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More on Bush's shameful Coup D'etat in Haiti

More on Bush's shameful Coup D'etat in Haiti: Guns smuggled from South Florida arming Haitians

An interview with Ira Kurzban, Aristide's lawyer

Ira Kurzban (Ira): Let me be clear that this is not a rebellion. This was a coup d’etat. It was a coup d’etat directed by, operated by, and equipped by the United States intelligence services...

No, Harold Lloyd is not Anonymoses

A photo of Harold Lloyd, not Anonymoses

Granted, I did look a bit like this in my college days, and I do have Lloyds in my ancestry, but to my knowledge this is a picture of screen comic, Harold Lloyd, and not me.
Sorry to disappoint. I do, however, often feel like I am falling, but suspect it is simply Weltschmertz brought on by BushWorld.

Ohio gentleman quits the Republicans, vows to vote for Edwards

Why I’m quitting the Republican party ... an exclusive

Welcome aboard, friend! May your decision ripple throughout the land...and bring kindred spirits in their wake.

2 lucky people are promised jobs in Bush's economic "recovery"

Bush's Economic Indicator: 2 New Jobs (

Someone take this man to an asylum. He has completely lost it now.
When a stooge at one of his "planned spontaneity" events said he might be able to put 2 new people to work, George W. Bush saw this as proof of his prowess as an economic generator.

The only 2 new jobs that are necessary to make a real change in the economic climate are those of John Kerry and his running mate.

Unemploy Bush. Let him see how it feels to be today's American.

Republicans stole 4000+ pages of Democratic documents over a period of 18 months

Republicans stole 4000+ pages of Democratic documents over a period of 18 months

"A 65-page report by the Senate Judiciary Committee concludes that Orrin Hatch's senior counsel Manuel Miranda, and other Republican staffers, stole 4000+ pages of Democratic documents over a period of 18 months. Though Hatch says he's 'mortified,' his heartfelt defense of privacy rings hollow after found that both Hatch and Miranda had appeared several times with obscure right-wing radio show host Kay Daly, as little as a week before she became the first to leak the memos to the public. "

China plans to create nine million jobs in 2004 - Ni hui shuo zhongwen ma? "China plans to create nine million jobs in 2004 "
Thanks to iddybud for showing how pisspoor George is doing. What a contrast!

Bush's Great Debate -- With Himself - or The Vagina Monologues, Part 2

Bush's Great Debate -- With Himself - or The Vagina Monologues, Part 2

NewsMax's Season of Silliness

NewsMax's Season of Silliness: "All that respectability NewsMax has been aiming for of late seems to be going out the window. It's returning to the journalistically slack, hyper-partisan silliness we've all come to know and love. "

Plamegate: Air Force One Phone Records Subpoenaed

Plamegate: Air Force One Phone Records Subpoenaed
Grand jury to review call logs from Bush’s jet in probe of how a CIA agent’s cover was blown

Clamor Music Festival - celebrating independent media

Clamor Magazine - Clamor Music Festival

Campaign to stop the war profiteers

The Institute for Southern Studies
Join the Campaign to

A handful of well-connected corporations are poised to make billions in profits off the death and destruction of war in Iraq.

Merchants of misery like Bechtel, Halliburton, MCI and others — many with scandal-ridden records — are raking in massive profits through insider “reconstruction” contracts. Other multinationals are leading a “second invasion” of corporate interests seeking to seize control of Iraq’s oil, water and other resources — resources that belong to the Iraqi people.

It’s time to stop the war profiteers and corporate looters of Iraq. Join Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, and others in the campaign today!

"basic tactics of the war profiteer – over-charging, cutting corners, and seeking to conceal the truth "

The Institute for Southern Studies
"MAKING A KILLING: The New War Profiteers"
From the winter 2003/2004 issue of Southern Exposure, the award-winning magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies

the basic tactics of the war profiteer – over-charging, cutting corners, and seeking to conceal the truth about what is going on – remain familiar. Indeed, the Bush administration’s open policy of connecting the Iraq military operation to economic goals of controlling the country's oil, water and other key resources and industries has drawn charges that the U.S. is engaging in that most elemental form of war profiteering: plunder.

BartCop's most recent rants - excerpts

BartCop's most recent rants
There are seven sins in the world:
Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principle.'

