Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bloomberg: 27 top officials call on defeat of George W. Bush

Bloomberg: 27 top officials call on defeat of George W. Bush.:
June 18 (Bloomberg) -- The statement by 27 former diplomats and military officers on Wednesday calling for the defeat of U.S. President George W. Bush may be unprecedented.

``Their prominence and seniority and influence when in their diplomatic or military posts, and their number, is really remarkable,'' said Richard Kohn, the Pentagon's chief Air Force historian from 1981-1991 and chairman of the University of North Carolina's peace, war and defense curriculum in Chapel Hill.

The group, which includes Democrats and Republicans, said Bush's foreign policy and the war in Iraq have damaged U.S. security...

Group's Statement

``From the outset, George W. Bush adopted an overbearing approach to America's role in the world, relying upon military might and righteousness, insensitive to the concerns of traditional friends and allies, and disdainful of the United Nations,'' said the group, Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, in a statement Wednesday. They said Bush should be defeated, without explicitly endorsing Kerry, 60.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Religious fundamentalists such as Hezbollah flock to Moore film, Fahrenheit 911

Right Wing Hezbollah offers Michael Moore help in distributing controversial film


The drug-addict apopemptoclinic media mogul, Rush Limbaugh (Adipose Rex), has joined Hezbollah to help promote Michael Moore's award-winning film, "Fahrenheit 911" (Farenheit 911, Farenheit 9-11, Farenheit 9/11), which proves Bush is connected to the Bin Laden family through shady financial deals. Not a day goes by when Rush is not mentioning Moore's masterpiece. And now the Hezbollah wants to join Rush.

Do these Rightwingers never get tired of their own breath?

Of course Rush does not intend to be conspiring with Hezbollah, but neither is Michael Moore...which Rush is trying to lead you to believe.
He takes your gullibility to the bank each and every day. He has to. Guido will whack him if he doesn't. Even if Guido is Rushkolnikov himself.


This is an arcane but related subject. It has to do with Sataniel and 911.
When all the horror was happening in lower Manhattan, I was throwing I Chings on a porch in upper Manhattan and snapping pictures at clouds that would drift by...when not watching the events unfold on TV. The stench had not wafted north.

Two clouds in particular caught my attention. One looked like a dead man on his back, but also quite reminiscent of "Towing Jehovah". The other one looked like, well, the angel of death. And it was facing the tragedy in lower Manhattan. Very strange. I only wish I could have captured their presence on film, better than I did.

The picture on the right (above) is that second image...after being run through a Photoshop filter. The one on the left is a pictoral representation of Sataniel...and is not entirely unlike what I may have been seeing above Manhattan on that ill-fated September morning.

As many people were looking up in the sky that day, I suspect many others saw the strange "cloud formations". Please let me know if you did, and if you captured them on film.


t r u t h o u t - More Incriminating Enron Tapes

t r u t h o u t - More Incriminating Enron Tapes

More on those disgusting Bushite robber barons.
Texas has declared war on California, and California seems to be rolling over... - 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Gets Standing Ovation - Foxlife - Fox411 - 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Gets Standing Ovation

A brilliant film. Eisner's death knell.

Guardian | Oil chief: my fears for planet

Guardian | Oil chief: my fears for planet: "The head of one of the world's biggest oil companies has admitted that the threat of climate change makes him 'really very worried for the planet'.
In an interview in today's Guardian Life section, Ron Oxburgh, chairman of Shell, says we urgently need to capture emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which scientists think contribute to global warming, and store them underground - a technique called carbon sequestration. "

The blackhole iraq

The blackhole iraq

Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody

Lance Phillips . CORPUS SOCIUS . Ahsahta Press

Lance Phillips . CORPUS SOCIUS . Ahsahta Press


Tag-Board Smilies

Tag-Board Smilies

Tag-Board Message Board aka TagBoard

Tag-Board Message Board aka TagBoard: " is the original free Tag Board service that allows you to provide your visitors with real-time discussion without the complexity of forums. "

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Local blogs

Thanks to Aubrew for compiling this list of local bloggers. I am far too lazy to have done so:

