Friday, July 11, 2003


Autonote 1

Create a section which keeps track of formerly-owned domain names, and other titles and ideas that were once my babies. What have they become? Have they become anything?

Here are some that pop to mind: Green Witch Village, Virtual Bohemia, IBMW, Idea Management, Idea Consulting, Vision Coach, Omnivision, Peace Futures, Peace Goods, Nicotine Addicts Anonymous, Seers Catalog, bla bla bla....


Insiders to Usher Back the Sunlight

Here Comes the Sun

"In the coming weeks, we're going to be seeing folks coming out and coming forth with what they know, and it is going to be very embarrassing for the Bush administration."


CBS Sucks Bush's Tool

CBS Sucks Bush's Tool

Corporate Bush Sucker is Enronned into Bullshitting America

There once was a time when people in the news service had testicular fortitude. But then the news service became the news business, and pretty soon the "news" thing will atrophy and fall off, like the weak little appendages of those sinecures who now determine clever ways to lie for power...compensated in dollars for what they lack in truth, integrity, professionalism.

One is reminded of the image of the Bush family as they waited for the election returns in 2000, and having heard some bad news, worked their magic; utilized their tool. In just minutes, the Media had heard the call. Kane had stepped into the shadow. The death knell had rung for Democracy, and power had been regained. Subreptiously.

I imagine such a call again came to CBS.

Or maybe it was the foot-stomping, door-banging thugs from Florida...
You know, the Republican operatives with the famous stench of Fascism
permeating their repugnancies. Another fine tool.

Maybe Bush or Tom DeLay directed them to the offices of CBS, and their ungentlemanly antics created paroxysms in the faculties of those pedigrees granted them the tedious task, aboriginally. Hard to know for sure. Bush's famous secrecy...

At any rate, I think one can expect another pisspoor performance by the Media over the next election cycle. They've already started. That is, if they ever stopped.

The Media is one of the most effective tools in Bush's sandbox. His best weapon, really.

But as the ancients in China warned: It is the nature of weapons to turn against their wielder...
The story

The Incredible Bulk

Jolly Mystery Solved

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Blogs Recommended on Salon's Table Talk

Blogs Recommended on Salon's Table Talk

Here are some blogs (and related sites) recommended by the excellent folks at's Table Talk:

Orcinus - David Niewert David
Neiwert is a freelance journalist based in Seattle. His reportage for on domestic terrorism won the National Press Club Award for Distinguished Online Journalism in 2000.

Citizen Cites by Douglas Wikes
Citizen Cites content is politics, science, legislation, tech, agriculture and opinion.

DonkeyRising A meeting ground for centrists and populists within the Democratic Party. This section provides key articles and commentary from both sides of the debate as well as a set of tools and opportunities for discussion and collaboration. Resources for building the new majority. This section includes an online library of information on public opinion, coalition building and political strategy as well as links to internet resources and announcements of upcoming events.

Irregular Times
This blog is devoted to irregular speech: Not according to rule, accepted order, or general practice Not conforming to legality, moral law, or social conventions Not straight, uniform, or symmetrical Of uneven rate, occurence, or duration Falling below the manufacturer's standard or usual specifications, imperfect. We are honest, bent, flawed.
We are irregular.

For more blogs from TableTalk, see the bottom of the left column...

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The Third Annual Media That Matters Film Festival

the eyes of the world are watching...

Media That Matters

For film buffs there's Cannes, Sundance, Banff…then there's Media That Matters. The Third Annual Media That Matters Film Festival selects the best short films and new media that will inspire you to speak out and take action for social change. It's an all-online festival, presented cleverly alongside real-life resources that address the subject of the film. For instance, check out the humorous film on diversity that asks, "Is My Neighbor Latino?" Or watch "We Were Human," a multimedia production that quantifies the potential impact of spending world military budgets on human services. The festival is presented by, co-presented by the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival and powered by Free Speech TV.

also...some unrelated links:

Dave's Garden

becoming a blogger

Fund for Investigative Reporting and Editing

TechSoup's older article on blogging

Hi there!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Weird 911

Weird 911

or Gates of Delirium

I ran across this review I had written about the Yes concert at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, just a couple of days before 9-11. (see below) I had come to Manhattan to celebrate a friend's birthday on the 6th of September, and was coerced into sticking around a few days. I was having a great time anyway, and they are very dear.

