Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thangs overheard in Charlotte, North Carolina


Inspired by the New York version, I have set out to collect thangs overheard around cheer. Thangs such as:

"Assum serium scrotage you got air bugs." (That's some serious scrotage you got there bud.)

"Suck my cat" (Something like that.)

What da hao yaw goan du nao? (What the hell are you all going to do now?)

"Shiiite" (Expletive deleted)

"I eat me some taters but got the squirts." (I ate some potatoes but got the squitters.)

"I had me dis gurl wunst who node how to cook corn pone proper." (I had a girl once who knew how to cook corn pone properly.)

"Yeaite" (Yes, all right.)

"It it'n what you do dat matters. It's who ya do." (It isn't what you do that matters. It's who you do.)

"That dut'n make any scents." (That doesn't make any sense.)

"Tuaabi robi samich." (Two Arby's roast beef sandwiches.)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Admits Bush & Cheney are Uninterested in WMDs

Wantwit and hakenkreuz pickthank, Rush Limbaugh, admitted on his fool's parade today that his proreptious, pseudopresidential paracoitae are indeed unconcerned about finding WMDs. Shocking!
Rush is such a pussy. A bigger wuss has never darkened the airwaves. Shame on him for dissing the White House! When he dies he will go to Hell. Swear! Find him in the ring of opportunism.

Cheneyquiddick: Hunting Monica

Poor Dick Cheney. First he pulls a trigger, then he pulls a Chappaquiddick, and now we hear he may have also pulled a Monica.


But where's the blue dress? A google search only shows Pamela Willeford in a red and white dress. And everyone knows...where there is red and white, there is also blue.

But where is she hiding it? In her butt? (Just kidding! Don't look.)

A dick will do what a dick will do.
I feel sorry for secretive Dick, and his secretions.

Give him a pass on this one, and beseech that he never do it again.

How Bush Raped freedom And democracy

The Height of Roodness

Using Altrustic Concepts for Selfish Ends

Look out Iran! Bush is coming and he's toting Freedom® and Democracy®. And while the American People cherish these concepts, we also cherish them in their highest sense, and not as a convenient lie in order to perform a bait-and-switch slight-of-hand whereby freedom and democracy become merely Freedom and Democracy, which are products designed to separate you, our enemy, from your life.

So now we see Condoleeza Rice asking for a 75 million dollar down-payment for spreading Democracy® over the humanity-strewn sands of Iran -- now that we've done such a killer job of it in Iraq and Palestine. Makes me think of an advertisement idea.

WAR: It's a killer job

or maybe

WAR: The Killer Job

But alas, it is probably already taken. At least I am consoled by Woody Allen, who once almost said: "I used to be an Ahmadinijad addict, now I'm a Bush addict."

As long as we can find new customers for our addicting products -- and slough off those pesky pensions -- the Economy® will do just fine.

The 2005 Koufax Awards: Best Writing

This category seeks to recognize the best overall writing by a lefty blogger. In some cases, nominations were specific for a particular blogger on a group blog. In other cases, the entire blog, whether a singular or group effort, was nominated. I attempted to follow the intent of the nominator.

Mary Beth Williams, the editor, says that "voting will open soon, hopefully next week. For now, get familiar with the best political writing in the blogosphere."

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Importance of the Importance of the Importance of Living


Strange the things we discover while looking for other things. Today, while searching the net for certain concepts contained within the perennial classic guide to living -- "The Importance of Living", by nobel Laureate, Lin Yutang -- I was led to a column called "The Importance of The Importance of Living", by Linda Nicholls, who, among other things, is a great-great-grandmother. I'm not sure of the recency of the photo, but lordy, if it is recent, I would have to proclaim the importance of The Importance of The Importance of Living, at least to the degree to which it may have contributed to the remarkable preservative by-products. For, as Ashley Montagu discovered, evolution is the degree to which we retain youthful characteristics and flexibility. Apes suck at this. We are different. And so in differing degrees.

Frankly, I think Yutang's classic should be read along with Tzu's "Art of War" and Clauswitz' "On War", by those who would choose war as a "viable" option. The "Tao te Ching" and the poems of Rumi would also be useful reads before hurling your citizens into a death and more death situation. Instead of yanking from the top shelf, too many leaders these days pull from much lower shelves. Even the bottom shelf.

Mister Yutang reminds us of the worth of non-soldiers, who are at least as worthy as soldiers and soldier-type folk, for whom taking (or giving) orders is a way of life. But this is but a small part of large life, and one that is to be looked at as unfortunate. Civilization, as Erich Fromm noted, began as an act of disobedience...but may end in an act of obedience.

Fascism feasts when all are of one mind. But who are the enemies of multiculturalism?
Yutang shares Whitman's love for the cosmic and free individual. Groupthink can go to Hell.

Yutang, more importantly, celebrates the importance of humor, particularly as regards political ideologies. When he wrote the book, in the late 30s, Germany was the big offender. Ultra-conservatives East and West are the big offenders today.

The world needs to lighten up. Let the sunshine in!

While the world, buying their philosophy from the bookwall at Wal-Mart, becomes ever purpose-driven, Yutang helps us understand the meaninglessness of such inventions.
While the true purpose of life, which relates to the laws of Heptaparaparshinokh, gets buried among the plethora of infantile fantasies.

A wise man won't be busy, and a busy man can't be wise.