Saturday, May 07, 2005

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BlogNashville: Whiter and Maler Than Ever!

Ed Cone in Nashville

...while Dave Winer finds some color on the necks.

” I am going to throw another bomb. You are all Rednecks”

Rednecks? Or Whitenecks?
You be the judge.

"Monoculture breeds disease." -Richard Evans Schultes

Photo from BlogNashville by Mkelley

We need for less white males to blog. Any volunteers?

*The author does not share the view of the rednecks.

Robert Benchley Society

Risible Hominid

[Reviewing the New York City Telephone Directory] But it is the opinion of the present reviewer that the weakness of plot is due to the great number of characters which clutter up the pages. The Russian school is responsible for this. - Robert Benchley

What can I say? I'm flattered!

RConversation: Anoniblog meeting at BlogNashville.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Col. David Hackworth is dead

Vietnam Vet, Journalist Hackworth Dies - Yahoo! News

He was a good man who moved many with his unrelenting honesty. May he rest in Peace.

Gore to Get Lifetime Award for Internet, while Bush still tries to make money for Oil Companies

If Bush weren't dyslexic, would he then read the Internets?

The Man who won the Popular vote in 2000, and who should be president, has received some of the honors he deserves. Meanwhile Bush is trying his best to bring America to its knees, and doing a pretty good job. Under Clinton, no one would have thought or predicted the decline or demise of America. Not so anymore. And if we are stupid enough to elect another Republican after George, the nails in the coffin of our dying country will be hammered shut, and down we go.

I'm reminded of a scene in "Patch Adams" where the nefarious administrator is trying to tell Patch how it is done, and Patch says bluntly, "But you suck at it!"

Republicans: You suck at governing. Under your daft "leadership" there is no chance of there being exuberance, rational or otherwise. Only terror, war and manufactured fear works to your ends. The more astute of the duped are figuring this out. |Welcome to N&O blogs |Welcome to N&O blogs

"Welcome to N&O Blogs, a collection of Web-exclusive, frequently updated writings by N&O editors and reporters. These blogs are intended to expand the paper's reach and timeliness, and give you, our readers, a greater role in the process.

As we grow, we will add blogs pertaining to a variety of subjects, from local media to outdoor activities. The only constant will be the emphasis on issues of importance to the Triangle community. We want to hear your ideas."

North Carolina Baptist Church Purges Democrats

Scrutiny Hooligans

Is your good, clean, Christian church bedeviled by DEMOCRATS?
Do you have problems delivering for the paymasters because certain people will not drink the koolade?

Rid your church of this menace! These are the Left who are Left Behind anyway! Reprobation itself!

Your church can follow the lead of the avant-garde East Waynesville Baptist church, long known for being at the cutting edge of atavism, and spearhead your own devolutionary purging.

Why wait? Now you can take your disillusionment out on someone else. No need to admit defeat. No need to question the ethics of taking those bribes disguised as faith-based initiatives.

You are playing army! And if you can't beat the Iraqis, by God you can beat the Democrats!
This and more with Scrutiny

Earth to Meetup: Shove it!

To Hell with it. - Charlotte/Matthews Bloggers -

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Love, Devotion, Surrender : Some sequences are better than others.

New Poll: 57% Now Say Iraq War 'Not Worth It'

Retreat is not surrender.
Where the graceful exit?
But graceful for whom?
The remaining yet-to-die
Children of God?

Man is no greater than God.
This is egothink, delusion.
George is no greater than God.
He has three years.
On a good day.

Songs are meant for singing.
What was so bad about exuberance?
Peace and prosperity a little too, what, boring? Thinthitive?

War is indeed Hell.
But who owns it?
And is there no exit.
No exit.
No windows. No mirrors.
And doors than only enter.
And no shade from the shame.


Anwar Egos Apollo

I say...
She say...


Anwar Egos Apollo

"an unfortunate conflation of two rhetorical devices treasured by politicians of both parties but best kept a few paragraphs apart"

In Praise of Bush's Honesty (Honest) - Michael Kinsley

"The comic high point of the president's prime-time news conference was this muddled disquisition on how the American people don't want the president to do what polls say the American people want the president to do."

First there was the SUV, Now there is the 15-pound hamburger

It's quantity, not quality, or so says consumptives.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is the Republican Party?