Drunk In A Midnight Choir by Gene G. McLaughlin

hitched to everything by Robert Stribley

Nomenclature's Randoms by Nomenclature

Snapshots of Life by CPuddy

Fresh Cut Grass by Brittany Wolff

The Labyrinthine Mind by Beltane

Distressingly Cynical by Mithearwen

Feelin Me..Feelin You.. by Kyria

broken and molded by sarah jewett

yes...i am that pretty by Laura-Nelle

Michael's Journal by Michael Utsman

Dijurido by Tim Cobb

Blog Sisters by Jennifer Schulz Medlock

View of a JenXer by Jennifer Schulz Medlock

anonyMoses by anonyMoses

Chuck's Modern Life by Chuck

blackletter by standingontv

From the Ashes by Meishi

The Nintendo DS News Blog by Jeremy Olson

in a station of the métro by Carole

Stormy by Regann

Matthew's Stuff by Matthew Davis

My GIS Lab Notebook by John Nagel

ZhunZi by ZhunZi

Sam's life by dreadman

Brand New Me by jeremy kinser

Coursing Public Thought by Lance Phillips

Moment of Clarity by Mike Garvey

The World that is Mine by Peachez

A Measure of Growth by Ken Webster

The blackhole iraq by plasma_leak

The College Life by Emily

Disenchantment by Emily

Deuce(r) by deuce

the confession booth by Josh Acuff

Miblog Weighs a Ton by Nordy

Special K by Kevin Linfors

Blog by Hannah Green

in a station of the métro by Will

Too Spaced Out by JD Mills

way down in the hole by ann

15 lies of Sean Hannity

15 lies of Sean Hannity : The Document Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You To Read - Center for American Progress

Liars suck.

Daily Kos || Bush on the Couch

Daily Kos || Bush on the Couch

Yellowdog discusses Justin Frank's psychoanalysis of GW Bush...


In the book, to be released Tuesday, Justin A. Frank, a clinical professor at George Washington University Medical Center, claims President Bush exhibits "sadistic tendencies" and suffers from "character pathology," including "grandiosity" and "megalomania" -- viewing himself, America and God as interchangeable. "
Frank, who has practiced for 35 years, told us he began noting Bush's mannerisms in the fall of 2002. "I was really very unsettled by him and I started watching everything he did and reading what he wrote, and watching him on videotape. I felt he was disturbed." In the book, he writes that Bush "fits the profile of a former drinker whose alcoholism has been arrested but not treated."

Andrew Sullivan on Bush's Incompetence, etc...

Andrew Sullivan on Bush's Incompetence, etc...
Mr. Sullivan takes on Jonah Goldberg of the National Review by showing just how bad Bush has been...and would be.

"Could it be that Bush has not governed as a conservative in critical ways - and hasn't even governed competently in others? Let's list a few: the WMD intelligence debacle - the worst blow to the credibility of the U.S. in a generation; Abu Ghraib - a devastating wound to to America's moral standing in the world; the post-war chaos and incompetence in Iraq; an explosion in federal spending with no end in sight; no entitlement reform; a huge addition to fiscal insolvency with the Medicare drug entitlement; support for a constitutional amendment, shredding states' rights; crusades against victimless crimes, like smoking pot and watching porn; the creeping fusion of religion and politics; the erosion of some critical civil liberties in the Patriot Act. I could go on. Is there any point at which a conservative might consider not voting for Bush? For the editor of National Review Online, the answer is indeed 'fairly obvious.' But for people not institutionally related to the G.O.P., the only question is: where would that line be?"

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bloomberg: John Edwards preferred choice for VP

Bloomberg: John Edwards preferred choice for VP.

The Nazorean Way Monastery - Abel Baruch

Melchizedek (from the Nag Hammadi codices)


