Friday, May 23, 2003

American Senate Laughs at Megalomaniac Murdoch
"These stories of Bush administration dishonesty and abuse have not been denied in the conservative press as much as they have been ignored. In researching this column, I could not find a single substantive defense of Bush's UAV claim, or his filibuster plan, or his uranium allegation, in any elite conservative publication. Fred Barnes last week defended the Texas redistricting plan in The Weekly Standard but, incredibly, never acknowledged the key issue: that states traditionally limit themselves to one redistricting per decade. For conservatives, it seems, this administration's decency and honesty are ideological axioms that require no empirical defense. President Bush is not President Clinton. That's all they need to know. "
The New Republic Online: Character Witness
The NationIndy Media De-Googled

Thursday, May 22, 2003

anna kiss

Stream-of-Consciousness writing from Anna Kiss.
And Then?
Santa Monica Mirror: Mothers To Stage Own Day

"Commentator, author and activist Arianna Huffington and Ohio Congressman, candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination and author of the initiative for the Department of Peace, Dennis Kucinich, will kick off the event.
Huffington and Kuchinich will be followed by other special guests and a concert featuring Ricki Byars Beckwith, Director of the Agape Choir, Jacqueline Fuentes, Barbara Williams, and the Los Angeles Women’s Circle. "
Move Over, Right Wing Radio - the Liberals Are Coming

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Hacked By ShelzZ
Message on page:
Hacked By ShelzZ.
ShelzZ Own U'r lamo box. Russia cool. Only Russia.

Gr33tz: DWC, DHG, GipsHack, and to all my friends. Admins fuck off
Fake Teeth Fambly Names

Monday, May 19, 2003

How Does George W. Bush Compare with Other Presidents on Job Creation? - BuzzFlash Reader Commentary

How Does George W. Bush Compare with Other Presidents on Job Creation?

by Rick Gilmore

Presidental Term and Jobs created per month:

Truman 1: 60,000
Truman 2: 113,000
Eisenhower 1: 58,000
Eisenhower 2: 15,000
Kennedy: 122,000
Johnson: 206,000
Nixon 1: 129,000
Nixon/Ford: 105,000
Carter: 218,000
Reagan 1: 109,000
Reagan 2: 224,000
G. Bush: 52,000
Clinton 1: 242,000
Clinton 2: 235,000
G.W. Bush: 69,000 jobs DESTROYED per month

- Since Bush signed the biggest tax cut in American history in June of 2001, more then 1.7 million jobs have been destroyed in the economy.

- Even if Bush's new tax cut does create 1 million new jobs by the end of 2004, as he claims, his presidency will still have destroyed nearly 3 million jobs.

- Bush is about to become the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over a 4-year economy that destroyed jobs.

- The only two Republican presidents to fail in reelection bids were named Hoover and Bush.

Average Monthly Job Creation Since Truman:

Democrat Presidents: 171,000 jobs created per month
Republican Presidents: 78,000 jobs created per month

Rick Gilmore

The New Yorker: Online Only

"AMY TÜBKE-DAVIDSON: You spent four months watching Fox News. What did you see?

KEN AULETTA: I saw a news network that was not, as advertised, free of bias and "fair and balanced." This is not to say that Fox News doesn't do some things well. It is to say that the network, like many political candidates, is not always what it claims to be. The network proclaims, "We report. You decide." But, too often, Fox both reports and decides. The anchors are opinionated throughout the day, not just in the evening hours, with Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity. Too often, the commentators tilt to the right and don't provide both sides—certainly not the nonconservative side—and many of the network's "liberal" commentators are somewhat meek. Many Fox reporters do offer opinions. In its desire to right the excesses of what it sees as liberal press bias, Fox often goes overboard.

Who watches Fox News?

The largest segment of cable-news viewers is made up of conservatives. According to a Pew Research Center poll, forty-six per cent of Fox viewers identify themselves as conservative, compared with forty per cent of CNN viewers. But, because Fox viewers are more intense, they watch seventy per cent more cable news than CNN viewers do. This intensity of viewing on Fox helps account for its ratings success, since length of viewing and not just total number of viewers is counted by the Nielsen ratings service. Fox's core viewers are conservatives, and they would seem to identify with Fox as their club for news. Thus, on the occasion of Ronald Reagan's birthday, in February, Fox treated it as a cause for celebration, with live remotes throughout the day from the Reagan ranch and with interviews with former friends and associates." MORE...


Why did the lucrative school testing contracts, which are the main part funded from the "no child left behind" bill, get passed along to your cronies?

How many Enron executives have gone to jail?

Recently, a Fox News reporter was fired for refusing to report a lie. She sued for wrongful termination, but on appeal, the courts held that the United States has no law that requires news to be true. Do you support this opinion?

Mr. Bush has had several skin lesions removed from his face. Why is it, then, that he does not support environmental legislation that would help reduce skin cancer?

To what extent does this administration appreciate and follow the lessons in...
Mein Kampf?

Does Mr. Bush believe that certain parts of the Constitution are outdated?

Why did George Bush Sr. give clemency to known terrorist Orlando Bosch, who admits to setting at least 40 bombs and blew up an airliner carrying 73 passengers?

Can you please explain why Mr. Bush thought an embezzler was an appropriate choice for a leadership position in Iraq?

As you'll recall H.R. Haldeman ended up getting indicted; John Mitchell, who held the position now held by John Ashcroft, went to jail. Do Andrew Card and John Ashcroft fear for their own rectal virginity?

