Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Shiny Happy People

North Carolinian

My philosopher/nurse nephew, The Philoblogger, enjoys a day in the mountains.

Shiny, Happy People enjoying the Cone Estate.

Visitors to the North Carolina mountains should not miss the estate of Moses Cone. One can rest the head and feed the mind and stomach at nearby Blowing Rock.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Secrets of Heathen Time-Keeping and other discoveries of Garrick Wells

Secrets of Heathen Time-Keeping and other discoveries of Garrick Wells

Charlotte-based intellectual, Garrick Wells (also known as the literary character, Ammonium) will not let your mind rest. Indeed, he will not let his own mind rest, so why give you that luxury? We are fortunate that he focuses on unusual matters...

Mr. Wells, founder of the Charlotte Astronomical Society, writes:

Conclusion: I have reconstructed the extinct calendar of the heathen that astronomical and historical evidence seems to substantiate and without any need for the Roman calendars. The calendar explains the enigmatic old Winter's day and the once lost thing period. I have illustrated the religious purpose of the calendar.
I have introduced the Golden Latitude.
This might explain why some major cities founded by Northmen exist where they do. The great heathen center: Lejre in Denmark is on this latitude.
Today anyone can make a runic calendar stick and restart this ancient calendar by finding the years of the closest full moon to 2/8 or 11/1. Actually 2001 had a full moon on 11/1, so the golden number is 1. For the Odinic rite, the last holy year was 2004 and the interval will continue octennially.