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From generation to generation, passing into holy souls,
wisdom maketh men friends of God and prophets.

- The Wisdom of Solomon (Apocrypha)

I was discussing education with my friend, Darryl, who, as a 30-somethinger, is going back to school. University, thankfully.
And I suppose it was this fact which gave rise to the question of education.

Being a great fan of what is called "wisdom literature", as well as philosophy in general...I said that I thought the getting of wisdom was of paramount concern. But he doubted that one could quantify the getting of wisdom.

I then said that it was then imperative that we get rid of this model which sanctifies quantifiability yet dismisses wisdom.

Anyway...the quote above is one good reason, among a multitude, for getting wisdom. To have such friends as God and the prophets!

May we reflect well on our friends. And vice versa.

Bloggers are taking the place of Columnists,
and offer the benefit of interactivity and self-evolution.

PBS did an expose of blogs and bloggers, and many good points were made, which should make one reconsider their desires for being a columnist...and all the rigamarole that goes along with securing such a job -- and simply write the damn columns, in the form of blogs, and thus relinquishing the fear that one will fall into a vat of writersblock.
One of the excellent points was that minds change. And with blogs one can more easily get feedback and adjust one's thinking accordingly. And one needn't identify with a particular point of is often the case with the Corporate Media.