Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blue Vision Fund: The Possible America

America is stuck in a ditch.
We need visionaries to get us out.
Blue Visionaries, like John Edwards.
Visionaries who are not content with merely keeping up with “competitors”,
but who are actively creating the future.
The POSSIBLE America.

John Edwards is such a visionary.
But he needs our help.
He needs our support, and he could certainly use your donations.

John Edwards knows that America’s greatest inventions have been Social Innovations, like the Internet, transportations systems, advanced forms of peace…and is eager to foster the research and development of new and green ways of doing things, including tomorrow’s evolutionary technologies.
And he wants to include all people in the development of these new tools, lifestyles and environments.

Look at Cirque du Soleil or Disney World. did someone ask for all those wondrous worlds they created there? No! They were not satisfied with merely giving people what they said they wanted. They were visionary. Still are. They wanted to take it to the limits of possibility, and create the possible show. And they are constantly creating more and more wondrous worlds, manifesting remarkable visions. Blue visions.

Blue Vision Fund: The Possible America is about rewarding this exciting work. But it is also about ending poverty and AIDS, improving and evolving our infrastructure, ending the war, spreading peace and education, ending our dependence on oil and other outmoded forms of energy. It is about using the Internet to give every American child, or adult, a world-class education, and using other online tools, such as blogs and social networking sites to advance democracy, by giving everyone a voice, and by giving everyone the vast world of information.

Please give what you can to ensure that the future is a friend, a garden, good feng shui, and a blessing to hand off to our children and their children for generations to come.

Please make a contribution to this critical cause. Please support John Edwards for the President of the United States of America.