-- Mahatma Gandhi

"Karl Rove has modeled the Bush presidency on that of William McKinley (1897-1901)
and modeled himself on Mark Hanna, the man who virtually manufactured McKinley.
Mark Hanna saw to it that Washington was ruled by business, railroads, and public utility corporations."

--Bill Moyers, who the Freepers got fired from PBS

"I support a Constitutional Amendment to define 'marriage'" as it is in the Bible.
Multiple wives and huge dowries. If we're going to have laws based on religion, let's do it right.

-- Baron Dave

Friday, March 05, 2004

How Godless Moneywhores Behave: Screw things up, then charge to fix it.

In These Times | War Profiteering and You

So the vice president’s former employer’s been in the news a lot lately. Bilking the U.S. government for millions in Kuwaiti oil imports to Iraq, turning the other way as employees take bribes, overcharging the Army for food served in mess halls.

It's the old "Screw things up, then charge to fix it". Infra dig. At least for those who still have integrity and a working conscience...

Short Takes: News From All Over - Utne Reader

Short Takes: News From All Over (Articles) Staff

-US Plans to Move Military Bases From Saudi Arabia to Iraq
-Blogging While Anti-Black
-Appropriating the Internet for Global Activism
-The Hispanic Challenge
-The Web's Wildest Art Site?

The Web's Wildest Art Site?
Click on the little Pokemon monster and the screen switches to an odd assemblage of pipes that disappear one by one as your cursor touches them. Click on the oval radiator shapes and a black-and- white animated photo appears of a little girl clutching an odd teddy bear. Click on that and get a muscleman flexing...and on and on into the wild, interactive, and constantly altered art world of Ben Benjamin and his site, Superbad. It's surreal eye candy for the tireless mouse manipulator. -- JS

Do Presidents Really Affect the Economy?

TAP: Web Feature: Econ Chamber. by Jared Bernstein and Lawrence Mishel. March 5, 2004.:
"Do Presidents Really Affect the Economy? "

"Comcast is the Wal-Mart of the telecommunications industry" - Taking The Low Road: "Comcast is the Wal-Mart of the telecommunications industry: workers have no pensions, their wages and benefits are $16,000 lower than a comparable worker in the telecommunications industry and they have to pay more than $100 a month for family health care coverage, according to an analysis by the Communications Workers of America. "

Documents prove that Bush ignored his commitment to the United States military

Documents prove that Bush ignored his commitment to the United States military: "Documents prove that Bush ignored his commitment to the United States military"

Where was George?

Is Bush's hateability going to be an election year issue?

I should start out by saying that I do not hate Mister Bush.
But I'm not going to.
Instead I'm going to say why I love the man.
He is one of God's children.
With emphasis on the children part.
Were he mature, he would have outgrown what we adults call "his ego".
He hasn't. And because he hasn't, he come across as a feller who is still locked in his frat years. His values have yet to show any simulacrum of evolution. But then again...they don't believe in evolution.

I do not hate Mister Bush. OK...I said it, and mean it. But I do wish he would attain cosmic consciousness already. What on earth is he waiting for?

Many are not so kind as yours truly. And many people, the world over, actually hate the man. And this hateability might well become an issue this year, if it hasn't already.

God-willing, Mister Bush will at least try to snap to, and give Senator Kerry at least the appearance of a challenge. But Kerry, as they say, has a "likeability problem", as if being likeable were a bad thing. At least he doesn't have a "hateability problem". Much more severe.

But I would suggest to Mister Bush that he stop himself from hating, and then his own bad karma might follow suit.

It's all so confusing sometimes.
Don't hate.
Just make Bush the Baseball Commissioner.
And leave mature problems to mature people.

Gay W. Bush: 1 - 7 of about 16

Google Search: "Gay W. Bush"

For the last time...George W. Bush is not gay. How could he be? He is a married man, and thus there had to be someone from a different sex involved. The whispering campaign is nothing but that. Do not believe yours ears. He is married, and he is also said to be a president or something. and one cannot be either and be gay. Sheer craziness I tell you. Don't believe your ears!

What's going on with the Bushes and the World - Connecting dot com Democrats

Some of what you should know...

AP Features the First Bogus Corporate Poll of the Election Season
Right on cue, within 48 hours of Bush's official launching of his campaign, AP (American Propaganda), released its first trumped up poll.

International Suspicion and Anger Directed at Bush Grows in Wake of Haiti Coup
...if Mr Aristide had been prised from power against his will, it would have 'serious consequences and ramifications for the respect of the rule of law and democracy the world over.

