Monday, November 10, 2003

A Cure for Conservatism!- Pill May Help People Overcome Fears

A Cure for Conservatism!
Pill May Help People Overcome Fears

Why do many conservatives act the way they do?

Fear. Fear of losing their job, their money, their position, their wife, their religion, their promotion, their raise, their SUV, their ego, their dominion over nature...and on and on ad nauseam. Since they are not allowed to evolve, they are afraid of change. Since they are not allowed to read Buddhist texts, they are unaware of the concept of the fearless bodhisattva ideal, and as such have not given the concept or reality of fearlessness much thought. In fact, many wallow in fear, and are great purveyors of fear. Our current administration has profited monstrously through the purveyance of fear...while fearful dittohead freepers gather weapons to protect them from all that they fear...while soaking their minds in crap like The Fear Factor or The O'Reilly Factor.

Drug Companies make a fortune manufacturing fears and then claiming to have a patent on the cure. Tsk tsk. Are you in the field of health, or are you in the business of harming people through the quality of life killer, fear, and then harming them more with questionable products? Just asking. If you want longevity, become true healers...and renounce the obscene superprofits so others may live better. There have been great miracle cures, and those are rightly applauded. Focus on doing well by doing good, and your souls will breathe from higher streams.