Wednesday, February 25, 2004

January the 13th: The Day the Earth was Spared

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Earth almost put on impact alert

January the 13th! The sound rolls off the tongue like pomegranate nectar off the lips of a nymph! The birthdate of Gurdjieff, King Crimson, Orlando Bloom and the great Anonymoses. And the death date of James Joyce, the other Bloom.

But now we find out that January the 13th was also almost the day the world ended. Or at least got a good whacking.

Should we let this taint our day? I say no...since, alas, it missed us.
(By "it" I mean an asteroid that came darned close.)

January the 13th. The day the earth was spared...

Oh yes. And also the day George W. "choked on a pretzel".