But all the tribes and all the peoples will speak the truth who are receiving from you yourself, O Melchizedek, Holy One, High-Priest, the perfect hope and the gifts of life. I am Gamaliel, who was sent to [...] the congregation of the children of Seth, who are above thousands of thousands, and myriads of myriads, of the aeons [...] essence of the aeons, aba[...] aiai ababa. O divine [...] of the [...] nature [...]! O Mother of the aeons, Barbelo! O first-born of the aeons, splendid Doxomedon Dom[...]! O glorious one, Jesus Christ! O chief commanders of the luminaries, you powers Armozel, Oroiael, Daveithe, Eleleth, and you man-of-light, immortal aeon Pigera-Adamas, and you good god of the beneficent worlds, Mirocheirothetou, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God! This is the one whom I proclaim, inasmuch as there has visited the One who truly exists, among those who exist [...] do(es) not exist, Abel Baruch - that you (sg.) might be given the knowledge of the truth [...], that he is from the race of the High-priest, which is above thousands of thousands, and myriads of myriads, of the aeons. The adverse spirits are ignorant of him, and (of) their (own) destruction. Not only (that, but) I have come to reveal to you the truth, which is within the brethren. He included himself in the living offering, together with your offspring. He offered them up as an offering to the All. For it is not cattle that you will offer up for sin(s) of unbelief, and for the ignorances, and (for) all the wicked deeds which they will do [...].
Holy are you, Holy are you, Holy are you, O Father of the All, who truly exists, [...] do(es) not exist, Abel Baruch [...], for ever and ever, Amen.
Holy are you, Holy are you, Holy are you, commander of the aeons, man-of-light, Daveithe, for ever and ever. Amen.

Reagan's Family Criticizes Use Of Reagan In Anti-Kerry Ad - News - Reagan's Family Criticizes Use Of Reagan In Anti-Kerry Ad: "Reagan's Family Criticizes Use Of Reagan In Anti-Kerry Ad
Family Says Group Does Not Have Permission To Use Reagan's Image"

Move America Forward...into Happy Lies!

Move America Forward !

Are you tired of the constant stream of America-bashing from the shamelessly liberal news media and left-wing politicians who use every negative news story to launch a political attack against our military and our chimpy in chief?

Then join with the millions of Americans who are uniting to “Move America Forward” to win the War on Terrorism. Join our effort to stand up and support the continued deaths of brave men and women of our Armed Forces who are coming under constant lies and bullshit from journalists and rightist pro-war activists. I changed thw wording a little.

Happy Bloomsday!

Celebrating the life and works of James Joyce...

James Joyce
(February 2, 1882 - January 13, 1941)



-- Bloody wars, says I, I'll be in for the last gospel.

But as luck would have it the jarvey got the nag's head round the other way and off with him.

-- Hold one citizen, says Joe. Stop. Begob he drew his hand and made a swipe and let fly. Mercy of God the sun was in his eyes or he'd have left him for dead. Gob, he near sent it into the county Longford. The bloody nag took fright and the old mongrel after the car like bloody hell and all the populace shouting and laughing and the old tinbox clattering along the street.

The catastrophe was terrific and instantaneous in its effect. The observatory of Dunsink registered in all eleven shocks, all of the fifth grade of Mercalli's scale, and there is no record extant of a similar seismic disturbance in our island since the earthquake of 1534, the year of the rebellion of Silken Thomas. The epicentre appears to have been that part of the metropolis which constitutes the Inn's Quay ward and parish of Saint Michan covering a surface of fortyone acres, two roods and one square pole or perch. All the lordly Tesidences in the vicinity of the palace of justice were demolished and that noble edifice itself, in which at the time of the catastrophe important legal debates were in progress, is literally a mass of ruins beneath which it is to be feared all the occupants have been buried alive. From the reports of eyewitnesses it transpires that the seismic waves were accompanied by a violent atmospheric perturbation of cyclonic character. An article of headgear since ascertained to belong to the much respected clerk of the crown and peace Mr George Fottrell and a silk umbrella with gold handle with the engraved initials, coat of arms and house number of the erudite and worshipful chairman of quarter sessions sir Frederick Falkiner, recorder of Dublin, have been discovered by search parties in remote parts of the island, respectively, the former on the third basaltic ridge of the giant's causeway, the latter embedded to the extent of one foot three inches in the sandy beach of Holeopen bay near the old head of Kinsale. Other eyewitnesses depose that they-observed an incandescent object of enormous proportions hurtling through the atmosphere at a terrifying velocity in a trajectory directed south west by west. Messages of condolence and sympathy are being hourly received from all parts of the different continents and the sovereign pontiff has been graciously pleased to decree that a special missa pro defunctis shall be celebrated simultaneously by the ordinaries of each and every cathedral church of all the episcopal dioceses subject to the spiritual authority of the Holy See in suffrage of the souls of those faithful departed who have been so unexpectedly called away from our midst. The work of salvage, removal of debris human remains etc has been entrusted to Messrs Michael Meade and Son, 159, Great Brunswick Street and Messrs T. C. Martin, 77, 78, 79 and 80, North Wall, assisted by the men and officers of the Duke of Cornwall's light infantry under the general supervision of H. R. H., rear admiral the right honourable sir Hercules Hannibal Habeas Corpus Anderson K.G., K.P., H.T., P.C., K.C.B., M.P., J.P., M.B., D.S.O., S.O.D., M.F.H., M.R.I.A., B.L., Mus. Doc., P.L.G., F.T.C.D., F.R.U.I., F.R.C.P.I. and F.R.C.S.I.