City Pages - The Undoing of America - Gore Vidal

What is the Republican Party? Well, it used to be the party of the small-town businessman, generally in the Middle West, generally sort of out of the mainstream. Very conservative. It now represents nothing but the gas and oil business. They own it. And the people who go to Congress are simply bought. They are lawyers who are paid to represent Halliburton, big oil, big banking. So the very rich corporate America has a party for itself, the Republican Party. The Democrats don't have much of anything but a kind of wistful style. They just want everyone to be happy, and politically correct at all times. Do not hurt other people's feelings. They spend so much time on political correctness that they haven't thought of what to do politically about anything. Like say "no" to these preemptive wars, which are against not only the whole world's take on war and peace, but against United States history.

Learn more about your dying country, and how it is being killed.

Dave Winer hits #1 on Blogdex!

...a little birthday present from the blogosphere.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Proof the Right Wing is dumbing down

Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Favorite Columnists - Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

What has softened the skulls of the Right Wing of late? Is it that they are expected to follow their fuhrers where'er they may lead, and in the process have, themselves, had to slow their cerebrations to a point where fossilized cryptonazis in the bright autumn of their senescence, boys like Rich Lowry, or anyone named Limbaugh suffice as thought leading?

Thanks to the Right Wing News for sharing the embarrassing results of their very scientific study (shown on the other side of this link.)

Give the list a serious pondering, and ask yourself if you envision yourself as someone who would be impressed by such folk as listed there. And should the answer be a resounding "yea" may want to redouble your efforts at trying to understand why you never saw reasons to finish high school, or pay attention in college, were you one of the lucky ones.

Oh sure, there are one or two in the favorite columnist list who actually do think thoughts. Hitch and Brooks come to mind. But Coulter, David Limbaugh, Michael Barone?

Thoughts don't convey any better when yelled, and yet yelling seems to be a favorite mode of speech among the more famous voices of the Reich. What is so wrong with speaking in modulated tones, like they do on NPR, PBS, BBC, or other non-Rightwing sources of information. And what is wrong with information? What is so great about hearing Purchased Opinion day in and day out? If opinion is your gig, why not shoot for unpaid opinion? How do you know paid-for opinion is not just PR? Would Rush Limbaugh give a fair assessment of Gutter Helmet? What are the down sides of this unusual sartorial accessory, and would a good haberdasher recommend wearing one? Certainly not with white tie.

So while the Left and Center have to suffer folks like Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Moyers, Garrison Keillor, James Joyce, Shakespeare, Rumi, Lao Tse, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and other Princes of Peace, the Right get to skim from the very top of humanity, and find such radiant sources of Eternal Light as Ann Coulter and Rich Lowry? Sure they are cute, but so is a puppy just learning to walk.

I remember when I first became interested in philosophy. I found great delight in finding a philosopher I liked, and then searching for the thinkers THEY liked. And then the ones THEY liked, and on back to God. Never, in a million years, would I end up at William F. Buckley or Charles Krauthammer or George Will -- fine folks though they may be.

Sometimes it is best to look beyond our time and our place, in order to get a view that is not, in some way, influenced, or paid, or purchased by this or that company, group or movement.

The people on this list are too often at odds with time-tested universal wisdoms, and I can only think that it is either because they are unfamiliar with time-tested universal wisdoms, or that they are simply saying basically what they are paid to say.

One cannot impart even a tenth of one's understanding to another man, and only half to another woman, but that does not mean we should not lament the dumbing down, the awful rowing toward ignorance and ignobility.
It does little good to worry about it, and it is probably best that people learn from their own mistakes.

But, if you find that you are one of those who swoon and gush at the opinions of such and such on said list, it would do no harm to ask: Who are their influences? Whom do they find to be worthy of study? And then go to them, if there is a them. Trace them on back. If nothing else, it will free you momentarily from the Drudge.

Poor Red States! Poor, poor Red States!

The American Street - A Surprising Find in the List of Median Income By State

Why is it that Red States tend to be below the national average when it comes to median income? Would the numbers come out differently if you didn't factor in slaves? With millions of limosine liberals pimping desperate househoes should not the manufacturer of the chariots at least be warned of the impending swarms of locusts? And what of man's counter-inhumanity to unman? Will Jack smack the skeet? Green dreams sleep furiously, and yet yellow turtledoves are slow becoming extant, aneusly. Alight! The mose knows, only canst but tell William, caccinative in his land. Formicate your conscious gland. Blue water, blue sky, green grass and you. Tell me, what are you gonna do.

Idea Consultants: May 2 - Dave Winer Day

Idea Consultants: May 2 - Dave Winer Day

Idea Consultants would like to consider May 2...Dave Winer Day in honor of the gentleman who made much of our fascinating lives possible, through his tireless efforts.

Happy Birthday, Dave!