Saturday, March 26, 2005

Alan Greenspan: Wrong-Way Corrigan and his irrational lack of exuberance

-THE CUNNING REALIST-: "He has been utterly, disastrously wrong at virtually every important inflection point in his professional career."

Mister Mister, fanks fer dis. Iz ossum.

Humpty dumpty had a great fall...

Mary & the Egg

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Melinama does Shakespeare song

Oh...and Hey!

Would Terri Schiavo WANT the world we've created?

Token Terri Schiavo Grandstand, Part Two

(via The American Street)

I’m a member of the PWDGAFF Synod (People who don’t give a flying f*ck) when it comes to that poor exception to the rule that no people actually die, and so my sympathies have been all but dessicated by the cloaca of inescapable coverage.

Granted, they all seem like sweet people, but Lord knows…to air their laundry for all the world to see would not be something I would wish upon my worst enemies.

It’s a complicated case, and one I know next to nothing about…which is why I tend toward abstraction.

In general, I think family trumps spousery. Spice are not blood.

Back when I thought life was a bowl of cherries; a proverbial walk in the park…I would have opted for life eternal. But life is not a bed of roses…or any other dead metaphor. It is filled with suffering, misery, stupidity, war, poverty, and all manner of ugliness…largely of our own devising.

If we want Terri to have eternal life, how ’bout we clean the place up a bit. Make it a better place for her to come to. Instead we are doing the opposite. As such, she might be better off taking flight.

Anais Mitchell & Etta Lea Tonight in Charlotte

Evening Muse
at the corner of 35th Street and North Davidson Street in NODA.

Follow your ears...

Ogre's Politics & Views: More Guns = Less Crime

or Why I am a Salesman

...where Ogre proves that more guns equals less death, I mean crime.

Why is it that when you live in a town where everyone has guns, there is a peaceful silence?
And why is it that when you live in a town where no one has guns, all you hear is gunfire day and night?

(See: The New Rulebook 2000, volume 2, the Bully Wins series, chap. 4, BushWorld and the Death of Logic)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Didactic Dropout

Didactic Dropout

From the World's Most Obnoxious Types series: Wannabe Professors and Preachers

If you are in a hospital and someone comes in to do surgery on you, and when you inquire as to their credentials, they say "I am not a real doctor, but I know how to sound like one.", you would have a perfect right to be uncomfortable. And were you to decide to decline the offer, few would blame you.

People who have had the benefit of quality instruction, be it from professors, teachers, preachers, rabbis and such, learn to differentiate between those who are truly qualified to instruct and draw out, and those who merely know how to sound that way.

Some of those who are qualified can take on a didactic tone, which is in some ways forgiveable, since they actually do know more about the given subject.

What is truly annoying though is when those who are not really qualified to take on such a tone...take on such a tone. The didactic dropouts, of which there are plenty.

For the sake of one's mental health, one might do well to question those whose ideas are performing daily surgery on one's mind, and realize that mental invasiveness can be as costly and dangerous as physical invasiveness.

Garbage in, garbage out...

Republican Schadenfreude?

Join the discussion!

The other day, Phin took off on a post from Edward Teach, the Blackbeard at Pirate's Cove (and descendant of my Dad's sister's husband, historically), regarding the unhappiness of today's Democrats or NFL (No Fun League).

A discussion ensued...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Token Terri Schiavo Grandstand

or...Why are we such materialists?

We are spirit. When we die, we go back to God where we always were, but were blinded by Ego to think otherwise.

Terri Schiavo is not her body either. To chain her to this world may be an inadvertent act of cruelty, keeping her body alive for our amusement, while preventing her from going back to God.

Why are we such materialists? Why are we blinded by the flesh? No one really owns anything. And everything goes back to where it came.

Ooh! That sounds nasty!

End of grandstand.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ed Cone in the Third Ring of Hell

Our beloved Mister Cone has sunk to a new level today. He was on MSNBC. And he was darned good. They should pay him the big bucks. He'll spend it on groceries and freedom. Not champagne and show.
And to show what a fan I am...I saw it on dialup! It took like an hour! In fits and starts.
Think, fast, and wait indeed!
But again...well worth it! He does us proud, even as they try to give him over to South Carolina...which he promptly corrected. Not something a North Dakotan might think to do.

An eerie anonyMoseslessness again pervades this clip. What am I? Scrambled Eggs?

iddybud summarizes john edwards' first podcast as honorary president of the blogosphere and friend and steward to humanity

the man who should be president speaks through the aerophone
"'We need these blogging leaders to continue to speak out,' said John Edwards, 'We depend on them to continue this fight.'"

Christopher Shays on his party and State's Rights

Christopher Shays' amazing Meehan sculpture

Christopher Shays, one of the VSB (very small bench) of ontologically independent Republicans, reveals his latest creation which he simply calls, "Marty", perhaps as it was only a few months ago that they did Marty Grah, down in Baton Rouge.
I know! I know! I am wrong at every port...including "Nwallins". Deblatterate me with nonsense. Clapperclaw me with fetid swampcheese. Underuncuate my offspring in ghazals of Urdu.
And no, Chris is not really a sculptor either. A bad guess! An attenuated and shopworn lead-in, no more.

Indeed saith Beth:
'My party is demonstrating that they are for states' rights unless they don't like what states are doing.' - CHRISTOPHER SHAYS, Republican congressman of Connecticut, on the Schiavo case. "

And one of the other ontologically independent Republicans, the venerable Senator from Virginia, Senator John Warner, and perhaps the only politician who even vaguely resembles George Washington, physically or spiritually, had this to say:

"This senator has learned from many years you've got to separate your own emotions from the duty to support the Constitution of this country. These are fundamental principles of federalism...It looks as if it's a wholly Republican exercise, but in the ranks of the Republican Party, there is not a unanimous view that Congress should be taking this step." : What Should Al Franken Discuss in Chapel Hill?

"The Al Franken Show" is coming to Chapel Hill on April 13. Al Franken and co-host Katherine Lanpher will broadcast the show live from the Carolina Union Auditorium.

This weekend: Lea Pritchard and Anais Mitchell


Lea of Ishi will be opening for the equally great Anais Mitchell on March 26th at the Evening Muse.