Friday, January 21, 2005

SnailWorld Sucks Up to Godly Bloggers

As bloggers take their rightful place as Jesuses of the Newish Age, the snail world will want to latch on and pretend they are cool too. Do not let them. Scrape them from the bottom of your shoe like daagpu. Here are some examples of their egregious diffidence:

Writers and Bloggers Wanted
When Bloggers Make News
When blogging can get you locked up
Blog nice, everyone
Judiciary will need to know bloggers' rights
Bloggers could save journalism
Bloggers, Do Your Thing
CBS News Draws Ire of Bloggers
Bloggers' newest power: rating Super Bowl ads
The Betrayal of the "IraqTheModel" Bloggers
Search Leaders, Bloggers Band to Fight Comment Spam
IP Bloggers at ABA TechShow