Bush Manipulating the Strategic Oil Reserves for Corporate Gain
Guess who benefits on this deal? Yep! His pals in the oil industry.

World and US Differ Dramatically in View of Bush, Thanks to Our Media
...a whopping 60% to 90% of people in several countries see Bush as having a negative role in world affairs, 57% of Americans say they think Bush has a positive role. Why do they think that? Because the US media WANTS them to think that...

GOP National Committee Caught Laundering At Least $250,000 in Illegal Donations from Fannie Mae
...a quarter-million-dollar case of GOP fraud is being tucked into the news background with euphemistic titles like 'RNC Pays FEC Fine' instead of 'RNC Siphons $250,000 in Illegal Funds from Federal Loan Company.'

BUSH: "belligerent, disdainful of allies, in thrall to special interests and rather stupid"

Business Day

Is this Bush's new campaign slogan?
Just a suggestion!

Alan Greenspan: The World's Most Duplicitous Man

Greenspan's Con Job

From THE NATION and William Greider:

It is not exactly that he lies, but Alan Greenspan certainly ranks among the most duplicitous figures to serve in modern American government. Using his exalted status as economic wizard, the Federal Reserve chairman regularly corrupts the political dialogue by sowing outrageously false impressions among gullible members of Congress and adoring financial reporters. These distortions are not harmless; they become solemn writ for lawmakers and opinionmongers. Greenspan is especially destructive when he opines on public matters outside his supposed expertise as a central banker. His thinking is still anchored by Ayn Rand's brittle social philosophy: Let the strong prevail, let the weak pay for their weakness.

Why Haiti was a Coup D'Etat

Coup in Haiti

From THE NATION article:

What happened in Haiti was a coup d'état, and it's almost funny to hear Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and Scott McClellan call that claim "absurd" and "nonsense." The coup didn't come in one fell strike, which fact camouflaged it for a time; we're used to a coup being a coup--which means a cut or blow in French--something sudden. But the coup against Aristide, and by extension against the Haitian people, was prolonged, a chronic coup. It began when Aristide was first elected at the end of 1990 and continued right up until he was hustled aboard a plane and flown to what he was told would be a place of his choice but that turned out to be the former homeland of fabled killer and diamond collector Jean-Bédel Bokassa, a country where, according to the CIA country report available on the web, a ten-year elected civilian government was recently replaced by a military coup d'état. Sound familiar?

One thing about coups: They don't just happen. In a country like Haiti, where the military has been disbanded for nearly a decade, soldiers don't simply emerge from the underbrush; they have to be reorganized, retrained and resupplied. And of course, for something to be organized, someone has to organize it. At the end of the 1700s when heroic fighters like Henry Christophe, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Toussaint L'Ouverture joined forces to overthrow the French planters, they did it in a fashion quite similar to these latter-day brigands. Driving into one city after another with sabers drawn, burning and looting and seizing control, they took the north and then moved southward. Even then, with their scant means of communication, they planned it, they organized it. And they too had help from abroad--from the Americans, in fact.

In the current coup, there are several players. There is the disgruntled former Haitian army (an institution with a violent and unpalatable recent history), which has been wielded many times in the service of coups d'état, often subsidized by its masters, the elite of Haiti. The elite, too, had their hand in this coup--it's hard to believe in this day and age, but they must be called the entrenched class enemies of the Haitian people. There is "a growing enthusiasm among businessmen to use the rebels as a security force," said a news report from the Los Angeles Times after the remnants of the Haitian army that helped engineer the coup descended on the capital. "[The businessmen] welcomed the rebels."

Glenn blasts Bush's space exploration plan - Glenn blasts Bush's space exploration plan: "CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- U.S. space pioneer John Glenn said today that President Bush's space exploration plan 'pulls the rug out from under our scientists' and might waste too much money to ever put astronauts on Mars. "

Edwards' message will stay with Dems

WorkingForChange-Edwards' message will stay with Dems:
"Edwards was a pioneer in explaining what President Bush's tax policies mean: a transfer of the burden of taxation from 'wealth' to 'work.' "

Soaring gas prices give gas-guzzlers an added boost of prestige

Yahoo! News - U.S. sees cause for concern over gas

Hummerers delight! Now people think you are REALLY loaded, now that Bush's gas miracles are creating even higher prices. And you can even take some responsibility in the soaring prices!
How responsible you are! We walkers think you are just the cat's meow!
Not so much that we want to be like you, but you do provide a needed spectacle in the Bush-led ennui we are yawning through...

