Friday, August 15, 2003

More Evidence Bush Inc. Caused (or Allowed) Northeast Blackout

Bush Inc. may not have caused 911. But he did allow it.
He may have even caused it. Who knows? He shut the books.

The same can be said about the Great Northeast Blackout...

[Bush is where? In the Southwest. Coincidence?]

Bush Inc. cronies Enron and Reliant were behind the California this event will recall in the minds of many Californians...who, after all, are in a recall kinda state of mind.

One has to ask oneself: Is our "president" petty, vengeful and mean? Like Nixon?
I, for one, suspect he is.

Think back...

Bush spends megabucks and many hours courting California voters in 2000. They do not respond the way he wishes.


Then he gets selected, visits New York (which he openly disdained) and they treat him, well, as one would suspect. America was already going down the tubes. The looting and lotting had already begun. New York embarrassed Bush...


Today, there are a confluence of forces which may have prompted Bush Inc. to whack the Northeast again.

As I said take news from Arnold...and to simply show how all-powerful he fancies himself.

But today I learn from Buzzflash and Greg Palast that there are yet other reasons...

"Is tonight's black-out a surprise? Heck, no, not to us in the field who've watched Bush's buddies flick the switches across the globe. In Brazil, Houston Industries seized ownership of Rio de Janeiro's electric company. The Texans (aided by their French partners) fired workers, raised prices, cut maintenance expenditures and, CLICK! the juice went out so often the locals now call it, "Rio Dark."

So too the free-market cowboys of Niagara Mohawk raised prices, slashed staff, cut maintenance and CLICK! -- New York joins Brazil in the Dark Ages.

Californians have found the solution to the deregulation disaster: re-call the only governor in the nation with the cojones to stand up to the electricity price fixers. And unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov. Gray Davis stood alone against the bad guys without using a body double. Davis called Reliant Corp of Houston a pack of "pirates" --and now he'll walk the plank for daring to stand up to the Texas marauders.

As the Saint Pete Times put it:
This Enron saga is far from over.

Expect the usual chaos and confusion. The many chads. The impossibility of knowing how the blackout started. That sort of ruse...


Thursday, August 14, 2003

"Oh yeah? I'll show you!": Bush takes issue with 'biggest political story'

Bush takes issue with 'biggest political story'

Thursday, August 14, 2003 Posted: 1:07 PM EDT (1707 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Is President Bush a tad jealous of all the attention fellow Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting from the national media?

Speaking to reporters at his Crawford, Texas ranch, Bush seemed miffed this week when one asked him about the recall election in California. The reporter prefaced the question by describing it as the "biggest political story in the country."

That phrase caught the president's attention and he just couldn't let it go.

Surely not...


Is Enron Behind the Blackout?

Is Enron Behind the Blackout?

What a shame that such an idea would naturally come to mind...but recent experience in apparently memory-dead California, lead me to believe that such an occurrence would not be unprecedented...

Bloomberg vs Bush : Who is the real leader?

Bloomberg vs Bush : Who is the real leader?

The contrast between Michael Bloomberg's reassuring and remarkably informed press conference, and Mister Bush's mutterings, could not be more glaring.
Is this, essentially, Mayor Bloomberg's first major national address? Has he greater offices in sight?

Sure would be better than what we have now!

I guess his years as a Democrat paid off...

Koppel duped by "phone terrorist"

Koppel duped by Subgenius Dobbs
Telling Ted Koppel, and millions of others, to go to and watch the video, a caller named "Bob Dobbs", for a good five minutes, unfolded what appears to me to be a massive, and potentially dangerous hoax. I could be wrong, as I have not gone to the website, but at this early date, it sure seems fishy...just as the entire power outage smells of Enron and memory-dead California.


Here is what Google says about the website:

Thank you for taking my call!
Thank you for taking my call! This site is dedicating to spreading word
about the phenomenon of the phone "goof". Sometimes television ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

... 2) CIA Music - Chattanooga Independent Artists The
Goofs Tape Church of Now ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

Talk Radio 102.3 - Website du Jour Archive
... 19 -; Friday, May 16 -; Thursday,
May 15 -; Wednesday, May 14 - www ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

Recreation > Humor > Pranks > Prank Calls
... shows. 40 The Telephone Terrorist
Marketing an audio CD of prank calls by comedian Harry Gio. ... Humor/Pranks/Prank_Calls/ - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

Yep. We were had.

Pray for light.

News Summary


Blackout hits East Coast, Midwest

"Mr. Droopy" Loserman, his facial flab dragging the ground and voice sounding constipated, gets roundly booed for saying that his colleagues ""run the risk of sending a message that they don't know a just war when they see one."

Arnold has been sleeping with California Energy Rapist, Ken Lay.

Hans Blix wants US and UK to stop bullshitting and reveal the final truth.

Al Gore has become the "Standard Bearer" of the Democratic Party.

Enron GATS what Enron wants.

Rove: Florida will be Ground Zero in 2004. Expect usual shenanigans.

