Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Hula Hoop & The New Liberal Physical Policy

Ancient Liberating Device

The Hula Hoop (or Hoola Hoop if your brain is bad) is making a liberal resurgence, thus partially justifying a notion once held by the gigantic Robert Reich (not to be confused with the diminutive Robert Reich who was never Secretary of Labor) and ushering in an age of physical liberality which some predict will cause the physical conservatives to finally retreat into their wally white world where one wonders where the yellow went, but not much else, lest one include animadversive gasguzzle shokinah or other oopsishnesses.

According to the author of "Hands of Light", simply making these gyrating motions with the human thorax is juvenative and restorative, or in other words, evolutive -- anathemae to many with conservative physical policies. But such ignorationalistic damming of reality will not stand against the rising waters, the pent-up aching rivers, of Nature, even as she rises in us. And thus the brave Hula Hoop will have saved the day, and the world will, once again, love America, or at least North Carolina.

[Andy Griffith theme]

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