Saturday, September 18, 2004

anonyMoses predicted Iraq Water War back in May

On one of my "dump blogs" called "NUCULUS" (as yet developed), I predicted there would be a war over water in Iraq.

Well, here it comes...

BUSH: "You're Gonna Get Drafted"

Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest wrote a piece for us to share with our younger citizens. (via Matt Gross)
Distribute widely...

The Draft – A Reason to Vote if You’re Under 30

You already blew it: You didn't vote last time, or voted for Nader or Bush, and now you're gonna get drafted. There's no way around it now, the draft is almost a certainty.

You're hearing about Reserve and National Guard units being called up, and about people not allowed to leave the military even though their term is up. Have you thought about what this means to you? You KNOW this means they're having trouble finding enough soldiers to go to Iraq, right? Of course Bush doesn’t want to start the draft BEFORE the election. Duh! But what do you think happens the day AFTER the election?

I repeat, they are having trouble finding enough soldiers to go to Iraq. Think about it. Right, you're gonna get drafted.

Or, maybe you think they can't do that? Maybe you think the draft doesn't happen in America. Maybe you think they can't just grab your ass up off the street, stick a rifle in your hands and send you off to war? Of course not, that NEVER happens. Right.

WAR. Yes, that word. The word you have been hearing from Bush’s lips for months now. "I'm a WAR president", he says. Well, what did you think war MEANS? Somebody ELSE’S war? Did you think it means you get to watch a TV show with planes and stuff?

No, WAR means young people getting grabbed up off the street and sent off to fight. That. Is. What. War. Is.

And, by the way, women and students are NOT going to be exempt this time. Maybe not even rich kids. ONLY the children of politicians will be exempt. THIS TIME.

So, are you finally ready to do something about it THIS TIME? Which candidate do you think is more likely to grab your ass off the street and send it to Iraq? Which candidate do you think is more likely to start a war with Iran, or Syria, or maybe even North Korea? Like Bush says, we're at war, and that's the issue in this election. Well, THAT’S what you should be thinking about THIS TIME.

So vote. THIS TIME.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Oops Iraqalypse!

Mission Accomplished.
Bush can go home now.

Kerry/Edwards '04

Bush/Cheney & The Nightly News: Too little too late

What do the Bush/Cheney administration have in common with the Nightly News?
In a phrase: "Too little, too late."

After three years of sluggish incompetence, the Bush/Cheney administration is trying to calim any recent uptick as proof of their good works. But it is too little, too late.

The Nightly News, bless their hearts, has 15 or 20 minutes to funnel the world into a news capsule for popular consumption. But invariably it is too little, too late.
And they waste their 15 minutes on Michael Jackson and poorly cloaked pharmaceutical ads deguised as news.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

George W. Bush

Old and Irresponsible

Kerry/Edwards: Code Green

Kerry/Edwards will return America to Code Green,
a place it has never been under Bush.
One might even think he profits from it
being that way.
John Kerry knows that a fear-free society
is a healthy society.
And the health of the citizens
come before the wealth of the few
who would exploit fear
for financial gain.
And John Kerry knows that,
just like under Clinton,
America can live in a green world,
and not a code red, yellow or orange.
There is simply no reason why a farmer in Iowa
should have to live in fear,
when the likelihood for terror
happening in his fields
is actually zero.
Choose hope, not fear.
Choose John Kerry and John Edwards.
They will make America safer
and healthier,
and will get America's financial house in order.
You can help.
Learn how at

[This ad was written by Anonymoses Hyperlincoln, and may be used freely.]

Bush will burn your passport...

...and kill your business.

The World Likes Americans, but dislikes Bush.
If we re-elect Bush, the world will dislike Americans too.

Want to go overseas?
Want to do business overseas?

If your answer is YES...

Vote for John Kerry.
Show the World that we care what they think.

You do not have to burn your passport.
You can travel and do business overseas.

It's easier if you are welcome there.
Bush has sadly made us unwelcome.
And to rehire him would spell universal unwelcome.

Think outside the box.
Travel outside the box.

Vote John Kerry in November.
Give yourself a passport to the world.

We can repair the damage.
It's as simple as a vote.

Vote wisely.
Indeed, vote worldly.
Vote Kerry/Edwards in November.
The future is our friend.
And Peace is better than War.
[This ad was written by Anonymoses Hyperlincoln, and may be used free of charge.]

