Sunday, October 15, 2006

Converge South, Greensboro once again make blogging history

No Place for Wompsters

Hoffman as Scoble

wompster - noun Someone who thumps or pounds something, usually a bible or other sacred text.

The great and good blogger, Robert Scoble, his lovely wife, Maryam, and the remarkable Elizabeth Edwards, helped to make this year's Converge South a memorable and historic success. Legends of the blogosphere converged on A & T University in Greensboro, North Carolina on a cool and beautiful October day to establish, reestablish and celebrate the fellowship which seems endemic to the blogging family. Just like in the first of North Carolina's blogger conference, Ed Cone, David Hoggard, Sue Polinsky, Billy the Blogging Poet, Jay Ovittore, Patrick Eakes, Citizen Will R, and yet other archons of the blogosphere whose mere countenences rend ringent the slackjawed lookers-on who may only p-p-pray for such station in this amazing life we call anonyMoses, but participate in as if it were anything but, sadly. And let it be said that we at anonyMoses are sad and disappointed that we didn't get to meet Mister Scoble, but enjoyed the darshan, and his (and his wife's) most pleasant personalities, notwithstanding. I'm sure we'd be great friends, and probably are.

Great to see Bora has showed up from Chapel Hill. Fec Stench was also there, and in top form. Hell, every was excellent. Must have been magic. Other legendary attendees include Lex Alexander , Jude Nagurney Camwell, Sandy Carmany, Zack Exley, Ben Hwang, Matt Gross, Stewart Pittman, Robert Reddick, Roch Smith Jr., Pam Spaulding, Mark Tosczak, David Wharton, BlueNC and others I will surely add as my mind returns.

Here’s Daniel Conover’s Xark notes and Anton Zuiker’s notes.

EEBuzz - from Benny's World

as told to Anonymoses Hyperlincoln III
[from NC's first Bloggercon]

Iddybud, Anonymoses and Senator Edwards in Concord on Friday 13.

More of the occasion from Carolina Girl over at OneAmerican Blog.