Friday, February 24, 2006

Samara and Samara and Samara

The lucky west gets their civil war.

Here's a post I did on Feb, 2004...

Sparks fly between Sunnites and Shiites

Insurgents Attempting to Ferment 'Civil War' in Iraq Sought Al Qaeda Help ( spark fear of civil war in Iraq as 50 die in car bomb

See Gurdjieff quote on psychic hatred and organic hatred...

"These two schools of the Mohammedan religion are called there the "Sunnite" and the "Shiite".It is very interesting to note that the psychic hatred of each other formed in the psyche of the beings who belong to these two independent schools of one and the same religion has, on account of their frequent clashes, now been transformed completely into an organic hate.

Beings of certain European communities have during recent centuries greatly contributed to their incitement to the rise of this particular transformation on that strange being-function.

And they have employed and continue to employ this incitement in order that the animosity between the beings who follow these two independent schools of one and the same religion, should increase and that they should never unite, since if that were to happen, there might soon be an end there for those European communities.

...And hence it is that accidentally arisen "newly baked" communities always rub their hands and rejoice when sparks fly between these Sunnites and Shiites, because they then count on a long and secure existence for themselves."
-G. Gurdjieff, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" circa 1950

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

King Crimson Slips Silently into Queen City

King Crimson

You'd think that when a King came to the Queen City, there would be trumpets and sackbuts ablare. But fanfare, courtesy and honoring sustained achievement are not what nouveau-riche Charlotte is much good at. In its stead we see American Idols who bodies of work lie before them, and we cheer them on, in hopes that they too may become Clay Aiken, and bring fifteen more minutes to this fame-starved metropolis.

The new is seldom good, as it has yet to to be time-whittled. And so, like Goodwill itself, much dreck has to be touched before a diamond emerges.

Like today. The King is coming, with decades of gold in his crown, and the Queen is still sifting for Clay.

Nothing wrong with Clay. A very nice boy. Used to cut my grass. But Robert Fripp never cut my grass, and I would be very hesitant to ask him. Perhaps I could convince him that it was part of "the work".

Maybe not. At any rate, if you are interested in seeing a musical legend in an intimate setting, you could do worse than appear at tonight's concurrence.

Concert Tonight!
Neighborhood Theater
511 E. 36th St.Charlotte, NC 28205

I have a long history with the King, and have enjoyed his music and philosophy since the first album, and his prior work with Giles. Over the decades, I have had a number of favorites. Starless, Lizard, Poseidon, and Heavenly Music Corporation jump out from the early days. For some reason, I thought that I could woo women by reciting "In the Wake of Poseidon". It had a modicum of success I suppose. Certainly better than "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" or "D.O.A.".

King Crimson and I share birthdays with Gurdjieff, with whom Fripp had a protracted involvement, and about which I'd like to inquire, should we have a moment.

I realize I will have to miss American Idol's showcase of the men, but somehow I think I will survive. One can take only so much devolution.