North Carolina is in Play - Edwards could put NC in Kerry column - News - North Carolina Democrats Proud Of Race Run By Edwards

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bush Campaign Ads Brought to You by Special Interests; Industries That Give to Bush Get Their Money’s Worth

Public Citizen | Press Room - Bush Campaign Ads Brought to You by Special Interests; Industries That Give to Bush Get Their Money’s Worth

Finally! The Media gets a Liberal Outlet!

New York Post Online Edition: entertainment

Yes the vast Liberal Media is actually 1 radio channel... to Counter Bush's Ad Blitz

Yahoo! News - to Counter Bush's Ad Blitz: "WASHINGTON - A Democratic-leaning online group will run television commercials in 17 presidential battleground states starting Thursday to counter President Bush (news - web sites)'s multimillion-dollar advertising blitz that will begin the same day. "

Why DOES George W. Bush look so much like Karen Hughes?

Wilson to Reveal Alleged Leaker of Wife's Name to Novak

Wilson to Reveal Alleged Leaker of Wife's Name to Novak

"Ah...YOU did it, Bob!"

Kerry's VP List - Edwards and Clark are the best shot

CBS News | Kerry's VP List | March 3, 2004?11:49:12

CHARLOTTE--Howard Dean is awesome. But I can't see how he would add much to Kerry's chances of winning the presidency. By virtue of being the last of the so-called "top tier" candidates standing far, granted... Senator John Edwards has shown that he can not only win votes on his own, he is in ascendancy. He is also handsome, a gifted speaker, a man of the people, smart, good-hearted, and Southern. General Wes Clark is also all of those things, although he didn't get as many votes as Edwards, But has the added advantage of a distinguished military career...thus adding so much gravitas to a Kerry ticket as to make Bush-Cheney seem laughable by comparison...even with their self-touted on-the-job experience, and, of course, Bush's brilliant stealth tactics while in the National Guard.

Of all the other possible candidates Mr. Meyer mentions, the only one that should even be considered is Senator Hillary Clinton. But I tend to think Edwards could achieve what she could bring, and then some. The others are simply untested, or tested and failed. Edwards and Clark have been tested and vetted...and have met with considerable approval.

Al Gore might make an interesting "wild card", as would someone outside the usual suspects, like a Robert Redford or an Oprah Winfrey.

But of the usual suspects...don't stray too far from Edwards or Clark. If you do, you lose...or make it much harder on Kerry.

Think synergy! All democratic forces should converge to send Bush packing.
The fate of the world is at stake.

Continuity Guide to The West Wing Characters

Continuity Guide to The West Wing Characters

Ever want to know what jobs the good folks on West Wing are performing, so to speak? Here is a good place to start placing names to faces to titles. It may be instructive when considering who might fill these positions under a Kerry Administration...

Jude interviews Judge Gray Syracuse politics: "California Libertarian Judge James P. Gray"



What do it mean?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Iraq had no WMD after 1994 - More on the useless deaths and killing in Iraq - U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994: "UNITED NATIONS — A report from U.N. weapons inspectors to be released today says they now believe there were no weapons of mass destruction of any significance in Iraq after 1994, according to two U.N. diplomats who have seen the document."

Cover: Hey, Where's the Stoners, Druids and Ferret-Lovers?


Monday, March 01, 2004

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Billy the Boor does Oscar - ABC tries to pump up `endless, boring' Oscars

Who is that boor pretending to be of equal status to the likes of Ben Kinglsley, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin and other archons of the genre? Get him off there! He is nauseating me.

Well, it's on...

God says America can go to Hell


Well, not really. She really said Bush can go to Hell.

Debbie H. God, systems analyst for IBMW has said that she hopes Bush will go to Hell, not just Heck...the inferior suburb of Hell. When asked why, God said that she didn't really go in for liars, cheaters or thieves, and claimed that Bush was the perfect trifecta of all three. on earth could God, The God, choose his or her r-r-r-richest children for special attention, when there are so many others in greater need? Drudge is an idiot, and probably has no experience with God whatsoever...or he wouldn't be the way he is. Look at the way he spins Edwards' working-class upbringing. Aw, never mind. I'm just as bored as you are right now.

US Coup on Haiti

Yahoo! News - Bush Sends U.S. Marines to Haiti