Friday, June 17, 2005

Juan Cole on the Rise of the Blog Estate

Informed Comment

The gatekeepers at the New York Times and the Washington Post can no longer decide whether a leak is a story or a non-story. The public decides what a story is.

Imagine News without bloggers or the internets. Lordy, Lordy! Talk about a koolade moustache spanning the collective mug of Man (only used for alliteration) -- what an unhealthful, retrogressive pack of cheesefood that would be! Individually wrapped in sanitary keep truth out...just the type of bogus nourishment needed to keep them gathering at the trough.
Content with any happy noninvasive fiction.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Exuberance Found Hidden in Bunker

"The originators, the exuberant men, are extinct and in their place subsists and modestly flourishes a generation notable for elegance and variety of contrivance." - Evelyn Waugh

"So how can you laugh when your own mother's hungry, and how can you smile when
the reasons for smiling are wrong?"
- Jethro Tull

"Aw shucks!" - Jethro Borodin

Carolina Blog Consultants

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Carolina Blog Consultants

If you are a seasoned blogger and would like to be considered for inclusion within the consultancy, please drop us a line and/or a link to some of your best blogs...

Why a blog consultancy?

You may or may not know it yet, but there is a revolution afoot in the world, and it is being fueled by blogs. Not only are more and more individuals waking up to find that they are a blogger, but so are companies, newspapers, radio and TV stations, organizations, schools, local government agencies, CEOs, and yes...barber shops.

Only the quick of head get the best names

There are a host of reasons for these dynamic societal and technological advances, which you will find out, as well as a host of reasons why you should realize that blogs are today what websites were in 1994 or 5...which is to say that they are something that nearly all people and businesses will have, but only the quick of head get there first, and thus snatch up the best names.

In 1994 or 5, one was able to secure a name like "" or "", while slower competitors, years later, would wind up with names like ""... or worse..."", where you would have to through the extra work of also saying "get is spelled with an 'i' and the last two words are fused. It is also a dotnet, not a dotcom."

The same is true, today, for blogs. Want a good name? You better jump in, right now, and get it, because the good names are not going to be there forever. In fact, they are not going to be there very long at all. Millions of names have already been scooped up. But...if you think you will be satisfied with "Dawgheadpundit37xpf" or "Thelastonetoknowbloggg", go ahead and wait around for the next wake-up call.

Everyone needs help

Last night, I was visiting a particularly gifted digital artist. Over the years, he has been able to create thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of wondrous works of art.

He was telling me about a graphic trick, a shortcut, he had only recently learned...which takes about two seconds to do. Prior to learning this trick, he was doing that same thing longhand, if you will. In other words, instead of two seconds, it might take several minutes. At times, fifteen or more. In a few cases, it would take nearly an hour.

Doing the math, I realized that had he learned this "trick" or shortcut years before, he would have save thousands of hours.

Everyone needs help. No one knows how to do it all. But some people have enough experience that they can prevent you from wasting thousands of hours.

This is one reason why we are creating a blog consultancy. We have the experience to save you thousands of hours, and show you how best to create and maintain your blog at the highest level possible.

As seen on CNN...Iddybud!

My first blog student, Jude, makes it onto CNN's "Inside the Blogs". Congratulations to the student that has far exceeded her "teacher".

Kurtz on the Pussilanimous Mainstream Media (MSM)

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