You never saw the like of it in all your born puff. Gob, if he got that lottery ticket on the side of his poll he'd remember the gold cup, he would so, but begob the citizen would have been lagged for assault and battery and Joe for aiding and abetting. The jarvey saved his life by furious driving as sure as God made Moses. What? O, Jesus, he did. And he let a volley of oaths after him.

-- Did I kill him, says he, or what?

And he shouting to the bloody dog:

-- After him, Garry! After him, boy!

And the last we saw was the bloody car rounding the corner and old sheepface on it gesticulating and the bloody mongrel after it with his lugs back for all he was bloody well worth to tear him limb from limb. Hundred to five! Jesus, he took the value of it out of him, I promise you.

When, lo, there came about them all a great brightness and they beheld the chariot wherein He stood ascend to heaven. And they beheld Him in the chariot, clothed upon in the glory of the brightness, having raiment as of the sun, fair as the moon and terrible that for awe they durst not look upon Him. And there came a voice out of heaven, calling: Elijah! Elijah! And he answered with a main cry: Abba! Adonai! And they beheld Him even Him, ben Bloom Elijah, amid clouds of angels ascend to the glory of the brightness at an angle of fortyfive degrees over Donohoe's in Little Green Street like a shot off a shovel.


O and the sea the sea crimson sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down Jo me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

MaxSpeak on the Right Blogosphere of the Brain

MaxSpeak on the Right Blogosphere of the Brain

Here, I'll let Max speak:
We also observe in these quarters the sophomoric desire to shock liberals. The quoted bloggers express a desire to win the vote. They think their viciousness is a badge of machismo, like suburban white boys who affect ghetto gangsta postures. We had the Beastie Boys, and now we have the beastie bloggers. They try to act dangerous, but all they really want to do is become commodities, and they don't even know it. There is no reason to fear nameless little people with keyboards. Rather, the approach is clinical, like the study of bugs.

The Mark Byron (2nd place) fantasy about murdering high officials of the U.S. Government is the quieter, equally demented side of this same dementia. His post seems to attain about 90 percent of the threshold for a visit from the Secret Service.

InstaPundit is a horse of a different color. His style is passive-aggressive, the way of the weasel. The attack is not direct and forthright, but delivered by innuendo, often through third parties. Criticism is more in sorrow than in anger. Plausible deniability shrouds his posts. If harm should befall the objects of his disapproval, it's really too bad but really their fault. They should have known better or somehow rejected bad leaders.

The quote submitted in the contest typifies this logic: genocide is a misfortune, not a crime. A crime has perpetrators, but for the enemies of America to be victims of genocide, the criminals would be the West, or the U.S. But that cannot be. By definition, the U.S. is good and cannot commit crimes. All references to crimes committed by the U.S. Government bespeak hatred of America and alignment with the Enemy.

This is a recipe for the production of cannon fodder. Watch the ticker.

MarketBanker - The Internet's Ad Marketplace

MarketBanker - The Internet's Ad Marketplace

Browsing around the Mahablog, I stumbled upon a new thing. And maybe a new thing I'd like to use and share with fellow blognocenti (sadly taken). Charge people to be on your blogroll, basically.
Need to look into...

Thanks, Mahabarb!

Bush: "I am a optimist." Bush's Optimism and a Quarter will almost buy a phone call

Bush: "I am a optimist." Bush's Optimism and a Quarter will almost buy a phone call

"I am a optimist!

