Tuesday, October 25, 2005

anonyMoses presents...BushWorld Symphony

BushWorld Symphony is finally finished, and now I'm going to have to rest my music bone. BushWorld Symphony is a 16-part symphony composed mostly in the early 21st century, and finally cobbled together into a unified whole only days ago.

Songs with minimal descriptives. (Some have more than one part) . This is what the songs resemble, if only they good...

BUSHWORLD SYMPHONY by Anonymoses Hyperlincoln
March of the Plebeians
The symphony opens with a swaggering, half-drunk, Hindemithian intro with low horns, tympani and percussives.
Spatial Someone
The mudane gives way to the Cosmic. Kitaroesque.
Monks in the Wild
Shades of Arvo Part, Henrik Gorecki and Thomas Tallis.
God Breathing
Blinds of Britten, Vaughan Williams and Mahler.
Monks in Space
Orff on acid.
Human Love
Shades of Copland's "Tender Land".
Wars of Adolescence
John Williams meets Igor Stravinsky who then meets Phillip Glass, gets nervous and then returns to Igor who is now dating Stockhausen.
Love Theme
Shades of Morrocone or Aaberg.
Bold Pavane
Faure on Steroids.
Jeremiad for a Goofy Planet
King Crimsonesque lamentation. (Starless, Lark's Tongue)
March of the Patricians
Mickey Hart meets Arvo Part, has sex with Elliot Carter then roosts with Radiohead.

Goodnight sweet princess!

The elegant and brave Ms. Rosa Parks

The voice of Montgomery today...on the death of Rosa Parks. May she rest in peace.

"Good Night and Good Luck": Holding a mirror to BushWorld

A review

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jones Theory of the Merry-Go-Blogosphere

How the Blogosphere Works...Really!

Blog veteran and mayor of Blogsboro, Billy (the blogging poet) Jones, explains how the blogosphere is not a sphere at all, but more like a record album, or perhaps, a merry-go-round. A record album is flat, and one starts at the edge and moves to the center over time. But, Mister Jones surmises, a merry-go-round might actually be a better metaphor since the same properties hold true, but the dangerous kickwork of those at the periphery also plays a big part...just as it does in the real blogosphere.

THESE THINGS AND MORE at Billy's new blog, inexplicably called BillysNewBlog. I fail to see the connection.