Sunday, January 02, 2005

Presenting...Philoblogger: The Blogging Philosopher

Please welcome to the blogosphere a philosopher of great worth and radiant youth. Philoblogger may well be the world's sexiest philosopher. But don't just ask me. Ask his mother, my sister...who only days ago got to see her philosopher secure his paper, upon which were writ the words, magna cum laude, Philosophy, and University of North Carolina, the whole of which was most pleasing to attending kin, who ululated in shapenotes as young Robert, the Philoblogger, graced the stage with his glowing radiance praeternaturale.

I have invited Gaston le Philoblogger to be a guest columnist, and hope he can do some travel writing, music, film, and book reviews. As Naisbett predicted, the 21st century would become so complex that philosophers would be in great need in order to sort things out. We want to pick the Philoblogger's mind, particularly in regard to the current megaproblems.

We also want to interview The Philoblogger over on The Interview Blog, where, among other things, we are working on a GBI, or Generic Blogger Interview, which we hope our blogging friends will, when complete, answer the damn questions thus providing Humanity with the damn answers.

Please welcome him with your charm and wit.