Little Savage

I wish I had a big one! Powered by StreamSage

Search a database of keywords and topics from campaign-related Audio / Video content; created 100% fully automatically via StreamSage technology.

Creating Community, On-line and Off

Creating Community, On-line and Off

Monday, June 14, 2004

Iraq: This is not a pipeline

Iraq: This is not a pipeline

Concerts for Kerry

Concerts for Kerry

Jack Black rocks for Kerry

Thanks to Atrios for the link...

The first Korean reporter into Fallujah tells of the smell of death wafting from every direction

OhmyNews International: "
U.S. Slaughter Fills Iraqi Cemeteries
The first Korean reporter into Fallujah tells of the smell of death wafting from every direction"

Yahoo! News - Bush pays rare tribute to Clinton

Yahoo! News - Bush pays rare tribute to Clinton: "'Bill Clinton showed incredible energy and great personal appeal. As chief executive, he showed a deep and far-ranging knowledge of public policy, a great compassion for people in need, and the forward-looking spirit that Americans like in a president,' "

Kudos to Mister Bush by showing that the nay-sayers were wrong about President Clinton.

Bush Satire - The Bushiad and The Idyossey - In the style of The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer - The epic battle of testosterone

Bush Satire - The Bushiad and The Idyossey - In the style of The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer - The epic battle of testosterone

Thanks to Tom Burka for the excellent link!

Fragmenta Philosophica: HEPTAPARAPARSHINOKH

Fragmenta Philosophica: HEPTAPARAPARSHINOKH

The Grail Code : Laurence Gardner

The Grail Code : Laurence Gardner: "The Holy Grail Code was established in the 14th century as a precept of chivalric service. In essence, it is a parable for the human condition in that it is the quest of us all to serve and, by serving, to achieve. The problem is that the Holy Grail Code has been overwhelmed by an avaricious society complex based on the notion of the survival of the fittest. Today, it is plain that wealth, rather than health, is a major stepping-stone towards being socially fit."

The Ugly World of George W. Bush

The Ugly World of George W. Bush

Call me crazy, but this world, this new millennium, that has been ushered in by George W. Bush and cronies... sure is ugly! Gives a new meaning to "bad Feng Shui". Even the followers reek of the stench. Just listen to what comes out of their mouths! Or observe how they treat their brothers and sisters...all God's cheerdren.

Now count to 17. Backwards.

Observe the flesh that has gathered between your teeth. This is called "sausage". Do not allow it to pass.

It too is ugly. And shouldn't be digested.

Bring back the artists! Send in the clowns!

Waste lagoons are for pigs. We needn't swim in it to know it is toxic.

Vote out the bastards.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Petition: Change name of United States to "Ronald Reagan"

Petition: Change name of United States to "Ronald Reagan"

"United States" is such a stupid name. Like "United Kingdom", or "United Arab Republic". It's like "Building 17" or "Stalag 13". Not very descriptive, and maybe even deceptive.

What if, instead of "Colorado", "California" and "Carolina", we had "State #32" "State #47" and "State #12"?

Maybe this is why we like to call the United States..."America".
And yet, truth be told, America spans both hemispheres and is much larger than the mere United States.

Maybe we should take it all over, both hemispheres of greater America. Then we can justifiably call what we have: America.

OR...we can save our blood and treasure, and simply call our bit, "Ronald Reagan". But why name it after something dead?

America is moribund enough already. So liven it up a tad by changing the name of the United States to "George W. Bush".

If money needs to change problemo!

Then, that accomplished, we can start naming waste treatment plants, nuclear waste dumps and brownfields after Ronald Reagan.

The Ronald Wilson Reagan Hog Waste Lagoon.
Got a ring to it!

Jimmy Carter's Funeral

Jimmy Carter's Funeral
Millions attend Jimmy Carter's simple yet tasteful funeral

May Jimmy Carter live a long and happy life!
But when he goes, may he have a simple, tasteful funeral...

BlogRunner: BlogRunner Top Weblog Authors

BlogRunner: BlogRunner Top Weblog Authors
Thanks to Josh Claybourn (182) for the link.