Monday, December 20, 2004

Greensboro White Hot over Blogger Crisis

Greensboro is a powderkeg about to explode. But not over something silly like war and peace, Greensboro's uncivil war is over the future of the blogosphere. "This would have never happened if they didn't give us the blueprint paper and say 'design!' ". But they did, and now Greensboro is suffering.

In Surreal McCoy, Chap. 9, verses 14-17, we learn that "the causes of anger are never so great as the consequences.", and so we, at Anonymoses Humor Corporation, want to extend the greased hand of Peace to all the good bloggers of Greensboro (and they are all good), and bid they disarm for Nonny. Play nice. Enjoy this the birth of the second Age of Exuberance.

Read the gory details at Patrick Eakes: The Man with 64 Emotions.