Where are the WMD you promised us? (State of the Union speech, Jan. 2003: "25,000 liters of anthrax ... 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin ... materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent ... upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents ... several mobile biological weapons labs ... thousands of Iraqi security personnel ... at work hiding documents and materials from the U.N. inspectors."

You describe yourself as a military fighter pilot. Is it true that you were suspended from flying? Where were you in 1972? photocopies of George Bush military documents

Why did you shoot journalists in Iraq?

Who short sold United and American right before 9-11?

After Andrew Card notified you on 9-11 that America was under attack, why did you spend almost 20 minutes reading a story about a pet goat? Documentation on this

What are the plans to balance the social services spending in Iraq vs. in the United States?

Is it true that the tax cuts are actually a way to force changes in our social services infrastructure, eliminating the safety net and rolling back service to pre-FDR times?

Three times, you have stated that it would be easier to be a dictator. It's getting easier, don't you agree?

Why did you ask the president of Brazil if there are any blacks there?

Why did your administration lobby Tom Daschle to drop the investigation of 9-11?

Why haven't you let the public see the 800-page 9-11 investigation report?

Why do you overreact so to a little old lady like Helen Thomas, who has interviewed every president for 40 years?

When Florida was called for Gore, why did Mr. Bush insist that results were going to change?

How do you explain the worldwide animosity America now faces?

Why did you not take steps to protect the museums and nuclear power plants in Iraq?

If universal healthcare is important for Iraq, why not here?

Will you, Mr. Bush, take the tests that you require schoolchildren to pass?

Why did Bush tell the FBI to back off the bin laden family?

What will you do to make sure elections are properly audited in the next election?

Mr. Bush appears to have trouble slurring his words and has gin blossoms on his face. Has he resumed his substance abuse habits?

Does Mr. Bush resort to the use of look-alikes and doubles in public events?

And why hasn't Worldcom been prosecuted for its 9 billion accounting fraud?

When Mr. Rumsfeld illustrates his words with a hand like a claw is he trying to remind us of that movie "Liar Liar" with Jim Carey?

I'd like to ask why Bush and Powell both cited a forged document as evidence of Iraq's alleged nuclear program, even though the C.I.A. told them it was a fake.

Why did NORAD deviate from Standard Operating Procedure on the morning of 9-11, failing to scramble jets?

Why did the administration deny that it was drafting a second Domestic Security Enhancement bill (Patriot Act II)?

(Question from the back!) With Homeland Security initiatives like First Responders being under-funded how do you reason that creating more foreign enemies is making us any safer?

Why is it that $65 million was invested in investigating Clinton's penis, and $50 million allocated to investigate the Columbia shuttle disaster, yet only $3 million was allocated to investigate 9-11?

Why has the Justice Dept. consistently refused to supply information to Congress on how the USA PATRIOT Act is being implemented, especially in light of the fact that passage of the act was conditional upon adequate oversight by Congress?

Why is Mr. Bush so anxious to seal records that are nearly 20 years old?

Why did the President renege on his campaign promise to support the Kyoto Treaty on global warming?

Where were you, Mr. Bush, between 1972 and 1973 when you were supposed to be in the national guard? (more info)

How do you justify the budget cuts for veterans benefits at precisely the time you are ramping up the military for permanent war?

Is it true that you are recruiting soldiers in Mexico?

What exactly did you mean when you referred to 9-11 as "hitting the trifecta?"

WHy did the White House start taking Cipro right after 9/11 and why didn't they advise the American people that an attack was imminent?

Why did anthrax only go to Democrats and media enemies?

Why doesn't the press ask and follow up on these questions?

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" in my most scolding tone of voice.

Mr. Bush has been reported as saying to a common man in Philadelphia, "who cares what you think?" Is this view of Mr. Bush's reserved for "little" people, or everyone?

Mr. Bush*, do you still "not give a damn" where Osama Bin Laden is?

Why have we relegated free speech to designated "First Amendment Zones?"

More importantly, why are people rounded up and arrested before protests, held without charges, and then released?

In 1989, you reportedly said that you are a media creation. Has anything changed?

Why have people started saying "be careful what you say?"

Why would Mr. Bush rather play golf on lushly watered greens in the desert than talk to citizens at a town meeting?

Why redact information about 9-11 by classifying it when it is on videotape and has already been printed in the newspaper?

Do you feel it is an abuse of power to classify 9-11 documents in order to avoid embarrassment for the administration about evidence that it failed to act?

On the morning of 9-11, why was Cheney hustled to a secure location while Bush was not?

Why is broadcasting knowingly false news legal in America but illegal in England?

Who exactly was with Cheney in his secret underground government? Rummy? Perle? Wolfowitz? Powell?

What is the LEGAL definition of a "shadow government?"

Is it true that it cost $800,000 to $1 million for the "Top Gun" photo op on the aircraft carrier?

What precisely did Bush mean when he promised a "humble foreign policy" while campaigning for president?

(Inappropriate question): Would you trust the chastity belts for your twins if they had the same locking mechanism as your "lockbox" for Social Security

Where are the WMD?

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Virtual Azerbaijan (VAR): Refugees and IDP's of Azerbaijan / - Lawmakers blast Pledge ruling - June 27, 2002

"And to the Republicans"

I pledge egregious servitude to the graven images of the United States of America, and to the Republicans for which it stands, one nation fanatical, very divisible, with bigotry and injustice for all.

"The Real Pledge of Allegiance"
I pledge allegiance to the spirit of the United States of America, and Democracy for which it stands, one nation, a unity of diversity, with liberty, freedom and justice for all.