Monday, August 25, 2003

Democratic Dream Teams


Advice for Democratic Candidates

There is so much natural wealth among the Democrats, finding the best "Dream Team" becomes a challenge.

If one thinks of what I call a "Dream Sequence" may come up with something like this:
In other words...Clark/Dean could beat Bush...and keep it 8 years.
Then VP Dean could pick the then well-known Edwards.
After their 8 years, Edwards could pick, say, a native-American or African-American woman or some other whose representation is long overdue.

So that is a "Dream Sequence".

How about "Dream Squad"?

In this case...the focus is on putting the great Democratic wealth to work in the upcoming administration. A scenerio here would be like this:
Clark opts out, but says he would like to take over Rummy's job. Dean/Edwards then drafts him as their Secretary of Defence. Additionally, they solicit the help of Kucinich to become, say, Secretary of Labor or the Interior.
Put them all to use, in other words. We are slowly getting to know them all...despite the Media blackout.

All kinds of possibilities...

They ALL can have a place in a new Democratic Administration. But getting the right people in the right jobs is what is important. Also getting Bush out.

Another amazing possibility is this...

Gore NEVER said he wouldn't run for VP!
He may well be the perfect person for that role. He's got experience already...and a record to beat all records.

Consider Gore for VP...

Hillary too should be included in any dream should war-hero Kerry.

None of this can happen if they chew and spit out each other. They should bolster each other. They could be a real dream team...if the order, structure and sequence are done right, er, correctly. At the top, though, we need to have the strongest pair, who can and will stand up to Bush Inc.

Lieberman, as nice and funny as he is, has left the building, I mean party. Seems to me. Bush Lite is still a form of Bush...

As a final note...should Edwards win the top slot, I think it would only be fair to return the favor that Gore extended to including him within his short list. From my perspective, Dean, Clark, Edwards, Gore and Hillary could all beat and be better than Bush. As much as I like Kucinich, I think he might be better in a supportive role. (I'm just thinking about the visual effect during debates with Bush).