-hunting trip had all the trimmings

From George Wallace to George W.

From George Wallace to Newt Gingrich: Race in the Conservative Counterrevolution, 1963-1994
by Dan T. Carter

AP Poll Notes Decline in Support for Bush

Yahoo! News - AP Poll Notes Decline in Support for Bush

Thursday, February 05, 2004

You are the corn

You are the corn.
Baby you are that corn.
You are the corn, yeah,
baby you are the corn.

-Jesus H. Christ News | Bush's missing year News | Bush's missing year: "In 1972, George W. Bush dropped out of his National Guard service and later lied about it. With the media finally paying attention, will he now come clean?"

Rate Russert

MSNBC - Sunday, February 8th - Sir Tim Russert interviews George W. Bush

Here is the challenge:
-Make a copy of the show.
-Jot down every question Tim asks.
-Rate each question.

George's answers are, as usual, irrelevant and untrustworthy.
Will Tim's questions be equally irrelevant and untrustworthy?

Cheney's Staff Focus of Probe

Cheney's Staff Focus of Probe - Insight on the News - National

Open letter to wingnut DJ, Jason Lewis



Why do you want to keep America in the dark ages, transportation-wise?
Time was when America was first-rate in Information, Transportation and Energy Innovation.
Those days are gone. You are basically wrongheaded on this, and many other issues, and I suspect it has everything to do with your receiving more money by supporting cars, oil, traditional media...the old order.

Were you to listen to God, you would learn what is truly needed in this world.
Quit wasting time on shallow, mammoniacal agendas, and think with your own head...if you can't connect with the Divine...who would serve you better than any human, regardless of how much you might worship them.

Force yourself to always tell the truth. God comes into an impartial mind.
Partial minds remain merely human. And only half that.
The more things one has, the less he has of God. When one is rid of mere things, he or she is given all that the saints and angels have. (See Meister Eckhart)

Do you want to become a truly more spiritual being? Or
do you want to be a person who has more things?

The more things you have, the more you have to attend to these things.
When you're polishing your Beamer, you could be serving the poor and suffering, or receiving divine instruction and healing to make you a better human being.

Ego, my friend, is most destructive to your true inner voice...which is connected to the divine. The first thing the ego does is to scramble the inner voice...
and suplant it with it's own, selfish, monomaniacal agenda.

Rise above this. Become impartial.
It would be a true rarity in today's bought-off world.
And it will beckon help from your true superiors.

Kind regards,
Baruch the Scribe

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Edwards beats Bush in CNN poll and wins in SC

Charlotte Observer | 02/03/2004 | Edwards wins S.C. primary

The Grow Life Movement


Fractocrystallographic Art by D. Beckwith

John Edwards Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

John Edwards Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

John Edwards Wins South Carolina Presidential Primary

ABC News 4 Charleston - North Carolina Senator John Edwards Wins South Carolina Presidential Primary

Bush Dreamt of being in the Service, and woke up with a Discharge in his hand.

Capitol Hill Blue: From Deserter to Commander-in-Chief

NeoCons push Evangelicals aside in struggle for Bush's ear | News for Dallas, Texas | Opinion Columnist William McKenzie
You may have read about the split between hard-liners and soft-liners within the Bush administration’s foreign policy team. You know, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld against Colin Powell.

But there’s another dynamic worth noting within Bush World. It’s the relationship between neoconservatives and evangelical Protestants. The way those two sides relate affects whether your son or daughter goes to war, whether peace gets struck in the Mideast and how the war against terrorism gets run.

At this point, the neocons are winning, hands down. The evangelicals are serving primarily as the amen corner for the neocons

Tales of Lying and Cheating: Bush's Guard Service In Question (

Bush's Guard Service In Question ( "Democrats Say President Shirked His Duty in 1972 "

White man exposes Black woman at Superbowl

Imagine these scenerios:
Scenerio 1.
Superbowl. Halftime show.
R. Kelly and Britney Spears are dancing together.
Suddenly Kelly rips open Britney's blouse exposing her breast.
Riots break out all around the country.

Scenerio 2.
Superbowl. Halftime show.
R. Kelly and Britney Spears are dancing together.
Suddenly Britney rips off Kelly's pants exposing her penis.
Riots break out all around the country.

Professor Dan Carter has written a book which traces American conservatism from George Wallace to Newt Gingrich...and beyond. In other words, today's conservatives are yesterday's George Wallaces. One of the foci of this cult is that race mixing is wrong. But over the years they have loosened up a bit. But only a bit.

Kevin Kostner can be shown having a relationship with Whitney Houston.
Justin Timberlake can be seen dancing with Janet Jackson.
This doesn't limit the opportunity of white men. It expands their opportunities.

The reverse is not least not for white men. When a black man is seen with a white woman...many white conservatives see this as a threat. This is one reason why you never see black men in tights. You see them in clothes so baggy it is impossible, to paraphrase Robin Williams, to see what religion they are.

If we are ever going to get beyond the racial "grand illusion", white conservatives are going to have to quit thinking with their little head, and realize that all combinations are valid, equal, and capable of love...and yes, sex.

Tales of Cheating: Inquiry Sought in House Vote on Drug Plan for Medicare

Inquiry Sought in House Vote on Drug Plan for Medicare

Tales of Cheating: Democratic Chief Says ’AWOL’ Bush Will Be an Issue After a Nominee Emerges

The Overview: Democratic Chief Says ’AWOL’ Bush Will Be an Issue After a Nominee Emerges
The Bush Administration has a legacy of lying, cheating and stealing. We will be presenting examples in our "Tales of ..." series.

Tales of Lying & Cheating: Bush and the Media

CJR Campaign Desk

Tales of Lying: Bush's Lie Factory

The Lie Factory

Tales of Greed

Halliburton to delay billing for Middle East food tab