I had not really wanted to go to New York, as I had had all manner of bad feelings, intuitions, synchronicities...which told me not to go, things were going to get very bad very soon, and New York seems to have had a particularly negative sheen about it. Enough to cause me to simply head back home after missing the first plane...although I was urged to go back and get on the next one. After all, they had already booked the flight for me.

I would be interested in hearing if others had also had premonitions, for lack of better word, about impending doom...

Anyway...the Yes concert was, in some strange way, meant to happen. I'm sure they would tell you the same thing.

For more on the Yes reviews, visit YesNet online.

The review:

Venue: New York, NY, September 8

Waves of baraka and emotion rising and exchanging between the band and audience, creating a perfect end to their tour here in sunny Manhattan. Nous sommes du soleil, indeed! And to think...had I not auspiciously flown up from Charlotte, I might have missed this sacred and holy event -- which will likely act upon the beings of those who shared in the darshan in such a way as to make such auspicious pearls of synchronicity a more common occurrence, as
these next potentially troubling weeks and months pass before us one
by one.
And not a day too soon!

So much love passing back and forth tonight! Miracles of palpable love spreading outward from Jon's heart chakras, who seemed ever-keen on its reception as well. One can hardly imagine a more generous pantheon of souls as these masters of music.

Their new works were quite good as well, and one, in particular, struck me exceptional and in the tradition of CTTE, Tales, etc...which I suppose was called Sacred Ground. If it's actually not new, then I apologize. Great song, regardless.

The orchestra conductor was exuberant and tight enough to be
considered a member of the band, IMHO...and the orchestra, from what I could tell, seemed to be enjoying themselves, while not allowing their enjoyment to negatively impact their performance, as it that were even possible.

Magic, wondrous magic...and a pulsing blue light...the soon...

I am tired of using words. I want to replay the concert in my head now.

Thanks, Yes! Thanks, Manhattan!


God, indeed ferocious, devours ludibund Earth

...the horror, the horror...

On the lighter side, a string of nonsense based on yesterday's blogpulse...

OK, this is my test blog. Did you hear the one about Michael Savage?
He is going to join the West Wing line up, unlike Buddy Ebsen (who is not), and the tv show will be moving to Thursday night, or what our ancestors efficiently called Thursnight. You may want to get your digital camera and your hot dogs ready, because there is bad news on the horizon. Yes, Legally blond is going to be required viewing at Summer School (thanks to Big Brother), so you may want to get yer phone calls out of the way before you fall asleep. And remember the 4th of July weekend, and how the Air Force, flanked by government officials, entertained you while hackers peered into your hard drive.

As fiction characters, Harry Potter and President Bush (Mr. Bush) are a good deal more likeable than, say, the all-too-real Michael Savage...who is really no Michael at all. Michael, after all, was an angel...and the only angels anywhere near the punditsphere are Howard Dean and John Edwards. Buddy Ebsen is also one now, but of a different sort. Same goes for Barry White...the antithesis of Ann Coulter.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair and Andrew Sullivan, as brits, still eat very dull fast food, a la Bill Clinton and/or Jed Clampett.

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If Rod McKuen were a hominid


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Blog Glossary

Blog Glossary


noun. The blogosphere (qv) intelligentsia.