RNC to change name to RNBC

Republicans Not Colored (RNC) have decided to absorb their media unit (NBC) and call the new entity RNBC. This, they say, will provide "balance" to their Conservative media arm, CNBC.
Back to you, Dan.

Angry Bear asks: "Where's my Recovery?"

It's time to take stock of how the US economy has recovered from the recession of 2001. Unfortunately, the scorecard is not good; the current recovery is the weakest recovery from a recession in recent history.

John Sayles: Infotainment at the RNC

John Sayles is the director of Silver City which opens nationwide September 17. He also directed Matewan and Return of the Secaucus 7.

Here, he takes on the RNC.

Harvard B-School Prof Outs Bush

Harvard Business School

A professor of GW Bush tells how Bush told him of his connected pussilanimosity.

"What I couldn't stand -- and I told him -- he was all for the U.S. to continue with the Vietnam War. That means he was all for other people, Americans, to keep on fighting and dying."

The Curse of the W

CHARLOTTE--During the preview show leading to the game between the Panthers and the Packers, one Charlotte talkinghead repeatedly said" We need a W" "Bring us a W". (He meant "win" but also meant "Bush".


I think he cursed the game by trying to tie a win to a Bush.

Thanksalot! W doesn't mean "win". It clearly means "wrong".

Paul Wolfowitz found to be weird composite of Bush and Alfred E. Bushman

Image Hosted by
Paul Wolfowitz

RAW STORY columnist, Avery Walker, on the Blogosphere

Image Hosted by
Iddybud in 3-D

Now, I love oxblog, wonkette, iddybud and American Amnesia as much as the next guy. More, in fact. These people find stories that have otherwise slipped through the cracks and follow them with a tenacity that print journalists sorely lack. But we have to remember that these people have some of the best blogs out there.

Mister Walker makes some good points about how to keep your blog from being moribund and shallow. Although I disagree with his condemnation of stream-of-conscious writing, I find that most of what he says rings true. An enjoyable read for bloggers and those who want to know more about blogs...


Monday, September 13, 2004

Exposing more 9/11 lies: The Things We Breathed

I knew they were lying to us at the time, and now, after time has passed, the truth starts to come out...

Image Hosted by
anonyMoses, spaced

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the air was not so bad. Nothing like what the folks at the tip of the island had to suffer. But it was bad enough to kill the flowers. It was bad enugh that we had to put wet towels over our air conditioners to keep down the particulates. But it was "perfectly safe" least according to the official reports at the time. Some people actually believed it. I was not one of them.

I knew I was breathing asbestos, burnt human remains, and all manner of horrible substances. And I knew I was just one of millions who were also told to stay put.
Were the truth known, there may well have been a total evacuation. That is, if you weren't leaving by plane. They were grounded.

The fires burned for weeks and weeks, and there was an occasional respite, when the wind shifted directions and blew the smoke, pollution and burnt remains away from the bulk of the island.

I once tried talking a walk through Central Park, a few days after September 11th, but the air was so unsustaining that I had to lie down and fall asleep...which I did for Lord only knows how long.

But look. Rather than trying to make people afraid, let me say instead that most people survived. And some may walk away entirely unscathed.

And surely people in, say, Tulsa or Phoenix or Butte, Montana needn't worry about terrorism, as the likelihood of it reaching them is microscopically thin indeed. And small towns should worry even less.

The best way to beat terrorism is to never fear. Once you fear, they have won.

There should be classes in fearlessness, like happens amongst Buddhists. If no one feared, terrorism would dry up. So again...there is nothing to fear but fear, itself.

I will probably write more about Fearlessness education, as I do think it is a low-cost way to win and even having fearlessness is a virtue in and of itself. Like Patience.

BushMedia Pushes Mushroom Cloud Bullshit

Careful, or I'll hit you with this!

They are simply trying to scare us again, so we will vote for Bush. Don't believe them this time... They are known to lie about such matters.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Business Abandons Bush

The World is too Important for Business, and the World says no to Bush

Business people are beginning to realize that Bush is bad for their future, and are starting to shop around. I think this will become a winning avenue of opportunity for Mister Kerry...


They are "they"

The New Media Elite and why they hate you

The Fearful Cloister

by Anonymoses Hyperlincoln

The fearful cloister at The Fearful Cloister...

Poland, Nigeria and The Philipines favor Bush

Only 3 countries in the world want Bush to win.

It's the World, Stupid - Part 4