Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fafblog: A tribute to the tributes

O Reagan My Reagan: A Tribute to the Tributes
This week has been hard on Giblets, with Reagan being dead. I wasn't actually in America per se while he was president, or even while he was cogent. But watching him on television I feel as if I know him as well as any random stranger watching endless tributes and funerary coverage for days on end. That was the magic connectivity of Reagan, you see.

And what more fitting send-off to the president we sometimes knew and all loved than with a week-long mediafest? I am currently fliping between "Reagan: The Legacy," "The Reagan Legacy," "Reagan: The Man, The Legend" and the funeral with the delicious-yet-tasteful pun, "Mourning in America." If I flip superfast I can see caskets on five networks at once!