Monday, November 24, 2003

Bush's Actual Words

Forget about his ghostwriters and speechwriters...what has he written, and where is it?

There ain't even much by way of said ghostwriters and speechwriters, so I know, or at least suspect, that his own scribblings are well locked away, if not shredded.

Clinton and Gore gave us copious amounts of fine writing and high ideals, grounded in pragmatic, democratic sensibility. Can the Republicans show up at this debate of ideas? I seriously doubt it. He probably won't show up at the official debates. He has done with debates, I assure you this. As Gore Vidal said, "A politician has to hide his game." And in this sense, Bush is the supreme politician. Nothing gets out that isn't wrapped in payola.

Someone should take it upon themselves to gather, in one place, all of the writings and unscripted utterances of The Occupant. This should make any of the Democrats a shoe-in.