Blogger ecosystem
phrase. A chart or lists showing the links between blogs. Also: Blog ecosystem.

variant of "doggerel." Opinion put forward on a blog that has previously been repeated over and over and over again until it makes people sick.
(Coined by The Pontificator)

noun. See Blogosphere.

noun. The totality of blogs; blogs as a community.
However, the term is sometimes used to mean the totality of just warblogs (qv), or pundit blogs (qv) rather than the entire blogosphere (qv). Also see: blogosphere, blogiverse

noun. See blogosphere.

noun. A blog connoisseur.

noun. An unusually high volume output of articles on a blog.

Usage: "Well, 48 hours and 4,195 words later, we're reaching for our dictionary to check the definition of "significantly." After that, we're going to look up blogorrhea."
- William Quick

noun. The totality of blogs; blogs as a community
(coined by William Quick)

1. noun. A list of links in the sidebar of a blog, often linking to other blogs. Also: blog roll.
2. . A blog link management system such as
Also see: Sidebar links

noun. The blog hosting servers operated by More blogs are hosted on blogspot than anywhere else.

1. noun. To be unable to think of anything to blog about, i.e. writer's block for bloggers.
2. noun. To be unable to post an article on your blog because is down yet again.
(meaning 2. coined by Jim Treacher)

noun. A concept or point within an article on a blog that is not quite grandiose enough to be a 'meme'.
(coined by Brian Micklethwait)

1. noun. One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs.
2. noun. One who reads many blogs but has no blog of their own; a blog-watcher or blog voyeur.

Dead-tree media
phrase. Paper newspapers and magazines, also known as Old Media. Also: 'on dead trees'.

noun. Being unable to stop yourself constantly refreshing your browser to see if your hit counter or comments section has increased since the last time you did it (i.e. about 1 minute ago). This often occurs when a 'memorable number' is coming up (such as a blog's hit counter crossing 10,000 or 100,000 or 250,000 visitors etc.) or an unusually large surge of posted comments are attracted by an article.
(coined by Perry de Havilland)

tr.verb. To have your blog mentioned on Also: Instalanche.
Usage: "Holy shit, look at the hit counter! We must have been Instapundited!"
Also see: Slashdotted

Link rot
noun. Over time any large list of links will contain an increasing number of dead links.

Link whore
noun. A blogger (qv) who will go to any lengths to get other bloggers to link to them (the term is usually intended to be humourous). Also: Link slut. Both terms are in fact non-gender specific.

noun. A meme is considered to be a discrete idea that replicates itself, with the connotation that memes replicate themselves and are propagated by people through social and technological networks, much like both real and computer viruses.
(Coined by Richard Dawkins)
Usage: "The sarcastic meme of 'Our friends, the Saudis' continues to spread across the Intenet"
Note: Although not strictly speaking a 'blog specific' term, meme is very widely used in the Blogosphere (qv).
Also see: Meme hack, Meme war

1. noun. A ping is a system administrator tool that is an automated packet of information (64 bytes) sent through a network to another to establish the status of a target system.
2. verb. To ping another site is to send a small automated packet of data to actuate some expected function, such as a Trackback (qv).
PING is an acronym for 'Packet INternet Grouper'

noun. A 'Progressive Weblog'. A blog expressing various left wing political views.
(coined by Madeleine Begun)

Pundit blog
noun. A blog (qv) focused on news punditry. The bulk of a pundit blogs' content will be dissection of, or pointers to, stories currently running in the established media. Pundit blogs are largely the same thing as News blogs. Also: Punditblog.
Pundit blogs form one of the three primary distinct (and largely separate) cultural groups within the blogging world, the other two being Journal blogs and Tech blogs.
The archetypal pundit blog is

190 Bush Lies...and counting

190 Bush Lies...and counting

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Some blog stuff...

BLOGWISE - Blog Directory and Weblog Research

Ever wonder what bloggers in other countries were thinking?
Me neither.
But if you know someone who is not completely xenophobic, you might direct him to this site by Blogwise:

EatonWeb Portal"It's good to be a heathen, as long as you're nice to everyone."
- Politics Portal

Professors Who Blog

Blog City