Saturday, November 04, 2006

Neocons cut and run...from the President and his legacy of incompetence.

Ask Perle, Adelman or Frum what they think of the competence of the Bush White House, and you will no longer get happy talk. They failed, and thus the Neocons also failed. Now they have cut and run from both Iraq, and the man who put us there.

Looking for a Swiftboat

When the GOP is in need of a purchases a swiftboat. At the moment, they are swiftboating Harold Ford.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Purple Heart's Kerry Reddens Faces with Anger, While Bush Reddens Faces with Blood

Who is worse? A bad jokester who tells an inconvenint truth, or a bad president who sends American soldiers to their deaths in a war that should never have happened?

Kerry made a goof and apologized. Bush made a goof and keeps on making the goof over and over. The causes for war turned out to be non-existent...and yet our killer president keeps throwing our sons and daughters into the fire just to save his political ass, and keep him from seeming less cowboy. He is an idiot, and an evil one at that. I mean...600,000 people is a lot to kill...don't you think?
Even worse than screwing up a joke...

Real Men Can Handle the Truth : Soldiers ARE dropouts, killers and rapists.

American soldiers are on the top shelf of humanity. They are your Gandhis, your Martin Luther Kings, your Immanuel Kants. They are as great as Rumi and Lao T'se. They invent things, write great novels and compose the world's greatest symphonies. They have PhDs from Harvard and Berkeley and Chapel Hill. They are the world's greatest healers. No one is smarter than an American Soldier. No one has a bigger heart.

On the other hand, there are always anomalies. As such there are also American soldiers who are the opposite of the above. Only recently did the military discuss lowering the standards and accepting drop-outs. Largely because of fact that people are less willing to walk into a fire (unless of course you are a Hero...who can also fly, stop time and so on) recruiters are accepting lower standards, thus, themselves, perpetuating the egregious lowering of standards. But the standards were sadly low from the top and beginning. It's what they call "trickle-down" or "drink this".

Kerry was stupid because, unlike the more clever George, he didn't simply say, when service called, ""Could you take care of this for me?", leave the task to willing dupes like the great Prince Albert Gore Vidal Sassoon, and his evil-twin Osama bin Franklin Roosevelt Greer Garson Kanin Abel Baruch...Sassoon, of course.

Limbaugh, on Cloud 1, claims to have not parodied Michael J. Fox.
Apparently he didn't realize that in becoming, temporarily, someone clearly superior in every way, Rush got to raise his Being significantly before having to go back inside the bowling alley bar of his Mammonical and selfish little life of Me, Me, Me.

I Ching say "Ego take wrong message and run wrong way."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rush Limbaugh admits to being a nothing, yet lectures Senator Kerry (a veteran and a somebody) on military service

The Fat Man's Messiah, the drug and lie addict, the dropout cut and runner, Rush Limbaugh is hyperventilating with such desperation today that one gets the feeling that many of his listeners have dropped him for the vastly superior Michael J. Fox. I guess you can't fool all the people...

The best Rush can do is to say that he has a cousin who attended and taugh at West Point. Yet he thinks that gives him the diploma to lecture Kerry.

The sounds, nay squeaks, of decline.

Why Republicans Suck at Government

The Republicans take the reins of government, drag it to it's knees, rob it of money, and make a supreme mess of it...and then say: "See, I told you government is no good."
But they can't be trusted with business either.
I personally think that much of their problem is egocentrism. Greed, bragging, and so on. Many Democrats are involved in ego-transcendence. Governments work better when they are altruistic.

"Can I use my 30 seconds?" : Dole's Swan Song?

While the Sunday talk shows try to outbore each other -- Tim wasting his hour on state senate debates, George forgetting to invite the truly bright Robert Reich, Chris... just another Bill Krystol -- risible nuggets of pregnancy cannot help but be extruded when it comes to politicians. And yesterday Elizabeth Dole was one of the shining examples. (There were yet others.) I like Mrs. Dole alright, but either she, or her handlers, are, well, whacked out...and may require medical attention. Here is what happened:

Dole, representing the Republicans, was to (sort of) debate Senator Shumer, representing the Democrats. During almost every exchange, Dole monopolized the time, and, as is often the case with Republicans (sorry, but it's true -- much to the chagrin of Democrats who really want to know) answers with whatever she wants to convey, instead of answering the question proffered. But the piece de resistance was when Chris admonished them both to answer the next (and final) question within 30 seconds.

Mr. Shumer used his full 30 seconds. Mrs Dole, much like this sentence, and using the English language, decided, or was told, that it was more important to attack Harold Ford (as I recall) and forget answering any question asked by one of her juniors...who, to his credit, contradicted her -- feeling apparently confident that it is now smart to fly Democrat -- and then, after a minute or two, the now ludibund Mrs Dole, after being cut off by Mr Wallace says: "Can I use my 30 seconds?"

I guess this is what happens when a regime is crumbling.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Impartial, Flawless, Fail-Safe, Tamper-Proof Voting System

In my spare time, I think I will go ahead and create an impartial, flawless, fail-safe, tamper-proof voting system. I can almost smell the fear coming out of the Diebold headquarters, currently in a closet in the Oval Office.