Who Owns What?

Monday, August 11, 2003

Will the Pussycrats grow nuts? Will the Media?

[blog in progress]

Will the Pussycrats grow nuts?
Or will they allow the god, Enron, to seal their lips about its role in California's collapse?
TBTM writings and links culled from a DemocraticUnderground thread by RICHM.

The coming fiasco in the California Recall is going to be, IMHO, an unusually literal example of the expression "they can't tell the truth to save their own lives."

The California Democrats are in a perfect position to expose Bush-Cheney for what they really are: gangsters & looters, intent on destabilizing & destroying democratic institutions. The only pretext offered by the rightwing to justify the Calif Recall is the budget fiasco. There are 2 main factors that created the budget deficit: the popping of the high-tech bubble, & the raiding of the Calif Treasury in 2001 by Enron & Reliant -- which was DIRECTLY ABETTED by Bush & Cheney, who went to bat for their Enron pals.

At what point do leaders' connections become treason?

SOME people use words like ‘‘treason'' and ‘‘traitor'' to describe people who disagree with their world view. Many Americans now seem to believe that to disagree with them is simply to be un-American. Nothing could be more un-American than that. I, for one, do not use words like treason or traitor lightly.,1413,207~12044~1555967,00.html

flash mob

flash mob", "flash-mob" or "flashmob"? NAME THAT PRODUCT!

But is it just a product...or is it a tool for Chaos & Confusion?

I'm no expert on flashmobs (or whatever) fact, I've never even been in one. Not sure that I ever will. I do so enjoy sitting. Much easier to write to you, my beloved reader. But I do enjoy linguistics and language. When a new meme makes it to the forebrain, the curiosity is roused, and, when time allows, I will often allow myself to ruminate upon it. Better than fecating upon it, I suppose.

Anyway, back to said flashmob...

Normally, in the evolution of terms, there is a process which goes like this:

When two words are unrelated, they remain apart.
Then, as they begin to be used together, the use of hyphens become the norm.
Finally, as they meld as an word, unhyphenated.
flash mob>flash-mob>flashmob
never the less>never-the-less>nevertheless

Current occurrences on Google are:
flash mob - 38,000
flash-mob - 40,800
flashmob - 15,600

Of course things are skewered by the presence of "Flashmob" as a proper noun...since references could be for the blog named 'Flashmob" and the social phenomena.

In the future, there will be flashmobs of war. Imagine, say, that the Redcoats are marching through Cambridge, heading for Concord and Lexington. The word is put on, and hundreds or thousands of citizens come out to "greet" them.
As it turns out, it sort of happened that way anyway. And the effect was disarming to the British soldiers.

But what if this happened in Iraq? (God forbid)

Maybe it is something in the word, "mob", that throws up warning flags for me...

Even the word, "flash" conjures up imagery of war...

Granted, flashmobs, so far, have probably all been a real hoot. A knee-slapper even. And a way to meet people very quickly. But there is also the fairly new concept (or should I say "product"? -- everyone else is!) known as speed-dating...which will accomplish the same goal, and in fact has it as it's chief goal.
(It is hyphenated because of the two "d"s, no doubt.) 'Twill be interesting to watch the evolution.

I just did a Google News search and found that a flashmob has brought "chaos and confusion" to London's West End. Sheesh! Chaos and Confusion. Bush's 2 favorite C-words. (The other being Conservative.) I really am beginning to smell a rat...or maybe it's a con...

He brought it to Florida, he brought it to Iraq and Afghanistan, and had brought it everywhere he goes.

When Bill Clinton was asked what the Democrats should do (before the 2000 selection), he said: "Seek Clarity".

Clarity...the opposite of Confusion.

Maybe Bush is just projecting his own mind as he spreads chaos and confusion, and maybe flashmobs won't devolve into mere tools for those who would spread chaos and confusion, rather than clarity, sweetness and light. I don't know. I just blog. A blogging machine. Only slightly more advanced than SHRDLU or Eliza...and with the disadvantage of having to eat...which I am about to go and do.

Maybe we all should! How 'bout Maxim's at 2!

For more on the product, check out blogmeister Oxytocin. There you will find much to delight the brain...including why peepees are shaped the way they are.

Republicans are fed up with Bush's incompetence

Republicans are beginning to say they are mad as Hell and not gonna take it anymore...

Biggest Blunder In History?

Here is a letter from a Texas Republican which ends with these words:

Folks, our world image is in free-fall and our egomaniacal invasion of Iraq is still costing Iraqi lives, young American lives and the U.S. taxpayer $4 billion a month. Economic and technological preeminence was evidently not enough — military dominance is more glorious. What was the president's comment when asked about the assassins still killing our troops in Iraq? "Bring 'em on," he says. Sure.

It's time to dump this administration and all its congressional lapdogs. And if the next bunch doesn't clean up this mess, we should dump them, too.

And yes, I've been a registered Republican for over 50 years. Today I'd even vote for Hillary.