Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How BushWorld Ruins Good People

Less Than Zeno

Al Gore was brought down. Dan Rather was brought down. And now John Edwards and Gen. Wesley Clark are in the process of being brought down.
There are yet others. All good people. All great people. Is great goodness a threat to BushWorld? Does the cave resent the sun? How long must we tolerate the darkness? The secrecy? The lies? And why do so many of our best have to suffer...when we should be celebrating them?

Look at how good people are treating Rush Limbaugh in his time of trials, tribulations and karma. Are they marching in front of his house with placards demanding that he be treated in the very manner that he himself advocated for people like himself? No. In fact I have heard compassionate voices and responses to his dilemma.

Are there no gentlemen left in BushWorld?

Al Gore, John Edwards, General Clark and Dan Rather are all gentlemen. Listen to how Mr. Gore describes his sister's struggle with cancer. Or John Edwards' brave struggle against the Goliaths of Industry who would harm us with their unsafe products and pollutions. Or General Clark's seizing the horns of excellence, and excelling in all that he has done. We need to celebrate these things. It is what is best about America and Americans. Anyone, really.

I needn't speak of Dan Rather, as it should be apparent the sensitivities he has shown, and the concomitant punishments he received, from BushWorld, for having dared to be less than Zeno, concoctator of Stoicism.

Maybe he thought 9-11 was a big deal.
Maybe he was channelling the collective pain of the many. He was a release valve...and a reminder of how gentlehumanity behaves.